How do People Use Kratom? Kratom Routines


If you are a kratom user, you probably have a routine that you follow every day. Maybe you toss and wash your dose in the morning to help you start your day, or maybe you prefer to drink a kratom tea before bed to help you sleep better. Maybe you use kratom for pain or perhaps you want to ease your anxiety with it. No matter what your kratom routine is, most definitely it’s different from other kratom users. Are you curious about how do people use kratom? In this article, we explore some of the most common kratom routines!


What Do People Use Kratom for?


As you know, kratom has many different properties and its effects vary depending on the dosage and strains. The main reasons why people use kratom are:

  • Alleviate chronic pain
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Elevate mood
  • Help them come off opioids
  • Achieve better sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Improve focus and motivation

Although some individuals use kratom just for one of the above purposes, most people use it to help them overcome several problems at the same time. For instance, many people who suffer from chronic pain use kratom not only to alleviate it but also to get extra energy. People who suffer from anxiety also want to achieve better sleep and elevate mood, etcetera.

In this Reddit thread, people like you explain the reasons why they use kratom. Most of them use them for the reasons explained above. Additionally, some people also find that kratom helps them with their social anxiety and others say that they perform better in their jobs since they use kratom.


How Do People Take Kratom?


If you are an experienced kratom user, you already know that the best way to take kratom is by ingesting it. As you know, Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom’s botanical name) contains powerful alkaloids that must be absorbed into your system for you to experience its effects. And the best way for your system to absorb the alkaloids is through your digestive tract.

There are some common ways to take kratom: the obnoxious toss and wash, drinking the kratom tea, mixing it with foods or beverages, taking kratom capsules. One of the biggest downsides to kratom is its taste, it does not taste well, in fact, it tastes really bad. So how do people take kratom? In this Reddit post, people explain their kratom routines regarding this matter. Some interesting highlights from users that have commented on this post are:

  • One user report that using capsules and hot drinks will cause the capsules to start melting in your throat, so they advise against it.
  • Others find that mixing kratom powder with hot water will make it taste better.
  • Another user puts cinnamon in his tea to cover the taste.
  • One user gives his or her recipe. Pour your kratom dose in a bowl and add lemon juice until you get a pasty liquid. Then, add some orange juice to cover the taste and drink it. They report it tastes good!
  • Another good advice is to shake kratom powder and not stir it when you mix it with liquid. The user reports that he mixes kratom and orange juice in a Tupperware snack container and shake it for a few seconds. This will prevent clumps from forming!

As you see, each person has their kratom routines when it comes to kratom ingestion.


What Are the Most Common Dosages?


Determining the right kratom dose for you is not always the easiest thing. As we always say, every person is different and will react differently to kratom. The best way to determine your kratom dose is by using low doses at first and building your way up until you find the right one for you. This process may take a while, and some find it hard. But it’s extremely important to follow this rule to avoid developing a tolerance or to experience undesirable effects.

In this Reddit thread, users discuss the lowest effective kratom dosage. Some users report positive results starting as low as 0.5 grams, others say that they need 5 grams to do the trick for them.

Most people agree on one thing: you should start as low as 0.5g and work your way up by increasing 0.5g per day. It may be difficult to find your sweet spot, but you shouldn’t rush it to avoid nausea and dizziness.


how do people use kratom

When Do People Use Kratom?


So, when do people use kratom? Do they take it in the mornings or at night? Do they do it once a day or do they dose every few hours? There is no general answer to this kratom routine. The answer to this question largely depends on the reason why each uses kratom. For example, if you are using kratom for energy it wouldn’t make sense to take your dose at night, and if you want to achieve better sleep, you wouldn’t want to take it in the morning.

In this Reddit post, people discuss their kratom routine regarding dosing frequency. Most people who use kratom for pain would dose it between 2-6 times a day. However, some people do it more often and others take it just once per day.


What Are the Most Popular Kratom Strains?


The market is full of kratom products, types, and strains. So, what are the most popular kratom types among users? The answer depends on two factors: the reason why people use kratom plus personal preference. So, let’s see some of the most popular kratom strains:

  • Pain relief: the red strains are the most popular kratom strains for pain, especially Red Bali. Red Borneo and Green Malay are also at the top.
  • Anxiety: The majority of people agree that red strains are the best for anxiety. Although some individuals have tried whites and it worked for them, most people think that these types will increase their anxiety.
  • Sleep: Again, the reds are the most popular for this purpose, especially red Bali and Red Borneo.
  • Opiate withdrawal: guess what? Reds are the preferred option for this purpose too. Although some people prefer green strains for their energizing effects.
  • Social anxiety: there is no consensus here. However, people seem to prefer yellow and green varieties for this purpose.
  • Energy and motivation: in this case, the white varieties are the preferred type for most individuals.

We are curious about you. What is your kratom routine? Let us know in the comment section below!