Kratom Rookie Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

A kratom rookie with a cup of kratom

So, you are a kratom rookie and you feel overwhelmed with so much information about kratom. And after all, you just want to try this herb, and —if it works— use it regularly to cope with your issues. Because kratom is just a plant. So, why should you need so much information? Well, the truth is that kratom can be tricky, especially if you are new to this herb. And many kratom newbies commit many mistakes because of lack of experience and lack of information. So, in this post we have put together the most common mistakes that kratom rookies make. And we will also explain what you should do to avoid them!


Kratom Rookie Mistakes


What are the most common kratom rookie mistakes? They are often related to:

  • A correct dosage
  • Using the proper kratom product
  • Choosing the right vendor.

But why should a kratom rookie take all these precautions? Kratom is just a harmless herb. Or is it? Well, the truth is that though kratom is generally safe, its side effects can be very unpleasant, as they include nausea, dizziness, or even eye wobbles. But that’s not all. An inappropriate usage of kratom often ends causing tolerance to its active compounds. Therefore, avoiding these rookie mistakes will help you enjoy the effects of kratom better.


Start with High Doses


Kratom is a very useful herb for millions of people. So, why should you start with a low dose? The more, the merrier! This is a common kratom rookie mistake. New users of kratom often think that by using a high dosage they will achieve more benefits and kratom will be more effective.

If this is what you think, you are wrong. If you dig into kratom’s forums, you will often hear (read) that less is more. And this saying is so true when it comes to kratom! High doses of kratom will increase the risk of side effects and kratom tolerance.

What is a good dosage for a kratom rookie?

If you are one hundred per cent new to kratom, you should start with a 2-3 grams dose. If in 20 minutes you do not notice any effect, you can take .5g more. When you have more experience, you can increase your dosage gradually to better adjust your needs. However, to prevent both side effects and kratom tolerance, you should stick to low to moderate doses (between 2 and 5 grams).

Also, remember to measure your kratom properly. That is, using a scale. You can find precision scales as cheap as $5. And if you plan on using kratom regularly, you should invest in one.


Use Kratom Too Often


You tried kratom and kratom works for you. So, why not use it every day? Even better, you could use it more than once per day. And yet, you have read that using kratom every day is not recommendable. Let alone using it several times per day! But if it is so effective, why should you restrict its usage? Because of kratom tolerance.

When you consume kratom, its main alkaloids —mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine— bind to the opioid receptors in your body. However, after taking kratom for a while, these receptors become less sensitive to kratom. Moreover, with time, your system will absorb fewer kratom compounds. Hence, the effects will also be much milder.

Developing kratom tolerance means that you will need higher amounts of kratom to notice its effects. As you can imagine, this implies spending more money on kratom. And, spoiler alert, kratom is not cheap. Furthermore, when tolerance is very high, you will not notice the effects of kratom no matter the dosage. If that is the case, you should consider taking a kratom break.

Therefore, as a kratom rookie, you should avoid using kratom every day. And, of course, do not take kratom more than once a day.


Kratom powder in a jar

Try Potent Kratom Products


If you are new to kratom, you should stick to regular kratom powder. That is, you should not go for enhanced kratom or kratom extracts. Enhanced kratom is kratom with an extra touch of alkaloids (artificially added) and kratom extracts are more concentrated forms of kratom.

Obviously, these kratom products are more potent than your kratom powder. But they are also less safe. Moreover, many kratom advocates are against using these types of products. Adulterated kratom products are often sold as extracts or enhanced kratom. And kratom’s bad reputation and controversy has much to do with these products.

Moreover, kratom extracts and enhanced kratom will also increase the risk of suffering from side effects and building tolerance.


Go for the Cheapest Kratom


A kratom rookie will often look for the cheapest kratom. And it is only natural. Let’s not forget that kratom is expensive. So, if you are a kratom rookie, you may want to go for the cheapest option. Also, since kratom is just a plant, you may think that there are no reasons for these differences in prices. But while kratom is just a tree leaf in powder form, there are other factors that play a role in its price.

Back in 2018, a salmonella outbreak put kratom again in the spotlight. Some batches of kratom were contaminated with E. coli and apparently some people got sick by consuming contaminated kratom. Of course, the FDA used this incident to reinforce their attacks on kratom.

Because of these events, many kratom vendors started to test their products for contaminants and to share the results of these analysis with their customers. And now this is a common practice in American vendors. Furthermore, these lab certificates often show the alkaloid levels of their kratom.

But now you can also buy kratom directly from Indonesian vendors, whose kratom is much cheaper than the kratom of American vendors. And you may be considering of buying from these cheap kratom vendors, because the kratom these Indonesian vendors sell is the same as the one you can find in American stores. Or is it?

If you want to buy kratom from cheap vendors, make sure that they are testing their products for contaminants. But if you are buying kratom from Indonesia, your kratom may be held at customs. This means that it is going to take longer to arrive. Also, you may need to pay an extra fee (tax) to receive it. Or it can even get held in customs for good and you will never receive it.


More Tips for a Kratom Rookie


There are other things to consider if you are a kratom rookie. First, kratom is not a healing product. That is, kratom can ease symptoms, but it will not heal any diseases. Moreover, even though kratom is very versatile, it may not be suitable for your ailments.

And you can also find that you try kratom and it does not work for you. If that is the case, you can try other strains. Furthermore, using different strains will also help you prevent kratom tolerance. However, for some people kratom is just ineffective. So, if you try different strains and none is working for you, maybe kratom is not the right product for you.

We also encourage you to do your research before trying kratom. There are a lot of resources out there where you can find information for a kratom rookie, like forums or blogs.