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Thanks to its great benefits and properties, kratom has gained a lot of popularity in Western countries. The number of kratom users grows everyday, and also the number of people who want to try kratom. Also, this growth of popularity has brought up a huge amount of kratom vendors who sell this southeastern Asian tree and way too often it is hard for consumers to find reliable kratom vendors who sell high quality product and not a low quality kratom or even no kratom at all.

Most of the kratom vendors are honest, reliable sellers eager to offer the best kratom products to their consumers. Unfortunately, there are also dodgy vendors out there who are selling poor quality kratom or even worse, fake kratom (that is, products which are not kratom but are labeled and sold as real kratom).

In this post, you will find some tips that will help you find the top kratom vendors and get the best for your money.




Search for Reviews on the Internet


As the number of kratom enthusiasts grows, so does the number of sites dedicated to kratom. Just by doing a quick search on Google, you will find lots of sites or forums with information about kratom. Ranging from recommendations about the dosage to the uses of the different kratom strains and kratom tea recipe, all that information is available online. And yes, you will also find reviews about kratom sellers written by real consumers. Even if you have queries about a particular vendor, you can ask in any forum dedicated to kratom.


Check the Vendor’s Site


Paying close attention to the vendor’s site can provide useful information on that vendor’s reliability. Let’s be honest, sometimes you can determine that a site is not reliable just for the very first impression. Some websites show a look that is not entirely trustworthy.


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But the site’s appearance is not the only factor to consider. You must check if the seller has a return policy and how it works. You also should check the shipment costs and if it ships to your location; if you live in a region where kratom is not legal and a seller claims to send kratom to your place, watch out! Reliable kratom vendors will not send kratom to places where kratom is not legal. A kratom seller that offers to ship kratom to countries or states where kratom is banned should not be trusted: they might take your money without sending you anything, or they will provide you with a product that is not kratom.

Another thing you must look for in a kratom vendor website is a reliable customer service. You can write to them in order to check how their customer service works.

On the other hand, if you are buying kratom from a shop for the first time, it is better to buy a small amount to test its quality. If you like it, you can order larger amounts in your next orders.


Check the Kratom Price


Compare prices between different kratom sellers. Bear in mind that the product potency will affect its price: the more potent, the more expensive. Therefore, kratom extracts and enhanced kratom products will be more expensive than regular raw kratom.

If you find sellers that are charging prices too high for kratom products that are usually cheaper, or the contrary, too low prices for high quality products, you better keep looking for a better, more reliable kratom vendor.



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  1. Which brands have been proven to be “adulterated”?
    I’m reading a lot of reports about this. But without specific brands it looks like another negativity campaign against Kratom. I use kratom regularly to relieve chronic pain I’ve had for 20 years. Previously I was taking methadone in pain management. Now I’m off methadone and I’m afraid certain a*holes are trying to take it away.

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