Enhanced Kratom


Enhanced kratom is a mix of kratom extract and dried kratom leaves. Below we’ll show you what kratom extracts are and how this kratom product is prepared. Also, we’ll explain to you what Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom is. And we’ll even provide you with tips on how to use it and buy it.


Kratom Extracts and Enhanced Kratom


Kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom. You can obtain extracts by boiling dried and powered kratom leaves to extract their alkaloids (mitragynine or 7-OHM).

There are different types of kratom extracts, such as tincture, oil, resin or powder.

You can add powder extract to regular kratom. That is how we obtain the product known as enhanced kratom. Enhanced kratom improves kratom’s natural effects. And kratom consumers will need a smaller dose to get the sought effects.

Kratom can relieve pain in conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia or musculoskeletal ailments. It also mitigates the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Furthermore, kratom is a good natural alternative to opioids for anxiety or depression.

Enhanced kratom sometimes shows its concentration. For instance, you can find enhanced kratom tagged as 25X. Bear in mind that this does not mean that the enhanced product is 25 times more potent than raw kratom. No. What it really means is that 25 grams of raw kratom eventually turned into 1 gram of extract.


Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom


Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (or UEI) is one of the most popular forms of enhanced kratom. Indo kratom comes from Indonesia and is one of the most potent kratom strains.

Ultra-Enhanced Indo kratom (UEI kratom) blends premium Indo kratom with kratom extract to obtain a most powerful mixture.

Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom uses include:

  • Pain relief
  • Euphoria
  • Opiate withdrawal

You can brew it in a tea or add to juices, smoothies or sauces. Another choice is to add the powder into small capsules. Kratom capsules are an easy way of consuming kratom. However, it will also take you longer to notice its effects, since our body needs to ingest the capsules first.

Of course, the required dosage for UEI kratom is smaller than for regular kratom. And the dosage will vary among individuals. Also, it will depend on the sought effect and the user’s tolerance level.


Where Can You Buy Enhanced Kratom And UEI Kratom


If you want to buy enhanced or UEI Kratom, first you will need to consider a few factors, such as:

  • Concentration level
  • Variety
  • It the extract is enriched


Kratora UEI Kratom


If you want to buy a high-quality UEI kratom, we recommend you to try Kratora’s UEI kratom. UEI kratom from Kratora includes micro-powdered kratom leaves from Indonesia which are enhanced with ultra-pure 7-OHM and mitragynine alkaloids.

As a result, we get a UEI kratom which is 20% more concentrated than other UEI kratom products. Finally, if you are using a highly concentrated UEI kratom (like Kratora’s), make sure you adjust the dose properly.