How to Use Oblate Discs to Take Kratom


There’s no doubt that kratom’s popularity has raised in recent years in the US. Today, many people use the plant to alleviate many conditions and users swear by its effectiveness. Since the kratom community is becoming bigger, many users come up with new ideas to take the powder. In this article, we’ll show you a new method to take kratom that is becoming popular among some individuals. So, keep reading to learn how to use oblate discs to take kratom.


Popular Ways to Take Kratom


Regarding kratom’s method of consumption, there is no “best way” to take kratom, as this will depend on the user’s preference. However, there are some popular methods of consumption that we’ll explain below:

  1. Kratom tea: this is probably the most popular way of consumption, as it has many advantages. Preparing a tea with your kratom powder dose will help you get rid of possible contaminants, as you’ll use heat to make it. On the other hand, it is believed that this method of consumption might help properly extract the alkaloids present in the leaves, which are responsible for kratom’s effects.
  2. Kratom capsules: this is another popular method of consumption, as it is very convenient. However, this format makes it harder to measure the proper dose. On the other hand, not all vendors offer this format.
  3. Toss and wash: although this is a common way to take kratom among experienced users, it is not recommended if you are a newbie. The reason for this is that kratom has a very bitter taste that some people can’t endure. Additionally, some users report that using this way can cause stomach nausea.

Although the above methods are the most common ways to take kratom, recently some users have found other ways that can be very convenient. One of those methods is using oblate discs. Keep reading to learn how to use oblate discs to take kratom below.


What Are Oblate Discs?


Like many other things, oblate discs come from Japan. The Spanish chef Ferrán Adrià made them popular when he started using them in his Michelin awarded restaurant, El Bulli.

Basically, they are edible thin semi-transparent discs made of potato starch. Moreover, they don’t have any flavor, for this reason, they can be used to prepare a variety of foods without affecting the taste.

Lately, they are becoming somehow popular among kratom users, thanks to their versatility. In fact, some users are starting to use oblate discs as substitutes to capsules.


a handful of green capsules


How to Use Oblate Discs to Take Kratom?


Like capsules, one of the advantages of using oblate discs to take kratom powder is that you won’t be able to notice its taste. This is a great advantage considering that many individuals can’t cope with the bitter and earthy flavor of the plant.

Using oblate discs to take your kratom dose is easy. You’ll just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Take a disc and place your kratom dose inside.
  2. Then, carefully fold it up.
  3. Drop the disc in a glass of water. You’ll notice that the disc will seal.
  4. Finally, swallow the disc with water. You can drink the water where you have previously dropped the disc to shoot it down.

One of the advantages of this method is that oblate discs are easier to digest than capsules, so you’ll be able to notice kratom effects as fast as when you use the toss and wash method.


What Is Kratom Used For?


If you are a kratom newbie, maybe you are not aware of what kratom is typically used for. In its regions of origin, kratom was traditionally used to get extra energy to get through long working days. So, it was mainly used by manual laborers. After the plant arrived the Western countries, many individuals use it to alleviate a variety of conditions, including:

  1. Energy and motivation: like in its areas of origin, some users take kratom in the morning to get extra energy and motivation.
  2. Pain relief: this is, probably, one of the most extended uses of kratom. People who are dealing with chronic pain use the plant to help them ease the pain, without the drowsiness that opioid medications cause.
  3. Opiate withdrawal: this is also another popular use of kratom. In fact, many users report that kratom has helped them relieve the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and overcome their addiction.
  4. Anxiety and stress: Finally, kratom can help relieve anxiety and stress. Additionally, other users take kratom at night to help them get better sleep.

How about you? What is your favorite method of consumption? Have you tried a different method that you want us to know about? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I know this sounds super strange but take 1 square of 1 ply toilet paper and put about 1-2 grams in the middle then roll it up, fold and rip off sides/excess… then take as if taking a pill ?

  2. Lol I used to do toilet paper too.. but I take a lot more than 1-2 grams.. more like 6-7.
    Unfortunately TP broke on me too many times, scaring the shit outta me.

    Recently tried Blate Papes brand from the USA. Their oblates are muuuuuch easier IMO

  3. Eating this much powdered herb with no anti bonding agents (like Husk fiber has) is STUPID. You are creating dry spots in your throat and stomach AND putting yourself at risk of choking.

    Please remove this article as it does NOTHING but hurt Kratom itself.

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