How to Dose Kratom Extracts


Kratom has become very popular among individuals who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions, thanks to its analgesic, relaxing and energizing properties. Consequently, you can find many kratom types and kratom products in the market. But, one of the main issues that kratom consumers find when buying kratom is the lack of information on how to use the product. For instance, due to legal reasons, kratom vendors won’t give advice about dosages and effects. So, for many people, finding the right kratom type and determining the proper dose can be a hard and difficult process.

Determining the right kratom powder dose is not easy but finding the proper kratom extract dose could be even harder. However, there are some tips that you can consider regarding kratom extract dosage. So, keep reading below to discover how to dose kratom extracts.


Popular Kratom Formats


As we mentioned above, the market offers a variety of kratom products and formats. Although every kratom format has similar properties and offers similar effects, the way to consume them and to dose them might be different.

There is no best format per se, the best format would be the one that works better or is more convenient for you. For instance, some individuals prefer kratom capsules to take them on the go, whilst others rather use kratom powder and prepare a tea.

Let’s see some of the most popular formats that you can find in the market:

  • Kratom powder: it contains crushed plain leaf powder
  • Capsules: they consist of capsules filled with crushed leaf powder
  • Kratom powder extracts: they’re a more concentrated kratom product that is made using extraction techniques
  • Liquids and tinctures: they are also kratom extracts but in liquid format
  • Enhanced kratom: this is also a stronger kratom format. However, in this case, the powder is enhanced by adding alkaloids to the product
  • Stem and vein: this product is made by crushing the stem and vein that is left after removing the leaf material of the plant

What Are Kratom Extracts?


As we mentioned above, kratom extracts are stronger than regular kratom powder. Like any other plant or herb extracts, the plant material (leaves) are typically boiled or brewed for a long period of time until the water evaporates. This way, a thick rich paste containing a high concentration of the active principals of the plant will be obtained. Then, the paste will be processed into the final product, which can be a powder, tincture or liquid. Sometimes, the paste itself is sold in resin form, however, this format is not so easy to find.

In the market, you’ll typically see that the kratom extracts show a number followed by an “X”: 15x, 25x or 50x. This number basically means the amount of kratom used to make the extract. For example, 15x means that 15 grams of the plant were used to make the extracted product. But this doesn’t mean that the extracted product is 15 times more potent than regular powder. So, how to dose kratom extracts? Keep reading below to find some tips.

how to dose kratom extracts


How to Dose Kratom Extracts?


So, considering all the above, how to dose kratom extracts? Is there a way to know what the equivalent dose is?

First of all, you should know that the grading doesn’t represent the potency of the product. So 15x doesn’t mean 15% stronger. What the grading means is the amount of product for 1 gram. For example, a 25x extract means that 25grams of the product were reduced to 1 gram. Or, better said, the extraction process started with 25 grams of the plant, which was reduced to 1 gram.

So, to determine the proper dose you should consider what your dosage is for regular powder. So, let’s say that if you typically use 3 grams of regular kratom powder to get your desired effects, you shouldn’t go above 0.3 grams of 10x extract to achieve the same result (3/10=0.3).

However, this is only a way to determine the maximum amount you’ll need to get the results. Remember that kratom extracts are way stronger than regular kratom powder, so it is advisable to start lower than the equivalent amount. So, in our example, if your regular kratom powder dose is 3 grams, and you are using a 10x extract, you could start using half the dosage: in this case: 3/10=0.3, so you could start on 0.15 grams (0.3/2=0.15). And, if you don’t get the effects that you are looking for, you can increase your dosage, never going above 0.3 grams.


How to Consume Kratom Extracts?


The consumption method of kratom extracts will largely depend on the format. The correct ways to consume kratom powder extracts are the same as kratom powder:

  • Brewing the extract powder into a tea
  • Ingesting it directly using the toss and wash method
  • Preparing kratom capsules
  • Incorporating the powder extract to sweet foods

Regarding kratom liquids or tinctures, you can place a few drops in your mouth or add them to a drink.

Although the kratom extracts consumption methods are no different than regular kratom, consider that they are a stronger product. For this reason, if you are prone to nausea or upset stomach, be careful to choose a method that minimizes these problems, for example, by brewing it into a tea. If you still find it too strong, consider using regular kratom powder instead.