Types Of Kratom Products

regular kratom powder

Kratom is a natural plant with many properties and uses. People use kratom for different purposes: mood improvement, motivation, focus, energy, relaxation, soothing, and calmness, to name a few. Although most kratom products will provide similar effects, not all of them are suitable for all users. So, choosing the right kratom product for you may not be an easy task. In this post, we will show you the most popular types of kratom products to help you make the right choice before you buy.


Types Of Kratom Products


No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced kratom user, you may find it overwhelming to choose between the different strains. And, to add more complication to the equation, kratom comes in many formats, which makes the purchase decision even harder. In fact, even if you have been purchasing kratom for a while, you may have noticed that recently, many new products are being introduced in the market.

So, let’s see the different types of kratom products in detail.


Kratom Loose Powder


The most popular kratom format is kratom loose powder. In. In fact, when kratom was first introduced in the American market, this was almost the only available product type.

To make kratom loose powder, kratom growers in Southeast Asia pick up the mature leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The leaves are then put to dry and crushed to obtain a fine powder. The powder is then packed and shipped to the US.

It’s important to remember that you must measure your kratom powder dose before use. Determining the right dosage is not always easy, so it’s recommended to start on a lower dose and start increasing overtime only if necessary. Using kratom loose powder is simple, there are various consumption methods that you can choose:

  • The toss and wash method. It consists of scooping the powder directly into your mouth and washing it down with water or juice. This method is only recommended to experienced users, as kratom flavor can be too strong for newbies.
  • Preparing kratom tea. You won’t need to brew it, although you can use warm water to help it dissolve. But keep in mind that kratom won’t dissolve completely in water.
  • Mix it with juice or food. Many people prefer to mix kratom powder with sweet foods, such as apple sauce, or sweet drinks such as vanilla or chocolate shakes.

Another reason for kratom loose powder’s popularity is its price. So, if you are using kratom for the first time and you’d like to give it a try without spending too much, you may want to give it a try.


Kratom Capsules

kratom capsules

Kratom capsules are a very popular kratom format. Typically, vendors use their own kratom powder and put it into capsules. The main advantage of kratom capsules is their convenience, as you can carry them with you and use them on the go.

Using kratom capsules is as simple as it seems, you just need to swallow them with a glass of water. This is also an advantage to many users, as using kratom in this format prevents them from tasting its flavor. Additionally, kratom capsules are easier to dose, as you won’t need to measure each and every time you want to use them.

Typically, kratom capsules are more expensive than kratom loose powder. The reason for this is that most vendors need to hire another company to do the encapsulation for them, which increases the cost of the product.


Kratom Powdered Extracts


When purchasing kratom powder, you may have come across kratom powdered extracts, but you must not confuse them, as they are different products. In fact, kratom powdered extracts are a much stronger kratom type that is not recommended to new users.

To prepare kratom powder extracts, the kratom leaves are processed to extract the active compounds of the plant and then reduced into a smaller amount to prepare a potent product.

You will see that kratom powdered extracts are marked with a number (usually 25X, 50X, etc), or with a ration (5:1, 10:1). These numbers don’t mean that the product is 25 or 5 times stronger than regular powder. Instead, 25X means that 25 grams of kratom were reduced to 1 gram.

As we said, extracts are stronger than regular powder, that’s why it is a more expensive product. You can use it alone, just like you would consume regular powder (but at a much lower dose), or add a pinch to your regular powder to increase its potency.


Enhanced Kratom


Enhanced kratom is another type of kratom powder. Due to its potency, some people confuse it with kratom extracts, but they are not the same. To prepare enhanced kratom, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are kratom’s main alkaloids, are added to regular kratom powder. This way a stronger product is obtained.

You can use enhanced kratom the same way you would use kratom extracts, taking into account that this is a very strong product, recommended only for experienced users.

Just like kratom extracts, enhanced kratom is more expensive than regular loose powder. But consider that a little amount will go a long way.

Kratom Liquids

kratom liquid

Kratom liquids or kratom tinctures are an extract form of the plant. The extract process is similar to kratom powdered extract, but they are usually more potent.

Typically, kratom liquids come in small bottles that contain 1-3 servings. To use kratom liquids you only need to drink the content of the bottle. You can also mix it with water if you rather not taste it, but this is not necessary.

Since they are a potent kratom product, we do not recommend it to newbies.


Kratom Gummies


Kratom gummies are relatively new in the market, and they are very popular among younger users and students. They usually come in different flavors that help cover kratom’s taste. Although you should take into account that some of the strong flavor of the plant is still there.

Typically, kratom gummies are made by infusing them with kratom extracts, to give them their potency and aroma. They are a convenient way to use kratom on the go. And, just like kratom capsules, you won’t need to measure your dosage.


Kratom Drinks


They are one of the newest trends in the kratom market. The first thing that you should know is that kratom drinks must not be confused with kratom liquids, they are not the same and not even similar.

Kratom drinks can come in two different formats:

  • Kratom shots: they are small bottles that contain one dose of kratom. They are usually mixed with mint, orange, chocolate, and other flavors to mask their taste.
  • Kratom drink mixes: they come in small packs containing kratom powder and flavoring that you can mix with water.

These are becoming popular among people who like to enjoy kratom but want to mask its taste. They are very convenient, as you won’t need to measure your dose.

Have you tried any of these kratom formats? What’s your favorite? We read you in the comment section!