What is Blue Lotus?

What is blue lotus? It is the name commonly given to Nymphaea caerulea, a water lily native to Egypt. It is a beautiful plant, with flowers ranging from pale blue to mallow.

It is not difficult to find references to this flower in Ancient Egyptian art. In fact, it is common to see it in paintings, sculptures, and stone carvings. And that is because it was an important part of culture and religion in Ancient Egypt.

Since ancient times, blue lotus has been an ingredient to perfumes. Nowadays, because of its properties, it is also used in aromatherapy. But other than that, blue lotus has many other effects. And you can use it as a kratom alternative for many conditions. Lean what is blue lotus below.


What is Blue Lotus? History and Traditional Uses


So, what is blue lotus? According to Egyptian mythology, a blue lotus emerging from the waters at the creation of the world turn into the god Nefertem. Nefertem was the child representation of Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

Hence, it is no wonder that we can find many representations of this plant in the Ancient Egyptian culture. Nefertem, for instance, wore a blue lotus headdress. But we can find blue lotus in many other works. For instance, in the tomb of Tutankhamun, where several objects showed representations of the blue lotus. Also, the famous Book of the Dead mentioned this plant.

Egyptian priests used blue lotus to communicate with the gods. But people also took it as an aphrodisiac, a stimulant and a general tonic. They also thought that its alluring fragrance could create euphoria.

Also, there are references to blue lotus in Greek mythology. Homer in his Odyssey mentions some individuals known as the lotus-eaters. They were men who forgot all they cared about in their lives after trying a lotus, so delicious that they could not stop eating it. It is commonly thought that this lotus was no other than blue lotus.

Nowadays, blue lotus is almost extinct in the Nile. However, thanks to its popularity, many people are harvesting it all around the world. For instance, in India, Sri Lanka or Thailand it is not hard to find this plant, as many people grow it even for commercial use.

In fact, growing a blue lotus plant is quite easy. You can even grow it indoors.


What is Blue Lotus? Active Elements and Components


Blue lotus active elements include aporphine, nuciferine and apomorphine. But it also has metabolites such as anthocyanins, fatty acids, tannins, antioxidants and flavonoids, among other elements.

The alkaloids of blue lotus (aporphine, nuciferine and apomorphine) have psychoactive properties. In the case of aporphine, it is reported to be helpful to cope with anxiety. Furthermore, there are scientific studies that suggest that it could be potentially useful in fighting Parkinson’s disease. Apomorphine is a dopamine receptor that is also reported to be an ally against Parkinson’s. Nuciferine is also another dopamine receptor.

Due to its alkaloids, blue lotus is a powerful sedative. Many users even report that it also has hypnotic properties.


Uses and Effects


Now that you now what is blue lotus, let’s talk about its properties. Thanks to its active elements, blue lotus has many effects. You can use it for many issues and conditions, ranging from anxiety to erectile dysfunction. But also, you can use it just to feel good.


Blue lotus can create a very nice relaxing feeling that will help you cope with anxiety and stress. Many users praise its calming effects and the calm it brings to the mind. It can also produce sedation.


Because of its ability to bring about euphoria, blue lotus will help you alleviate the symptoms of depression. By using blue lotus, you will feel a deep sense of well-being that will allow you to ease your sadness, bad thoughts and negative feelings.

Social Life

Thanks to the feeling of well-being and euphoria that it brings, blue lotus can improve your social skills. It is indeed a great ally for socialization.


Blue lotus is a potent aphrodisiac thanks to its stimulant properties. Back in Ancient Egypt, people used this plant to enhance libido. But blue lotus is also an ally to treat erectile dysfunction, especially when it is due to depression.

Awareness and Spirituality

No doubt, this is one of the main benefits of blue lotus. It will help you achieve a higher awareness, physical, emotional and even spiritual. In fact, priests in the Ancient Egypt use this flower to contact their gods. You will be more aware of the things around you. But also, you will feel closer to your spiritual being. If you practice meditation, you can add blue lotus to your routine.

Memory and Concentration

Blue lotus can also help you enhance memory and concentration. By being more aware, your level of focus and your memory will also improve.

Lucid Dreams

In lucid dreams, the dreamer is aware of being dreaming. Many people try to have lucid dreams, but the process is far from easy. For instance, you will need to do reality checks during the day. Also, you must keep a dreams journal. And even set an alarm to wake up at least two hours before your usual awakening time. But if you are interested in having lucid dreams, blue lotus can help you achieve your goal thanks to its ability for enhancing awareness and consciousness.


We have already talked about it: blue lotus is a plant that brings about euphoria. Thus, it can help you achieve a fantastic state of well-being. Many people use blue lotus just to feel good and to get a feeling of happiness.

What is blue lotus infographic


What is Blue Lotus? How to Use?


You can find blue lotus in full flowers, powder or extracts. A common way of consuming it is by blending the flowers with wine and letting it soak for a few days (never more than a week). Then, they drink the wine with the plant.

Some people opt for a stronger drink (such as vodka or whiskey). But the advantage of wine is that it will not get you drunk easily. And that will allow you to drink larger quantities. On the other hand, if you are mixing your blue lotus with vodka, chances are you will get drunk more easily. Therefore, the amount of the mix you can drink is smaller. However, one advantage of strong alcohol is that the mix will have a longer life. On the other hand, if you are blending it with wine, you will need to consume it within a few days.

Another way of consuming blue lotus is by brewing it into a tea. Just boil the flower for 20 – 30 minutes and then let it cool before drinking it. Other people simply eat the flowers.

But you can also use blue lotus in aromatherapy. Its essential oil will provide you with a nice feeling of calm and peace.




The lowest dose of blue lotus is 5 grams. Doses lower than that will not produce any effects on you.

  • Low doses: 5 – 10 grams.
  • Moderate doses: 10 – 15 grams.
  • High doses: More than 15 grams.


Side Effects


Blue lotus’s side effects are commonly the result of high doses or of its combination with illegal drugs (such as cannabis) or medications such as painkillers or antidepressants. Therefore, be cautious with the dose and do not mix blue lotus with any substances that have psychoactive properties.

Blue lotus side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations

Legal Status and Where to Buy


While blue lotus is legal in almost the whole world, it is banned in Russia, Latvia, and Poland. In these countries, its mere possession could mean a penalty from a fine to 15 years in prison.

In America, blue lotus is legal, but it is not approved for human consumption.

Since blue lotus is not a controlled substance, you can buy it in many places, from Amazon to kratom vendors. In any case, we recommend you look for a reliable vendor. Thus, you will make sure you are buying a top-quality product.