Can I Use Red Kratom in the Morning?

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Thanks to their potent analgesic effects and their strong relaxing properties, many kratom users love red strains. But those relaxing properties can sometimes turn out sedating. That’s why red kratom strains are often used at night. But what happens when you wake up? Can you still use red kratom in the morning?

In this article, we will discuss whether you can use red strains in the morning —spoiler, the answer is yes. And we will talk about tips and strains to get the best out of your red kratom in the morning.

The Basics of Kratom Colors


All white, green, and red kratom strains come from the same plant: kratom. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree in the coffee family that grows in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. The leaves of this kratom tree contain chemicals that act on your body triggering pain-relieving, relaxing, energizing, or euphoric effects.

Depending on the color of their veins, the leaves of kratom —and the powder that is made of them— can be categorized as white, green, or red. These colors depend on different factors, like the maturity of the leaf or the drying process. As they come from the same plant, the three types of kratom share some similarities, such as analgesic or mood-lifting effects. However, there are some differences depending on the color of the strain:

  • White kratom strains are more energizing
  • Green kratom strains are relaxing
  • Red kratom strains are more relaxing (even sedative)

Nevertheless, kratom vendors often create their own strains by mixing different types of leaves, so it is not easy to learn whether a red strain is one hundred percent pure red.


Pros and Cons of Using Red Kratom in the Morning


Because of these sedating effects, using red kratom in the morning can be tricky for some users. But red kratom strains are often the most effective when it comes to pain relief. So, using red kratom strains in the morning has pros and cons.

Red strains are usually the best choice to relieve pain. Because of their super relaxing properties, they are also a favorite for some types of anxiety disorders. Moreover, many red kratom strains also have strong euphoric effects.

However, a red strain can have sedative effects. And that is a big no when it comes to using red kratom in the morning. The good news is that you still can use red strains to start your day off. Keep reading to find out more!

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Best Red Kratom Strains that You Can Use in the Morning


The first step to using red kratom in the morning is to choose those strains that will allow you to start your day off without the sedating effects of red strains. But to do that, you will need to pick balanced red strains. That is red strains that do not turn out too sedating. These strains will help you if you want to use red kratom in the morning:

  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Thai

These red strains will help you start your day without renouncing to the analgesic or relaxing effects of kratom.

Nevertheless, if you want to use kratom early in the day, there are more factors that you should consider.


More Tips for Red Kratom in the Morning


We have just shown you the best red kratom strains to use in the morning. However, there are other tips that you should follow. Because a strain is not all that matters when it comes to kratom. Want to learn more? Make sure you read the tips below!

  • Go with low doses: Low doses of kratom are stimulating, whereas high doses are sedating. So, you should not exceed a 5-gram dosage. And if you are still new to kratom, your dosage should not exceed 2-4 grams.
  • Mix your red kratom with white strains: The energizing properties of white kratom will help you keep the sedative effects of red kratom at bay. Nevertheless, don’t forget that mixing two (or more) strains does not mean that you will double your dose. Instead, you must split the dosage in 2 or whatever ratio you want to use. For example, you can add half and half of each strain or one-third of one strain and two-thirds of another strain. The ratio will depend on the effects you want to achieve, the strains that you use, etc.
  • Avoid sedating strains: Some strains are just too sedative to use in the morning. For instance, you may want to avoid red Bentuangie, red horned kratom, or red Malay kratom. These strains can be great if you are also fighting insomnia. And they are also great to fight pain. However, they are not the best choice if you are thinking of using kratom in the morning.
  • Try first: Before going for red kratom strain in the morning, you should try if that works for you. So, do not start using a red strain in the morning when you have to work, drive, or engage in another activity that requires you to be alert. Instead, you can try these tips on a weekend, when you can be at home without any duties.

We hope these tips will help you use red strains in the morning. And we would also love to hear if you start your day with red kratom. So, please let us know in the comments section!