Is Stem and Vein Worth It?

Since kratom was first introduced in the US, vendors have been consistently increasing their product catalog. The early adopter kratom consumers probably remember when vendors only offered three or four strains. Back then, it wasn’t so difficult to choose your kratom product and, many users could even try all the products that their favorite vendor had available to be able to find their favorite strain.

Today, things have changed, and you can find many different products in the market: regular powder, extracts, enhanced products, liquids, capsules, and even gummies. Having this huge selection from where you can choose from is great, but it can be also overwhelming, especially if you are new to kratom. One of the products that usually stand out is kratom stem and vein. If you have been researching kratom for a while, you’ve probably come across this product, or maybe you have tried it yourself. But what is it and what do people use it for? And most importantly, is stem and vein worth it? Let’s explore this below.


What Is Stem and Vein?


The first thing that you should know is that stem and vein is not another variety or strain of kratom powder. Instead, it’s a kratom by-product that is produced with leaf leftovers. As you may already know, to prepare kratom powder, farmers pick the leaves from the trees and put them to dry. After that, they remove the stem and the veins from the leaves and crush the leaf material to prepare a fine powder.

But what happens with the stem and vein? Rather than throw it away, the stem and vein is also crushed and powdered to prepare a different product that you know as kratom stem and vein. It’s important to say, that the product contains not only stems and veins but also some leaf material, as it’s not easy to totally remove the parts without having some leaf stuck to them too. After crushing this leftover material, it’s packed and sold as a new product.


What Is Stem and Vein Used For?


Kratom stem and vein is not the same as regular kratom powder, in fact, the alkaloid concentration and composition is different. Typically, kratom stem and vein is a much milder product than regular kratom powder, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, many people prefer stem and vein exactly for this reason. So, what is stem and vein used for? There are many uses for this product, let’s see the most popular:

  • To balance or enhance their regular kratom powder. Many people mix both to enhance the regular kratom powder properties.
  • To cut off their kratom use. People who would like to decrease their kratom use or get off kratom completely, use stem and vein to help them with it. Since this is a much milder product it can be a great ally for this purpose.
  • To get used to kratom’s effects. New kratom users may find regular powder too strong, so they prefer stem and vein to get used to the effects and to experience fewer side effects.

Additionally, some people use stem and vein alone, and never use regular kratom powder, since this product is enough to satisfy their needs.

Stem and Vein Vs. Extracts to Enhance Kratom Powder


As you may know, many individuals use kratom extracts to enhance their regular kratom powder. But, as we said above, stem and vein can also be used for this purpose. So, what’s the difference between using extracts and stem and vein, and which one should you go for?

The answer to this question depends on the effects that you are looking for. Let’s explore this:

People who use kratom extracts to enhance their kratom powder are usually looking for a more potent effect. Kratom extracts are a concentrated kratom product, so when you mix it with your regular powder, you will need a smaller amount to experience the same effect. It may also help the effects kick in faster. For this reason, this combination is only recommended to experienced users.

Conversely, kratom stem and vein is typically used to balance the effects of kratom powder, and even to make them less potent. That’s why most people use it to cut off on their kratom use, or to reduce the potent effects of some strains. Also, it can help reducing the side effects that some people experience (i.e.: nausea or upset stomach).

However, there’s one thing that extracts and stem and vein have in common, they both will help you get the most out of your kratom powder. And they are a great way to save you money on your regular powder!


Is Stem and Vein Worth It?


When shopping for kratom, you may have noticed that stem and vein is usually much cheaper than regular kratom powder. But does this mean that is worth it? Obviously, cheap not always mean good, right? But this is not the case with kratom stem and vein.

To answer this question, take into consideration what you will be using the product for. So, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you prefer mild or strong kratom varieties? If you like the most potent strains, stem and vein might not be for you.
  • Would you like to decrease your kratom use? Then, this product can help you.
  • Are you looking for a more balanced experience? Adding stem and vein to your regular powder might be a great way of doing so.
  • Are you prone to nausea or upset stomach? Mixing stem and vein with regular powder might help.
  • Are you new to kratom? This is a great product to have in your inventory, as you can use it together with your regular powder to use less of it.

As you see, kratom stem and vein is a cheap product with a great potential, so why not give it a try?