Kratom Stem and Vein


Kratom is a natural substance native to the South Pacific islands that have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Today many people in the US use kratom just to get an extra boost of energy. But many others take it to ease a wide variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, stress and to cope with opiate withdrawal symptoms. In fact, many people who use kratom on a regular basis report that this plant has helped them improve their lives dramatically.

Most kratom users consume kratom leaf, which can be in powder, capsule or even extract form. But many of them don’t know that kratom stem and vein also hold many properties. In this article, we’ll explain what these properties are. Also, we’ll try to clarify the difference between regular kratom leaf and kratom stem and vein.


What is Kratom Stem and Vein?


Like any other types of leaves, kratom leaves have three parts: stem, vein and fat tissue. The latter is what we know as leaf. In order to process kratom leaves, all stem and vein must be previously removed from the flat tissue. But this material is not always thrown away. On the contrary, all that leftover material is conveniently packed and sold under the name of kratom stem and vein.

As you may guess, removing all stem and vein from the leaves is not an easy process. So, when you buy kratom stem and vein products, you should expect it to have some leaf (or flat tissue) material in it. This can go up to 30% of the content.


Kratom Leaf Vs. Stem and Vein


Kratom stem and vein and leaf kratom have many similarities, but also some differences that we’ll explore below.

The primary difference between leaf and stem and vein is the alkaloid content. Whilst kratom leaf has a high content of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, stem and vein doesn’t have this high concentration. On the contrary, it has a higher concentration of other alkaloids, such as: rhynchophylline, mitraphylline, and Corynantheidine. These alkaloids are opioid antagonists. Additionally, mitraphylline has beneficial effects on the immune system. Nevertheless, there are not enough studies on kratom stem and vein alkaloid content yet.

On the other hand, kratom stem and vein contain more fiber than regular kratom leaf. Hence, using this type of kratom will reduce constipation, one of kratom’s main side effects.

Finally, you will find that kratom stem and vein is significantly cheaper than regular kratom leaf.


Kratom Stem and Vein: Uses and Effects


Kratom stem and vein is typically mixed with other kratom varieties to enhance their effects. So, the effects will vary depending on the mix. Also, many kratom users report that stem and vein noticeably potentiate the effects of their preferred kratom type. Also, many people find that mixing stem and vein with kratom leaf make the experience more complete.

On the other hand, many users report that stem and vein have helped them reduce their tolerance. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people used this type of kratom. But, how can you reduce your tolerance using this stem and vein? As you guess, this will vary in every individual. But a good start would be mixing a small amount of stem and vein with your kratom dose. For example, starting at a 20% kratom stem and vein and 80% kratom leaf. Then, you can gradually increase the stem and vein until that’s all that you are taking. Finally, you can only take stem and vein for a few days before going back to your regular kratom variety.

Moreover, kratom stem and vein effects have a longer duration than those of kratom leaf. In fact, the duration can last up to 50% more than regular kratom leaf.


How to Take Stem and Vein


cup of teaYou can mix kratom stem and vein with your desired kratom type or take it on its own. But, consider that there is no general specification to take it. You can prepare a tea with the rough material, or you can crush it until you get a powder. Also, there is no general recommendation to the amount of stem and vein to add to your dose. Some people prefer to mix as little as 10% to 20%, whilst others find a 50/50 mix a perfect combination. So, if you are new to KS&V, we suggest that you start with a lower percentage and start building up until you find what works better for you.

Nevertheless, like with any other product, it works differently in every individual. Whilst many kratom users report that it helps them reduce tolerance, others haven’t noticed any difference in this matter. Additionally, whilst some users find KS&V effects milder than regular kratom leaf, others think just the opposite. Some even find the effects to be more aggressive.

So, like with any other product, you should start taking a low dose of stem and vein and see how it works for you.

And how about you? Have you tried it? If so, what has been your experience with it? Let us know in the comments below!



3 Replies to “Kratom Stem and Vein

  1. This morning I mixed 3 grams of Stem & Vein herb with barely 1 gram of Maeng Da, followed by 6 capsules of Red Borneo, allegedly 0.36-38 per capsule. I was wondering what the recommended dose would be for anxiety & pain issues?

  2. Hi!

    Regarding dosage, unfortunately there’s not one size fits all with kratom. The best thing to do is to start on a low dose and build up until you find your sweet spot. But we highly recommend that you keep your doses to the minimum necessary to avoid tolerance.

  3. I recently bought a ? of s&v from a vendor on our trust list . It was sold as regular tea and it had very little effect on me . It was sold as Bone tea and I asked three trusted vendors about it not doing anything for me because I thought it was old bulk tea. One vendor lied to me and said Bone tea is usually used for mixing with other tea. Never said S&V . Other vendor said he could help me make it into extract. Long time sellers with mad extract skills. Finally original person who sold this during a sell just said it’s very strong and had a sail to close this product out. I’m still new here so finding out I was deceived by 3 friends from my group who are vendors really sucks. I’m thinking of unfriending them and leaving the group. It’s dishonest to mix this to stretch tea and also to sale it to newbies as regular products. Stuff did nothing for me. Maybe if I had known what it was and how to use it but no I don’t care for this product

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