Red Thai Vs. Green Thai Kratom Strain Comparison

Red thai vs. green thai kratom

Thai kratom is one of the most popular strains in the market, but it’s important to know that not all Thai kratom is the same. Like any other strain, Thai kratom comes in various colors, namely red, green, and white, each one of them with different properties and effects. Probably, red Thai and Green Thai kratom are the most widely available across vendors and the most popular among users so, we will focus on them in this article. Keep reading below for a comprehensive red Thai vs. green Thai kratom strain comparison.


Where Does Thai Kratom Come From?


Thai kratom has its roots in Thailand where it has been used by local people for hundreds of years. However, Thailand declared the plant illegal in 1943. Although Thailand decriminalized kratom in 2021, the Thai kratom powder that you find in the market doesn’t come from Thailand.

Due to decades of being banned in its country of origin, the Thai kratom strains are grown and harvested in Indonesia, which is kratom’s largest exporter in the world. However, this may change in the future thanks to the new legality in Thailand and also due to the moves to ban kratom in Indonesia.


Red Thai Vs. Green Thai Kratom


Although there’s only one Mitragyna speciosa tree, there are different strains with different properties and effects. This may be due to various reasons, including soil composition, and environmental conditions. Moreover, the time of harvesting and processing methods can also affect the alkaloid composition of kratom powder.

Thai kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains, and its green and red varieties are among the users’ favorites. So, let’s explore the differences and similarities of Red Thai vs. Green Thai kratom.

Red Thai Properties and Uses


Red Thai kratom offers a wide range of effects. Like other red strains, it can be calming at higher doses (5-6 grams) while providing a sense of euphoria. It also has a soothing effect at medium doses, which makes it a good choice for those seeking pain relief.

However, contrary to other red varieties, Red Thai can be stimulating and energizing at lower doses (1-2 grams). Additionally, Red Thai can provide mood elevation, motivation, and a feeling of well-being. On the other hand, if you are looking to relieve anxiety, this is not the best red variety for this purpose (Red Indo o Red Sumatra would be a better choice).

Although it has energizing effects, there are other strains that would be more ideal for this purpose, for example, any white vein kratom strains.


What Users Say About Red Thai Kratom


Here’s what users say about Red Thai Kratom:

  • Red Thai kratom is the most stimulating red vein, although it also helps with anxiety.
  • It’s great for pain, but pretty sedating at higher doses.
  • It’s definitely a euphoric strain and very effective with depression.
  • It provides all the relaxation, pain relief, and euphoria with none of the fuzzy head and nausea of other red strains.


Green Thai Kratom Properties and Uses


Like other green kratom strains, Green Thai kratom is a very well-balanced and mild variety that is ideal for new users. Typically, green Thai offers energy and mood elevation. It is also recommended for people looking for mild pain relief. This makes it a good choice if you like to use kratom in the morning to provide you with an extra kick of energy and to help you keep focused and motivated at work. So, if you are looking for energy, Green Thai would be a better choice than Red Thai.

Green Thai kratom works best at lower to medium doses (0.5-3 grams). But if you are new to kratom (or to Green Thai), it is recommended to start on the lowest dose until you find your desired effects.

High doses of Green Thai may provide sedation, but this is not the best strain for this purpose.

One of the benefits of Green Thai kratom is that it usually doesn’t have side effects, and if it does, they are very mild.


What Users Say About Green Thai Kratom


What do users have to say about Green Thai kratom?

  • Green Thai helps me to be awake, alert, and focused.
  • It provides mild pain relief and a kick of energy.
  • It gives a mood boost and a nice and relaxed sense of euphoria.

But take into consideration that kratom may work differently in every person, depending on the dosage and tolerance. But