Kratom Types and Effects


Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom, is a plant from the coffee family that grows naturally in many countries from Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Cultures of these regions have been using kratom for centuries to help them alleviate many ailments and go through long and exhausting working days. Kratom types and effects are different depending on the region where it grows.

Kratom has gained popularity in recent times in the western countries thanks to its many properties, including pain relief, anti-anxiety and as an energy booster. Also, many people use kratom to help them reduce the dreaded opiate withdrawal symptoms.

But, there are many types of kratom and not all of them have the same effects. We will explore in this article the main properties, effects, and types of kratom that we can find.


Kratom Varieties and Strains


kratom regionsAs mentioned above, there are many kratom strains or varieties and their properties and effects vary from each other. Depending on the location of Southeast Asia where kratom grows, the variety will be different due to the special ecosystem and micro-climate of each region.

Each strain has a different concentration and ratio of the various alkaloids that are present in the kratom’s leaves. These alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) are the chemical compounds responsible for kratom’s effects. The unique concentration of these and other substances present in kratom’s leaves, make each type different, and so are their physical and mental properties. These go from pain relief, relaxation and a sense of well being, to euphoric, energetic and mental clarity.


Kratom Types and Effects: Strains


Although many use the terms interchangeably, kratom types and kratom strains are not the same thing. Whilst kratom types refer to the leaf’s vein color, kratom strains allude to the region where the specific variety come from.

This way we find three different basic kratom types, which are: red vein, green vein, and white vein. The term “vein” refers to the color of the so-called veins on the back of the kratom leaf. Also, we can find various kratom strains, including Bali, Borneo, Malay, and Indo, depending on the region where the specific strain grows.


Kratom Types and Effects: Red Vein


red vein kratomRed vein kratom is known for its relaxing, and pain relief properties and can also help with insomnia and sleeping problems. Red vein kratom is the chosen strain between those who seek to unwind, due to its calming effects.

To achieve its relaxing effects, it is recommended to take higher doses. Smaller doses are usually better to achieve euphoria and energy.

Many use red vein kratom as a natural remedy for opiate withdrawal, as it helps mitigate its symptoms, such as muscle cramps, jitters, and sleeplessness.

As explained, this type of kratom requires a larger dose until you can experience its effects, so you may consider taking it in resin or extract form. This way you’ll need to take a smaller amount of kratom and you will also prevent or decrease some of the side effects (i.e.: nausea or digestive discomfort) related to consuming larger doses.

Horned Red Vein, Thai Red Vein, and Red Vein Sumatra are some of the most popular strains of red vein kratom.


Kratom Types and Effects: White Vein


white vein kratomWhilst red vein kratom is mainly used for its relaxing properties, white vein kratom is known for just the opposite. White vein kratom produces energizing effects as well as a feeling of euphoria. This is the variety that many users choose to help them be more alert and to achieve a sense of mental clarity. In fact, many use kratom instead of coffee to get an energy boost to start the day. This way, they avoid the sense of restlessness that usually occurs with caffeine. This is also the strain of choice for those seeking to boost motivation and may help with some depression symptoms.

Contrary to the red vein, you’ll need to take smaller doses to achieve white vein kratom’s effects. Energy and euphoria usually appear after taken a small dosage of kratom. Taking larger doses will result in a relaxation and sedation state.

Try not taking white vein kratom late in the day as it could result in sleeplessness or insomnia.

White Vein Maeng Da, Maeng Da Indo, and Horned White Vein are some of the most well-known white kratom strains.


Kratom Types and Effects: Green Vein


green vein kratomGreen vein kratom is the most balanced type, as it offers a wide range of effects. In fact, it serves as a sort of “middle ground” between the other two varieties. This makes green vein kratom a very popular type amongst many users. In fact, many use green vein kratom as a blend, as it’s usually added to the red or white varieties to expand the range of effects.

The effects of green vein kratom include improved concentration, euphoria, energy, pain relief, alertness and mental focus. Consumers of this type report that they don’t experience the drowsiness that they get with more potent red vein strains or prescription analgesics. But in higher dosages, green vein kratom tends to be more relaxing.

Also, green vein kratom is favored by those who seek to treat social anxiety symptoms and those that use kratom recreationally, since it’s the less extreme variety.

Thai Green, Green Borneo, Green Sumatra and Green Malaysian kratom are some of the most popular green vein kratom types.


Kratom Types and Effects: Comparison


What makes kratom such a unique and special plant is its wide range of effects. In fact, they can go from the most relaxing to the most euphoric and energetic.

The white vein types are the best strains for energy at lower dosages. Some examples are Maeng Da Indo, White Vein Maeng Da, and Horned White Vein kratom. On the opposite side, the red vein types, like Red Vein Sumatra, Horned Red Vein or Thai Red Vein, in moderate to larger doses are best for relaxation and sleep.

Let’s explore now what vein color and kratom strain are better for achieving a particular effect.


kratom types and effects



Kratom Strains for Pain


Those who use kratom for pain relief say that the most efficient varieties are usually the ones that fall into the red vein kratom family. Red vein kratom has a higher concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroximitragynine, which are the alkaloids responsible for kratom’s properties. These two alkaloids act as antagonists to the delta and mu opioid receptors. This means that, by consuming them, your ability to perceive pain will decrease.

In conclusion, Bali, Sumatra, Indo and Red Thai in moderate to large dosages are the most effective strains for pain.


Kratom Strains for Anxiety


White and green vein kratom are considered the most useful types to help with anxiety and even social anxiety. Some take a green vein variety in the morning and choose a red vein type in the evening to help them promote better sleep.

Green Malay and Green Borneo kratom are the best strains for anxiety. But Red Sumatra, Bali kratom and Indo (UEI) are also very effective. Consider that to achieve its effects a moderate dosage is more effective.


Kratom Strains for Opiate Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms


Red vein kratom varieties are considered to be the best for those who seek help with opiate addiction and to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, red vein kratom varieties are the most effective in this case.

So, how does kratom help with opiate withdrawal symptoms?


kratom for pain

  • Relieving muscle cramps.
  • Easing anxiety.
  • Treating pain.
  • Combating diarrhea.
  • Helping promote relaxation and good sleep.

While some users take kratom to ease withdrawal symptoms, others use it as a natural replacement for opiates.

Maeng Da, Red Thai, and Bali in moderate to large dosages are the most effective kratom strains for opiate withdrawal.

What do you use kratom for and how is it working for you? Leave a comment to let us know!





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