How to Store Kratom


After buying a large amount of kratom, you’ve probably noticed that after a few days, the product is not as effective as when you first opened the bag or that the remaining kratom tastes or smells different than when you first enjoyed it. The reason for this could be that you are not storing kratom in a proper manner. Kratom is a natural herb, and as such, it degrades over time, losing its effects and benefits, so it is crucial to store it properly to keep it fresh and potent. We’ll learn in this post how to store kratom properly.

The good news is that storing kratom in a proper way is easy, it doesn’t take much time and you can keep it fresh and undegraded at home without much effort. You’ll just need a hermetic container and store it in a cool, dry and dark place. But also, there are some other facts that you need to consider before storing your kratom at home.

Keep reading to find some useful tips on how to properly store your kratom so you can enjoy it fresh and experience its effects every time.


1. Keep your kratom away from heat


store your kratom away from heatHeat can deteriorate kratom very rapidly as hot conditions may result in the herb absorbing humidity. To avoid kratom degradation and keeping its properties intact, always keep your kratom away from any source of heat, such as direct sunlight, as well as ovens, cookers or any other electrical appliances or devices that generate high temperatures.

Is it a good idea to storage kratom in the fridge or freezer?

Definitely yes. But before putting your kratom in the fridge or freezer you should follow this easy steps:

  1. Put your kratom in a sealed plastic bag.
  2. Try removing as much air from the bag as possible. You can use a vacuum sealing device. If you don’t have one, you may try to remove as much air as you can by sucking it out using a straw.
  3. Use a plastic bag that closes with a zipper, close the bag leaving a small opening to insert the straw and try sucking the air out without touching the kratom inside the bag. When you think you have removed all air possible, simply remove the straw and close the bag quickly to prevent air getting back inside.
  4. Place the bags inside an opaque plastic container before placing it into the fridge or freezer to keep it away from the light.

When you are ready to use your kratom, let it sit for a while inside the bag out of the fridge or freezer and open it only when it reaches room temperature. Allow it to sit for a few hours, this will minimize the risk of condensation.


2. Keep your kratom away from humidity


It is vital that you keep your kratom leaves and powder in a dry place and away from humidity to prevent degradation and staleness. Humidity can spoil a full batch of kratom immediately as kratom leaves absorb moisture from the air very rapidly. Keep in mind that any source of humidity, such as boiling water or dishwasher vents can affect your kratom leaves or powder.

Placing your kratom inside airtight plastic bags can prevent your kratom from absorbing humidity.


3. Keep your kratom free from oxygen


Kratom leaves will oxidize with time while in contact with oxygen. To minimize oxidation, it is a good idea to vacuum seal the bags where you store your kratom. You may also try using oxygen absorbing bags. O2 absorbing bags contain iron and salt. After vacuum sealing the O2 absorbing bags, any oxygen remaining inside will oxidize the iron. You must consider that you should only use O2 absorbing bags if you want to storage your kratom for a long period of time, as opening and closing the bag will allow oxygen to get back inside making it useless.

Kratom can also be placed in hermetic containers, although this can be an option, you must consider that hermetic doesn’t mean air-free, and some air will be always present inside it.


4. Keep your kratom away from strong odors


Kratom takes up the smell of its surroundings or anything that is placed next to it. You should store your kratom away from strong odors. There are certain containers that may help you achieve this (i.e.: some wood containers, hermetic tins with rubber seals and some synthetic packages).


5. Keep your kratom away from light


As stated above, kratom should be stored in an opaque plastic container to prevent light from getting in. UV light will deteriorate kratom leaves and powder fast. If you choose to use a glass or see-through container, remember to place it in a dark place away from any direct sunlight or source of UV light.


6. Store your kratom in bulk


The best thing to do to keep kratom as fresh and potent as the first day is to fill up the container you use until it’s totally packed. In order to do this, fill your container to the top, shake it to allow the kratom to settle and fill it again with more kratom until there is no room for more. This will prevent too much oxygen to enter the container and will also help keep away the odor of the environment.


how to store kratom


How to Store Kratom: Tea


How long can you keep kratom tea in the fridge? If store properly, kratom tea will stay fresh for up to 3 to 5 days. To maintain its properties, kratom tea must be stored in a very cold fridge. If you need to lower your fridge temperature, do so. Also, try keeping it in a closed bottle or can. Never take kratom tea that has been kept for longer than 7 days, even if it has been kept refrigerated. The reason for this is that kratom can create bacteria that may be harmful to you. Always re-boil your kratom tea if it’s older than 2 days.


How to Store Kratom: Materials


  • Try using opaque containers.
  • Make sure your containers are food safe.
  • When using wood containers, make sure that their scent won’t impact the kratom’s flavor.
  • The best containers are those made of ceramic, non-reactive metals and non-leaching plastic.
  • Choose multi-ply bags with an interior layer of foil or glassine to protect your kratom from being contaminated by air, moisture or oil.
  • Avoid zip-lock bags as they expose your kratom to light, oxygen, and odors.

containers to store kratom


How to Store Kratom: Containers


You need a container with a strong seal. Containers that can keep water should be able to protect kratom. Some choices are:

  • Multi-ply bags with resealable zippers.
  • Metal tins with double lids.
  • Containers with odorless silicone seals.


Other Tips on Kratom Storage


  • Don’t keep your kratom in the original package from your vendor after you open it. Consider spending some money in a good container to keep your kratom fresh and potent. This will save you money in the long run.
  • Don’t buy kratom in big batches to prevent deterioration.
  • Open only the amount that you will consume within 2 months.

If you have any other suggestions that work for you on how to store kratom, please leave a comment below!