Liquid Kratom Extract


Quite probably you consume kratom by preparing a tea of its dried leafs or powder form. But there are other ways of consuming kratom, and one of them is by taking liquid kratom extract.

The process for making liquid kratom extract consists of dissolving kratom leafs or powder in a mixture of alcohol and water. Kratom active elements will dissolve into alcohol. Thanks to this, all their properties and potency will be preserved during the process.

It is not difficult to find liquid kratom in many online vendors. If you want to purchase liquid kratom, make sure you buy it from a reliable vendor.

For many users who do not like taking kratom tea or want to try a new way of consuming kratom, liquid kratom can be very convenient. You can add it to your favorite drink or take it in the so-called kratom shots. Also, you can easily carry the liquid kratom with you!

Liquid kratom will also provide you with the beneficial properties of kratom, such as a sense of euphoria, energy boosting, pain relief, calming and relaxing effects… Thanks to their convenience, kratom shots are gaining popularity and many users take them to boost up their mood, enhance their immune system, mitigate headaches…

The effects of the kratom shots may very much vary depending on the kratom strain (or strains) the liquid is made of. But also on the person who is taking it. Never forget that kratom may affect individuals in a very different way.


Dosage for Liquid Kratom


liquid kratom extractThere is one important thing to consider regarding liquid kratom: liquid kratom is an extract and, therefore, it will be more potent than regular raw kratom.

Due to this, users must be careful with the doses of liquid kratom.

You’ll usually find liquid kratom extract in small bottle glasses with a dropper. If you buy liquid kratom and does not include the dropper, place it in a container that has one. Thus it will be easier for you to obtain the right dosage. To preserve the properties of kratom as long as possible, use a dark glass container, such as an amber or a blue glass bottle.

Just like it happens with regular kratom, smaller doses of liquid kratom will provide you with an energizing, euphoric effect. On the other hand, higher doses will produce more relaxing, even sedative effects.

Most users choose one dropper of liquid as the starting dose. With a two-dropper dosage, the effects will last longer. However, they will also be more sedative. In any case, keep in mind that three droppers are a very high dosage, not recommended for most users.