Kratom Alternatives: Mitragyna Hirsuta


As you can guess, Mitragyna hirsuta is a relative of Mitragyna speciosa (kratom). Just like kratom, you can use Mitragyna hirsuta for several issues, such as pain, anxiety or opiate withdrawal. In this post, you will learn about the benefits of this kratom alternative and how to use it.


What Is Mitragyna Hirsuta?


Mitragyna hirsuta is native to Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam, where it is known as “kra thum khok”. It is a tall tree in the Rubiaceae family, just like coffee or kratom. In fact, you will also find that kra thum khok (M. hirsuta) is kratom’s cousin.

Native people from these regions chew or boil in water the leaves of kra thum khok as a remedy for musculoskeletal pain.

Nowadays, the popularity of Mitragyna hirsuta is growing thanks to its properties and to its similarities with kratom. Also, M. hirsuta is completely legal in most parts of the world (except for Thailand, where it is banned). So, if you are living in a state where kratom is banned, you can try this alternative.


Mitragyna Hirsuta Active Compound: Mitraphylline


Mitragyna hirsuta does not have neither mitragynine nor 7-hydroxymitragynine, kratom’s most potent alkaloids. The main alkaloid of this substance is mitraphylline, which is also one of M. speciosa’s elements. Mitraphylline binds to the mu and delta opiate receptors in our brain, and that is how kra thum khok becomes helpful and brings about its beneficial effects.


Uses and Effects of Mitragyna Hirsuta


Kratom and M. hirsuta are quite similar, even if the effects of the latter are milder. That occurs because their active elements bind to the opioid receptors in your brain, and as a result, they both can bring about some of the effects of opiates. But neither kratom nor Mitragyna hirsuta are opiates.

Thanks to mitraphylline, Mitragyna hirsuta can produce the following effects:

  • Energy and stimulation: At low doses, Mitragyna hirsuta will provide you with an energy booster.
  • Euphoria: Just like kratom, you can achieve euphoria by ingesting M. hirsuta.
  • Anxiety relief: Mitragyna hirsuta is a good remedy if you are suffering from anxiety. Its soothing, relaxing properties will be very helpful if you are experiencing anxiety. And it can be also useful for moments of stress.
  • Alleviate depression: Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a cure for depression. Kratom, antidepressants, and other substances, such as Mitragyna hirsuta, can only alleviate or cover its symptoms. But they cannot cure depression. Even so, the euphoria that kra thum khok creates can be very helpful if you are suffering from depression.
  • Pain relief: Yes, Mitragyna hirsuta is also a natural remedy for pain conditions. In fact, one of its traditional uses was for treating pain. Indigenous people from Thailand or Cambodia used to chew the hirsuta leaves to alleviate pain.
  • Cope with opiate withdrawal: Kratom is commonly used for coping with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. However, there are many people who cannot use kratom because it is not available where they live. For these people, Mitragyna hirsuta can be a very good alternative that can help them cope with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

But Mitragyna hirsuta can also balance your blood pressure or improve concentration. And it also has antioxidant properties.


Mitragyna Hirsuta Dosage


The effects of Mitragyna hirsuta will vary depending on the dosage. In this sense, M. hirsuta is again similar to kratom. Low doses will bring about energizing, stimulant effects, while high doses will produce more sedative, relaxing effects.

However, since Mitragyna hirsuta effects are milder than kratom’s, the doses you need will be higher. Below you can see a Mitragyna hirsuta dosage chart:

  • Low and starting doses: 4 – 5 grams
  • Moderate doses: 15 – 20 grams
  • High doses: Over 20 grams

If you are new to Mitragyna hirsuta, it is recommendable you start with a dosage of 4 grams. In fact, that is a very common dosage also for more expert users.


Facts about Mitragyna Hirsuta - Infographic


Side Effects of Mitragyna Hirsuta


In most cases, the side effects of M. hirsuta are due to high doses. The most common side effects of this herb are:

  • Sleepiness
  • Drowsiness
  • Mental laziness

In some cases, it can also produce the typical side effects of kratom (such as nausea, constipation, stomach upset). Nonetheless, as hirsuta’s effects are milder than kratom, so are its side effects.

Very high doses of Mitragyna hirsuta could also produce hallucinations, respiratory issues or tachycardia. Therefore, you must be careful with the dose.


How to Take Mitragyna Hirsuta


The traditional way of ingesting this plant is by chewing its leaves. But that is something you will not be able to do unless you have your own tree. Otherwise, you will need to find other ways to consume it. And that is because you can only find this plant in powder form (made from the dried leaves), pills or tincture. In fact, tincture is not that easy to find.

The most common ways of consuming kra thum khok are:

  • Brewed in a tea
  • Pills
  • Toss n’ wash
  • Added to juices, smoothies, sauces


Where Can You Buy It?


Mitragyna hirsuta is legal in America. However, it is not so easy to find as other kratom alternatives (such as kanna or kava). But if you want to buy kanna, you will find that many kratom vendors are selling this product. Thus, if you are already using kratom, maybe you can buy Mitragyna hirsuta from your favorite vendor.

If you have never bought kratom and do not know where to start, we recommend you look for reviews. You can find vendors reviews in Trustpilot or Reddit.

Now that you have learned some facts about Mitragyna hirsuta, would you like to try it?

If you have already used this natural remedy, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below!