How to Make Kratom Capsules


For centuries, people from Southeastern Asia have been consuming kratom by chewing its leaves. In western countries, people consume kratom mostly in powder, which they prepare in a tea or add to other beverages. But, let’s face it, kratom taste is not exactly the best in the world, and many users, while favoring kratom for its beneficial effects, completely dislike its taste and find it hard to take kratom in tea, drinks or even combined with food. For these users, and for others who prefer a faster, easier way to consume kratom, kratom capsules are the best choice. However, kratom is most commonly sold as powder, and unfortunately kratom capsules are not that easy to find. If you are one of those users who prefer capsules to other formats of kratom, we have the simplest solution: we will show you how to make your own kratom capsules.


Advantages of Making Your Own Kratom Capsules


Kratom capsules are incredibly easy to make. They are also very, very cheap. While a decade ago the cost per capsule at a local supermarket was 25 cents or even higher, nowadays you can find capsules as cheap as 1 cent or 1,25 cents per capsule. Empty capsules are usually sold in bags of 500 – 1000 units. The price will vary depending on the bag you buy (the more units, the cheaper) and on the capsule size (the bigger, the more expensive).

By making your own kratom capsules, you take full control of the kratom you are consuming: you can choose the amount of kratom you add in each capsule, the kratom strain (or strains) you are including (you can create your own kratom mixes), whether you are using kratom powder or tincture…


Gelatin Capsules vs. Vegetarian Capsules


In order to make your own kratom capsules, you will need empty capsules to fill in the product. There are two type of capsules you can use to fill them with kratom product: gelatin capsules or vegetarian capsules.

Gelatin capsules are the preferred choice of users for making kratom capsules. They are the most affordable option and you can find them in different sizes, colors… However, gelatin is made out of animal tissue so vegan and vegetarian consumers of kratom should avoid gelatin capsules. A major disadvantage of gelatin capsules is that they only support powdered kratom. Liquid kratom products, such as kratom tincture, cannot be used in gelatin capsules.

Vegetarian capsules are slightly more expensive than gelatin capsules, but they’re still absolutely affordable. Vegetarian capsules are the option for vegans or vegetarians. They are also categorized as Kosher/Halal. If you want to make capsules out of kratom tincture, vegetarian cellulose capsules are your choice.

Both gelatin and vegetarian capsules are usually available in packages of 500 and 1000 units, and you can find them in your local health or natural shop or even in Walmart. However, most of the time the cheapest empty capsules are available online.

Empty capsules come in different sizes. The normal “average” size is “0”, which can contain 500 mg of product. Size “00” can hold 50% more product (that is, 750 mg), while size “1” can contain about 20% less than size “0” (about 400 mg). Other sizes are “2” (which holds 350 mg) and “3” (200 milligrams). Keep in mind that the more capacity a capsule has, the bigger it will be and, therefore, the harder to swallow.


How to Fill Empty Capsules with Kratom


To fill the capsules with kratom powder (either raw kratom or extract), fill a deep, straight sided container with kratom powder. Take the capsules you are going to use and remove the short part (empty capsules have a short and a long part. The long part is where the product is introduced and the short part goes on top). Take the long part and, with latex gloves on (they won’t only make the process more hygienic, they will also prevent kratom from staining your hands) push them down into the container with the kratom (it is recommendable to push them twice into the kratom to obtain a firmer pack). Then remove the long part of the capsule off the container and squeeze the short part on.

This process may turn out cumbersome and it does not allow to have a fixed amount of product in every capsule. This means that the dose will vary in every capsule. Also, you will waste kratom powder in the process. If you prefer a simpler process, you can use capsule filler machines. They will allow you to put the kratom directly in the capsule and to cap them. You can find capsule filler machines very easily. However, they are customized per capsule size, so make sure you buy the correct machine for your capsules size.