The Toss and Wash Method


The kratom tree grows naturally in the rainforests of certain regions of Southeast Asia. The native cultures of these regions have used kratom for many generations, by chewing its leaves to experience its properties. But this is not the usual method of intake in the Western world. In our part of the world, kratom is usually found in raw leaf, powder, capsule or resin format.

Ingesting kratom is the most effective way of consumption. But there are different methods of ingesting it:

We will explain how to toss and wash kratom in this article and see how this compares to other methods.


What Does Toss and Wash Mean?


Toss and wash is probably the most popular way of consumption. It is as simple as scooping a spoonful of kratom powder into your mouth and then drink a big glass of water to wash it down your throat.

This method is quick, easy and effective, as the kratom will be absorbed faster into your system through your stomach. Nevertheless, this method has its own technique and requires a bit of practice.


How to Toss and Wash Kratom


Although the toss and wash method is quick and one of the most effective ways of intake, not all kratom users like it. In fact, many people just can’t handle the taste and smell. Some even feel nausea when trying this method. Also, in the event that the powder hits the back of the throat, it can cause coughing or gagging, which is very uncomfortable. This is why is crucial to do it properly in order to minimize or avoid the discomfort that this method can cause. The good news is that tossing and washing kratom becomes easier with practice and it’s a method of choice for those who overcome the first uncomfortable attempts.


How do you toss and wash kratom?


toss and wash method

First, you’ll need to have a glass of water or juice at hand to wash the kratom down your throat later. Don’t use any carbonated drink, as the bubbles can be unpleasant when using this technique.

Secondly, you’ll need to put your kratom powder in a spoon. Don’t just take a spoonful from your package, you need to measure your dosage first. The ideal dose would be the same that you would use when taking kratom capsules or when mixing it with applesauce.

Then, scoop the previously measured kratom powder into your mouth. You will notice that the powder will stick to your tongue and mouth but try not inhaling. If you inhale, there is a risk that some powder particles hit the back of your throat, which can end up in coughing or gagging.

Quickly after this, pour the water or juice into your mouth, but don’t swallow immediately. Before swallowing, swish the water around your mouth to mix it well with the powder before washing it down your throat.

Finally, you may want to take another glass of liquid and repeat the last step to help swallow any powder that may still be left in your mouth.

If you are new to kratom toss and wash, you may consider dividing your dosage into two to make it easier to swallow.


Kratom Toss and Wash Vs. Other Methods


Kratom Tea


drinking kratom teaThe advantage of kratom tea vs. kratom toss and wash is that is “easier to swallow”. When drinking kratom tea, you won’t experience the stickiness of kratom powder in your mouth. Also, you can mix kratom tea with citric or sweeteners to mask kratom’s taste a bit. Although, many kratom users say that disguising kratom’s bitterness is not as easy as it seems and find kratom tea’s taste unpleasant.

On the other hand, when drinking kratom tea, not all the alkaloids present in kratom will be absorbed by the system. The reason for this is that not all the alkaloids will properly transfer into the water when boiling kratom powder and some of them will be left behind. Consequently, with the toss and wash method, the effects will be a bit stronger.


Kratom Capsules


kratom capsulesAs stated, many users find the toss and wash method a bit obnoxious due to the bitterness of kratom. It is obvious that you won’t experience kratom powder’s bitter taste when taking kratom capsules.

Nevertheless, there are some benefits to kratom toss and wash. The most important would be that the effects will kick in faster than when taking kratom capsules. The reason is that the stomach would need to dissolve the gelatin capsules before being able to properly absorb kratom’s alkaloids into the system. This process could take a while. With the toss and wash method, the kratom powder will go straight into your stomach with no “intermediary”.


Kratom Powder Mixed with Sweet Foods


kratom with applesauceDue to its taste, many people choose to mix kratom powder with sweet foods to disguise it. The most popular food that people use to mask kratom’s bitterness is probably applesauce. Hence, the obvious advantage to this method would be that it tastes better (especially if we compare it to toss and wash).

But, the bigger disadvantage of mixing kratom with foods is that the effects will take longer to be felt. Nevertheless, for those prone to nausea, mixing kratom powder with applesauce will minimize the problem.


The Toss and Wash Method: Conclusion


In conclusion, the toss and wash method is probably the most popular and effective methods of consumption. Although it takes a bit of practice to perfect the technique and not everyone finds it very “nice” to perform.

In the end, it’s just a matter of taste, and every person will prefer a different method. What’s yours? What is your experience with toss and wash?




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