How To Dose Kratom


Since kratom is gaining a lot of popularity, in recent times more and more people are investigating its properties and effects. But when looking for kratom information online sometimes it’s difficult to find the information that you are seeking. One of the main problems that people find when they first try it is how to dose kratom. The reason for this is that vendors don’t usually give tips or recommendations about this matter.

But, why is that? Shouldn’t all products come with instructions of use? The answer to this is not a plain yes or no, especially in kratom’s case. Since kratom has not been regulated or evaluated by the FDA, it lays in a sort of grey area, and vendors can’t give any advice on how to use it. Otherwise, they could be subject to fines and more problems.

For this reason, kratom users, especially newbies find it hard to know where to start from and to find the best dosage for their condition. In this article, we’ll try to bring light to it and explain how to dose kratom for various conditions.


What Are the Properties of Kratom?


Kratom is a plant from the coffee family that grows in the South Pacific Islands. The plant is well-known in its areas of origin, where it was traditionally used for many purposes. Especially, users in the South Pacific used to take kratom to increase energy for work and also to relax and to alleviate pain.

In our society, people take kratom for various reasons. Probably the most popular uses are:

  • Chronic pain: one of kratom’s main properties is analgesic
  • Anxiety and stress: kratom can help relax and alleviate anxiety
  • Opiate Withdrawal: many users take kratom to relieve the symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal and as a way to stay away from opiates
  • Insomnia: kratom has strong sedating properties which can aid sleep
  • Energy: At lower dose kratom can be both euphoric and energizing

But how is it possible that kratom can be relaxing and energizing at the same time? Keep reading below to learn how it works.


How Does Kratom Work?


Although it may seem confusing to most people, kratom can be both relaxing and energizing. But, how is this possible? First of all, you must understand that these two effects won’t happen at the same time. The different effects of kratom lay on the amount of the plant taken. This means that, depending on the dosage, kratom will have different effects on the system.

Kratom’s two main components are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are two alkaloids that work by binding to the opioid receptors of our nervous system. And, our opioid receptors are responsible for us to feel euphoria, depression, anxiety, appetite, and also to relieve pain.

Depending on the dosage, kratom will have a different impact on the opioid receptors, that’s why it is very important to know where to start from when consuming kratom. But, remember that if you are a kratom newbie, it is important to start on a low dose and start increasing until you reach the effect that you are seeking. So, you must always be cautious with the use of kratom and never exceed an 8 grams dosage.

Also, take into consideration that all the below tips are for regular kratom powder. So, if you are taking kratom extracts or enhanced kratom, you should reduce the dosage accordingly.

spoon full of powder

How to Dose Kratom for Pain?


Despite kratom’s bad reputation, many people who use this plant are people who suffer from chronic pain conditions. In fact, many of them report that they have been able to recover their normal lives since taking kratom. But what is the right way to take kratom for pain?

Firstly, you should know that not all strains or varieties have the same properties. So, you should consider that the best kratom varieties for pain are the red and green varieties.

The kratom dosage for pain will depend on the amount of pain that you feel. So, if you just want to relieve a flare, you can prepare a tea with 3 grams of regular kratom powder. However, most people who suffer from chronic pain, find this dosage too low. So, the typical dosage of kratom for pain would be about 5-6 grams. However, if you feel that lower doses work for you, stick to them to avoid tolerance.

Finally, if you decide to go over that dosage, take into consideration that it might cause side effects, such as nausea and stomach upset.


How to Dose Kratom for Anxiety?


Another typical kratom use is to relax and relieve anxiety. Many times, anxiety and chronic pain go together, as many chronic pain patients feel anxious because of their conditions. Before taking kratom for anxiety, you should know that the best types for this purpose are the red varieties.

You should also take into consideration that it is not easy to dose kratom for anxiety. But typically, to feel its relaxing properties, you’ll need to take a moderate to high dosage. A typical dose would be of 4-7 grams of regular powder. However, as we said above, it is important to start on a lower dose and increase it until you find its relaxing effect. But also consider that kratom tends to be energizing and euphoric at low doses. Some users report that they achieve this goal on doses as low as 2-3 grams. So, if this works for you, go for it.


How to Dose Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal?


Opiate withdrawal is one of the main reasons people take kratom. Dosing kratom for opiate withdrawal will depend greatly on your symptoms. Some users say that to get rid of opiate withdrawal symptoms, you should take kratom in low doses (2-3 grams) for a period of time until you stop feeling the urge to take opiates. On the other hand, there are users who say that they needed moderate doses of 5-6 grams of regular powder to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms.

Regarding the strain, it is also difficult to say which one works better to fight withdrawal symptoms. Consider that while red strains are more relaxing, white varieties tend to be more energetic and euphoric. So, in order to find the right type, you should choose the variety that is more specific for the symptom that you are finding more upsetting. Some people even mix two kratom varieties to help them combat the symptoms.

However, if you are considering using kratom for opiate withdrawal, take into account that you should start on a low dose and build your way up from there.


How to Dose Kratom for Insomnia?


Kratom sedating properties make it a choice among people who are looking to relieve insomnia. For this purpose, red varieties are the best, since they are more relaxing and even sedative.

In order to relieve insomnia, the typical dosages will be moderate to high. A typical dosage of kratom for insomnia will be around 4-5 grams of regular powder. But, like we already mentioned, it is best to start on a lower dose and increase from there as needed.


How to Dose Kratom for Energy?


Kratom belongs to the coffee family and, like coffee, it can be used to get an extra kick of energy in the mornings. In fact, many people use it for this purpose. In this case, the most recommended strains are the white varieties.

To use kratom for energy, it is recommended to take low dosages: 2-3 grams of regular powder. Although as we already stated, try starting on a lower dose and see if it works for you.

Finally, consider that each person is different, so kratom will work differently in each individual. So, always start on a very low dose until you find your desired effect.

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