Kratom For Exercise

Are you a kratom user and also like working out? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably asked yourself if kratom and working out go well together. And this is a legit question. Some medications, herbs, and even natural remedies shouldn’t be used while working out, as they can lower your blood pressure and make you pass out. In other cases, they can increase your heart rate, making them dangerous to use just before or during your training session. So, what’s the case with kratom? Can you use kratom while working out or should you space them out? Let’s explore kratom for working out below.


Can You Use Kratom if You Work Out?


The answer to this question is yes, you can use kratom if you work out. But does this mean that you should use kratom just before your training session, or that you can have a bottle with your kratom tea to sip out from it while you are training? Or should you leave kratom for another time?

As always, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. Instead, it will largely depend on why you are using kratom or what you want to achieve with it. If you are using kratom for relaxation, you should not use it before your workout session, as it will probably make you drowsy. But if you are using it for energy or mood elevation, it can be a good workout buddy.


How to Use Kratom for Working Out?



If you have decided to try kratom to enhance your training session, you need to know how to use it correctly. Here are some tips that you may want to follow:

  • Have your kratom dose 15-30 minutes before your workout session to allow it to kick in.
  • Don’t overdo it. Kratom is more energizing at smaller doses, so taking just a small amount should do the work.
  • Drink lots of water during your workout. As you know, kratom can be dehydrating, so it’s especially important that you drink to maintain good hydration.
  • Only use kratom pre-workout if your health condition allows it. If you have any health issues, it’s better not to use it.
  • Do not use kratom for working out if you are prone to nausea, as it will probably make it worse.
  • If you’ve never tried kratom for working out before, use it with caution. If you start feeling drowsy, stop your training.
  • Do not go above your limits. Kratom can make you feel euphoric, and you may think that you can do more during your training than you actually can. So, if you typically are able to run 5 miles, don’t go above that, because you may get injured.

On the other hand, there are some people who rather use their kratom post-workout, as they report that it helps them recover faster. If this is your case, wait 15-20 minutes after you finished your training to have your kratom dose. Take it after your shower!


Best Kratom Strains for Working Out


There’s no best kratom strain for working out. As usual, the best kratom strain will depend on your personal preference. However, as you know, the white kratom strains are the best for energy and focus. So, they should be your first option if you want to use kratom for working out. On the other hand, green strains are typically the most balanced, so they can be also a good choice as a workout companion.

If you rather use kratom post-workout, the obvious choice would be the red strains if you are looking for relaxation. Conversely, if you want an extra kick of energy after your training session, white and green strains should be the best option.


Health Benefits of Working Out


Regardless of if you are using kratom for working out or for any other reason, practicing regular exercise is always good for you. If you are reading this blog, you are probably a kratom user or are considering using it. In our opinion, you should not use kratom for working ou if you are not used to training or if you are out of shape. Before even considering using kratom for working out, you should get in shape first without the help of kratom or any other stimulants.

You may have heard hundreds of times that exercise is good for you. But what are the health benefits of working out?

  • Resistance improvement.
  • Balanced blood-pressure.
  • Helps relieve aches.
  • Improves bone density.
  • It improves flexibility.
  • Helps with relaxation throughout the day.
  • Makes you feel less stressed.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Prevents heart disease.
  • Increases life expectancy.

So, no matter if you are using kratom or not, we recommend that you practice regular exercise adapted to your physical condition to get healthier!