How to Choose a Red Kratom Strain

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Many kratom users rely on red strains to manage pain or cope with the symptoms of anxiety. But each kratom is different and has unique characteristics. Therefore, you must be careful when you choose a red kratom strain, because the effects may be very different depending on the strain. In this article, you will find a red kratom guide, so you can figure out which red strain you should pick.


How to Choose a Red Kratom Strain


So, you want to choose a red kratom strain. But what should you have in mind? There are some factors that you should consider:

  • Effects
  • Duration
  • Combinations with other strains
  • Side effects

Also, if you are a new user, you should be careful with some strains that may be too potent for kratom rookies.

Moreover, kratom strains may easily vary from vendor to vendor. And even from batch to batch. Kratom strains and batches may have a different “composition” depending on the vendor. To learn more about this topic, we recommend you read our article about how kratom strains are made.

And if you think that red kratom is only for pain and anxiety or insomnia, you are wrong! Read our guide below to discover the characteristics of the most popular red kratom varieties and find out which strain you should choose.


Red Bali Kratom


Red Bali is one of the most popular red kratom varieties. However, many users agree that red Bali kratom is not the most potent strain for pain relief. Nevertheless, it is a great strain for relaxation and even for moderate pain. Also, if you want to choose a red kratom strain with euphoric effects, red Bali may be what you are looking for. Moreover, red Bali kratom is a long-lasting strain.

Uses and effects: Moderate pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, euphoria.

Duration: 5 – 6 hours.

Combinations: Mix it with white Maeng Da to boost its mood-enhancing and euphoric properties.

Tips: Blend it with white Maeng Da in the daytime to enjoy its mood-elevating effects or use it alone at night to get the most of its relaxing properties.

Side effects: Headaches and migraines seem to be common side effects of red Bali kratom. However, they may be often due to high doses. So, do not forget to be always cautious with the amount of kratom that you use.


Red Bentuangie Kratom


Bentuangie kratom is an Indonesian strain that is praised for its relaxing and analgesic effects. And it also has uplifting properties that many users favor. While not as popular as other red strains, red Bentuangie kratom’s popularity is growing quickly. Red Bentuangie is a very relaxing strain that will help you calm your nerves and fight insomnia and anxiety. But this kratom variety also works as a potent analgesic. This strain is not so easy to find, but if you want to try it, you can buy red Bentuangie kratom here.

Uses and effects: A sedating strain. Good for insomnia and to cope with moderate and even intense pain. It is also good for anxiety.

Duration: 4 hours.

Combinations: Blend it with other red strains to boost its relaxing properties.

Tips: Because it is a sedative strain, you should use it at night, before bedtime —especially when mixed with other red strains. It is not a very potent strain, so it is ideal for new users who want to try a red kratom strain.

Side effects: None reported.


Horned Red Kratom


Horned kratom gets its name because of the spikes of the leaves used to make this strain. Due to its opioid-like effects, horned red kratom is a favorite for users who want to wean off opioids. So, if you want to choose a red kratom strain, you should not forget about this. It is a very potent strain, so kratom newbies should avoid it.

Uses and effects: Strong analgesic effects. It also helps you relax your muscles. Good for weaning off opioids. Its sedative effects will also help insomnia. It also has uplifting effects.

Duration: Up to 7 hours.

Combinations: Combined with a green strain can give a more balanced experience.

Tips: Use it at night or in the evenings, but avoid it in the morning. Not recommendable for new users.

Side effects: It can be very sedating, especially for new users. Some users report a fluttering sensation in the head.


Red Kali Kratom


Here is another classic for users who are looking to choose a red kratom strain. Red Kali kratom is a well-rounded strain that comprises all the typical properties of red kratom: analgesic, relaxing, and sedative. But red Kali kratom also has amazing euphoric and mood-lifting effects. In summary, it is a great kratom strain for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of red kratom plus a boost of good vibes.

Uses and effects: It helps relieve pain, combat insomnia, relax, and get a feeling of euphoria.

Duration: 4-6 hours.

Combinations: Mix it with a green strain in the afternoon or in the evening to relax and get rid of pain without falling asleep.

Tips: It is a very good choice for newbies who want to choose a red kratom strain. Some people add a bit of red Kali to their morning coffee for its pain-relieving and mood-lifting properties.

Side effects: Some users report nausea after using red Kali.


Red Maeng Da Kratom


Maeng Da is more popular in its green or white varieties. However, you can also find red Maeng Da out there. Red Maeng Da kratom is quite energizing (for a red strain) and provides a good sense of euphoria too. And like most red kratom strains, red Maeng Da is also good for managing pain. Some users compare red Maeng Da to a milder version of red Bali.

Uses and effects: Pain management, energy, euphoria.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

Combinations: Use it with green Malay kratom for a mood-boosting experience.

Tips: Due to its energizing effects, avoid using red Maeng Da at nighttime.

Side effects: Some users with anxiety report that red Maeng Da makes their symptoms worse. Also, it may cause insomnia.


Red Malay Kratom


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Some users define red Malay kratom as a more potent, sedating form of green Malay. It also has noticeable euphoric effects. But because of its sedating, opiate-like effects, red Malay kratom is not a good option for kratom rookies. It is also one of the best strains for pain management.

Uses and effects: Relaxation, insomnia, pain relief, euphoria.

Duration: Up to 6 hours.

Tips: Do not use it in the daytime due to its sedating effects. Avoid it if you are new to kratom.

Side effects: It can be very sedating and have opiate-like psychoactive effects.


Red Sumatra Kratom


Kratom users who consume Mitragyna speciosa to fight stress and anxiety often opt for red Sumatra kratom. And that occurs because this red strain has potent calming and relaxing effects. Like other red kratom varieties, red Sumatra kratom is also a good choice to combat pain. Moreover, red Sumatra is very long-lasting (up to 10 hours). It usually lacks the sedating effect of other red strains. So, if you want to choose a red kratom strain that you can use during the daytime, red Sumatra may be a good choice.

Uses and effects: Stress, anxiety, pain.

Duration: 7 – 10 hours.

Combinations: You can mix it with a white strain (or even with coffee) to use in the morning. Mix it with other reds for a more sedating experience.

Tips: It is not so sedating as other red strains, so you can use it in the daytime (but mix it with an energizing strain). If you are new to kratom, use it with caution.

Side effects: Headaches, especially at high doses.


Red Thai Kratom


If you want to choose a red kratom strain that you can use in the daytime, you should give red Thai kratom a try. This red type of kratom will provide you with a nice sense of calm while bringing energizing effects at the same time, especially when mixed with white or green strains. Moreover, it can keep you alert and improve focus, while keeping your body relaxed at the same time. It is also a favorite for people weaning off opioids. On the negative side, many users agree that red Thai kratom tastes just horrible. Also, it may cause stomach upset.

Uses and effects: Relaxation, motivation, mood-lifting, focus and concentration, opiate withdrawal, pain.

Duration: 4 – 6 hours.

Combinations: Mix it with white or green strains in the daytime or with other red strains at night.

Tips: You can mix it with other energizing strains, or even with coffee or tea, to enjoy its effects in the daytime.

Side effects: It may cause stomach upset easily. Also, unlike other red strains, it may not be recommendable for anxiety.


Conclusions on How to Choose a Red Kratom Strain


As you have seen, kratom strains can be very different. Therefore, before you choose a red kratom strain, think of your needs and what you are looking for. Also, if you are new to kratom avoid those strains that are too strong. And do not forget to look for a reliable kratom vendor to guarantee you are choosing a high-quality product!

And what about you? What are your favorite red strains? Let us know