Why Is Kratom So Expensive


Kratom is a relatively new herb in the Western countries that has gained popularity as a natural analgesic and antianxiety reliever among individuals suffering from chronic conditions. A few years ago, it was hard to find kratom in shops and not many people had heard about the plant. But today, the plant can be easily found online and in headshops around the country. However, despite its current availability, Mitragyna Speciosa is still a pricey product. If you are new to kratom or if you have been buying kratom for a while, you might have asked yourself why is kratom so expensive? There are many reasons for this. We’ll try to clarify this question in this article.


Where Does Kratom Come From?


Mitragyna Speciosa is a tree from the coffee family that grows in the rainforest of various Southeast Asian regions. The tree is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, Sumatra, Myanmar, and other areas, where it grows in the wild. However, most kratom that you can find in the market comes from Indonesia. This is due to the laws that regulate the plant in Thailand, where it was banned for various decades, although the prohibition has been recently lifted.

Kratom is a tree that can grow to a high of 82ft and it typically grows in the jungle. For this reason, the plant is not usually grown in farms. Instead, kratom producers pick the leaves from the existing trees. After that, they put the leaves to dry to later process them to turn them into a fine powder. Finally, they pack the powder and ship it to its final destinations.


Why Is Kratom So Expensive?


Although it is a fact that kratom is widely available online and in shops, it is undeniable that the plant in its various formats is still pricey. One could think that wide availability should lower the prices, but this is not the case with kratom. But, why is kratom so expensive? There are various reasons for this:

  1. Kratom can’t be grown in the US. The plant needs specific environmental and soil conditions to grow. For this reason, kratom must be imported from South East Asia, this makes the plant more expensive than other herbs.
  2. The FDA has kratom under their radar. Although kratom remains legal at the federal level, the FDA is trying to change this situation. For this reason, they are stopping kratom shipments in the customs for long periods. So, many times, kratom vendors can’t access their supplies for weeks or even months.
  3. Credit card processors have classified kratom as a high-risk product. This means that kratom can no longer be paid with a credit card (this is also the case with other popular payment options, such as PayPal). However, customers are still afraid to purchase kratom using eChecks, so they look for vendors who still offer credit cards as a payment solution. This situation has put many vendors under pressure, and they have started looking for credit card processors who will accept kratom under their policies. But, many times, these processors require reserves that are too high. On the other hand, there are a lot of scammers in the credit card processing industry that will hold on to the reserves and never pay the vendors. That’s the reason why you see a credit card payment option come and go so fast among kratom vendors.


What Are the Most Expensive Kratom Varieties?


Before we see what the most expensive varieties are, you need to know that extracts and enhanced kratom are much more costly than plain leaf products. There is a reason for this, extracts and enhanced kratom products are more potent and concentrated, so you’ll need less amount of product to get the same effects.

On average, most kratom varieties are sold at prices ranging from $12-15 per ounce.

Typically, the most expensive kratom types are the Maeng Da varieties. However, this is considered the most potent kratom type and it’s praised for this reason. You can buy quality Maeng Da from reputable vendors at prices ranging from $15-23 per ounce.


What Are the Most Affordable Kratom Varieties?


If you have been using kratom for a while, you may have heard (or used) stem and vein. Although this is the cheapest kratom type, you should know what it is before making a purchase decision. To make kratom powder, the stem and veins are removed from the leaves, so only leaf material goes into the powder. Kratom Stem and vein is what remains after this process. Additionally, this product contains leaf material. Kratom stem and vein is obviously less potent than regular kratom leaf, but some people mix it with their kratom powder to enhance it a bit. This way, they can save their most expensive kratom powder.

On the other hand, as we said above, kratom leaf is more affordable than extracts or enhanced kratom products. The most affordable kratom products are Borneo strains.

However, take the above indications with a grain of salt, since prices can vary significantly between vendors.

why is kratom so expensive


Why Avoid Cheap Kratom?


Kratom is an expensive product, for this reason, many customers go for the cheapest option that they can find. But this is not the best thing to do, and you should avoid kratom that seems too cheap at all costs. Why should you avoid buying kratom that seems too cheap in comparison to other offers? There are various reasons for this:

  1. Cheap kratom usually means low-quality kratom. Legit kratom vendors buy their supplies from reliable growers who know how to select the best leaves and who have processing methods that guarantee the best quality.
  2. If kratom seems too cheap it might be mixed with other herbs. There are scammers in all industries, and kratom is not an exception. Some of them mix their kratom powder with cheaper herbs, like green tea, or even substances that can be dangerous to your health.
  3. Vendors who seem too cheap in comparison to others might be cutting their costs somewhere else, i.e.: poor storage and handling conditions, which result in quality loss or even contamination.


How to Save When Buying Kratom?


Although kratom is not a cheap product, many people rely on it to be able to have a normal life, free of pain, anxiety and away from dangerous opioids. So, now that you know why kratom is so expensive, let’s learn some tips to save in your next purchase.

  • Buy larger quantities. Vendors typically offer larger quantities at lower prices. Buying large quantities can save you up to $5-6 per ounce.
  • Use discount coupon codes. Many vendors offer products at a reduced price periodically. You can subscribe to the vendors’ newsletters to never miss an offer.
  • Take advantage of sales. Many vendors have sales periodically. So, you can visit their sites on specific dates, such as Black Friday, to find out if there’s a sale going on. Additionally, subscribing to their newsletter will help you find out about the sales when they happen.
  • Find a vendor who gives you reward points when you buy. Many vendors have rewards programs that will allow you to accumulate points that you can later use to get a discount on a future purchase.

Finally, remember to always measure your dose and keep your kratom use to the necessary minimum. This will help your kratom stock to last much longer.

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