All About Kratom Liquids


When shopping for kratom you will not only be able to find different strains, varieties, and colors, but also different kratom formats. While the most popular format is undoubtedly kratom plain leaf powder, there are other types that are close behind. A runner-up is kratom liquid or liquid kratom (both terms are equally used). But what are kratom liquids? Are they better or worse than other formats? Are kratom liquids the right choice for you? What should you consider before buying kratom liquids? We will try to answer all of these questions in this article, so keep reading below to discover all about kratom liquids.


What Are Kratom Liquids?


The first question that may come to mind regarding this topic is “what are kratom liquids?” The simple answer is that kratom liquids are kratom products in liquid form.

The elaborated answer starts by understanding that there are 3 types of kratom liquids:

  • Tinctures are made by submerging kratom leaf material in ethanol or another type of alcohol.
  • Isolates are made by extracting the plant material and turning it into a potent liquid without using any solvents.
  • Liquid extracts are made by boiling the plant material, straining it, and boiling it again to obtain a paste that will be later mixed with water or other solvents.

Both liquid extracts and isolates are more potent than plain leaf material.


How to Use Kratom Liquids?


The first thing that you should know is that kratom liquids are not the same as the kratom tea that you prepare at home. Kratom liquids are processed products with specific effects. So, you should not use kratom liquids the same way as you use your kratom tea.

Obviously, you will need to drink your kratom liquid to feel its effects. Don’t even try to use it in any other way! Although drinking kratom liquid is as easy as it sounds, there are some things that you must keep in mind before using it:

Liquids are typically a very potent kratom form, so pay close attention to the correct dose. On the other hand, they usually come in small bottles that are intended to consume like a shot. This may make you think that you should drink the whole bottle in one go. However, many times kratom liquids are so potent that you should avoid doing this. Instead, you may like to start with half a bottle and see how you feel. If you don’t feel that it’s working, you can drink the rest of the bottle after 30-60 minutes. But most of the time, half a bottle will be enough.

how to use kratom liquids

Kratom Liquids Vs. Kratom Powder


To master of you should know about kratom liquids, you must understand the difference between this and other popular formats. So, how are kratom liquids different from plain leaf powder?

Most kratom liquids that you can find in the market are isolates and extracts. This means that these types of products are more potent than plain leaf powder. So, you should take this into consideration before you buy.

Plain leaf powder is easier to dosage. You will simply need to weigh the amount that you want to use. After a while, you’ll be able to determine the amount that you need without the need of using a scale. Conversely, kratom liquids are not easy to dose. Typically, you’ll need half a bottle or less to feel the same effects.

The way to consume kratom powder and kratom liquid are different. Although you can simply ingest both, you’ll simply drink kratom liquid directly from the bottle. On the other hand, you can ingest the powder, prepare tea with it, or mix it with other foods.


Kratom Liquids Vs. Extracts


Kratom liquids and kratom powder extracts are very potent types of kratom. In most cases, kratom liquids are just another form of a kratom extract.

The main obvious difference between kratom liquids and powder extracts is the format. While kratom liquids come in small bottles containing the extracted kratom alkaloids, powder extracts come in powder form. Kratom powder extracts contain leaf powder that has been concentrated to obtain the most potent product. For instance, 25X kratom extracts contain an initial amount of 25 kratom leaf material that has been reduced to 1 gram.

Like plain leaf powder, you can ingest kratom extract powder directly, prepare tea or mix it with foods. It’s also easier to dose than kratom liquids.


Benefits of Kratom Liquids


Like any other kratom form, kratom liquids will help you with the following:

  • Achieve energy, focus, and motivation.
  • Relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Improve mood.

But the biggest benefit of kratom liquid is its convenience. Thanks to its format (it comes in small bottles that you can carry anywhere), it’s easy to use on the go.

Nevertheless, you should also consider some negative aspects of liquid kratom:

  • Liquid kratom is typically more expensive than other extracts.
  • It’s harder to control the right dosage.
  • Contrary to plain leaf powder, there are not many choices of liquid kratom.
  • You may need to try different liquids from different vendors before you find the right one for you.

Finally, a general recommendation. Although liquids are a convenient way to take kratom, you should not use them as a kratom powder substitute. Instead, you should only drink kratom liquids when you need a fast-acting potent product to use on the go. But remember that kratom plain leaf powder will help you maintain a correct routine for the long run.