Kratom For RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)


Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, has many properties and effects, including relaxing, analgesic and stimulating. But this ancient plant has other uses that not many people know about. One of them is that it can help ease RLS or restless legs syndrome. In fact, individuals who suffer from this condition have reported that kratom has helped them relieve this unpleasant condition. So, if you wonder how kratom for RLS work, keep reading below and find out.


What Is RLS?


The restless legs syndrome or Willis-Ekbom disease is a neurological condition. People who suffer from it will experience unpleasant sensations, including, itching, burning, tension, etc in their legs, urging them to move them to try and ease those feelings. Although the condition typically appears on the legs, some people also experience this condition on their feet and arms.

RLS typically happens at night or after being seated for a long time. For this reason, it can provoke other problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, confusion, and fogginess.

RLS has no cure and it’s a progressive and chronic disease. In the beginning, its symptoms can be alleviated by doing some lifestyle changes, including:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes
  • Practicing muscle relaxation techniques before going to bed

However, since the condition is progressive, its symptoms must be treated with prescription medicines when they aggravate. Some of the medicines used to treat it include medicines that increase dopamine in the brain, opioids, muscle relaxants, and sleep medications.


Kratom for RLS


Like with any other conditions, there is no scientific research on kratom for RLS (restless legs syndrome). However, people who have tried kratom for RLS swear by it. But, how kratom for RLS may help?

Since kratom act on the opioid receptors of the brain and thanks to its relaxing properties, it might be a good choice to ease RLS. Additionally, kratom can help achieve good sleep.

Regarding the type and dosage, users report that red vein Borneo may be a good option of kratom for RLS. They also say that a small dosage of 1gr 4 or 5 times a day would help. Others mention that 2-3 grams before bedtime helps too. However, if you plan to try kratom for RLS consider that everybody is different. So, it is recommended to start always on the lower possible dose and start building up until you find your desired effects. Remember not to overdo it to avoid developing tolerance.


kratom for RLS


What to Look for When Buying Kratom?


If you are looking for kratom for RLS information, you are probably new to kratom. So, if you plan to buy kratom for the first time, that you do plenty of research to find a reliable vendor. See some tips to buy kratom below:

  • Find a reliable vendor: look at their website and ask yourself: does it look professional? Do they have a refunds policy? Do they have customer service?
  • Don’t buy from eBay or vendors who don’t have contact details
  • Research and look at product and vendor reviews
  • Do plenty of research before buying. Finding the right kratom type is not always easy, so researching into the properties of each product is always a good idea
  • Don’t trust products that seem too cheap. Due to the current situation, importing kratom is costly. For this reason, too affordable prices should make you suspect of the quality of the product.

And finally, always use your common sense. If a website looks shady, it probably is. There are plenty of kratom vendors who have been established for a few years that are reliable and helpful.


How to Take Kratom?


There is no better or worse way to take kratom, the best method will largely depend on your personal preference. If you are a kratom newbie, the first thing you should know is that the plant doesn’t have a pleasant taste. So, you should choose a method that will make it easier to cope with, at least until you get used to it.

Typically, to experience kratom effects, the powdered leaves of the plant must be ingested. Don’t attempt any other ways to take kratom, as they will be less effective or even dangerous. Let’s see the most popular ways to ingest kratom:

  1. You can place your kratom powder dose in a spoon and swallow it accompanied with water or juice. This is commonly known as the toss and wash method. This is not recommended to people who are not used to kratom, as it can be hard to perform.
  2. Prepare a tea with your powder dose. Put water in a pot and heat it (not boil it) and add your kratom powder dose to it until it’s more or less dissolved. Then drink it. If you find the taste too unpleasant, you can add sweeteners like sugar, honey or maple syrup.
  3. Take kratom capsules. Although it is a convenient way to take kratom, it is not easy to measure your dosage. But the good thing is that you can make your own capsules at home, this way you’ll know exactly the amount that you are taking.

Finally, remember to always measure your dose properly. It is very important not to go above the dose that works for you to avoid kratom tolerance.

6 Replies to “Kratom For RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)

  1. After suffering 30 years with RLS, this has completely relieved my symptoms. I take it an hour before bedtime so when I do get ready to sleep I wont even have to worry about any of the RLS symptoms at all. Everyone’s different but this has been life changing for me. FYI i use the red strains. One teaspoon each night. Sometimes if my RLS wake me up in the middle of night, I’ll take about half teaspoon to finish out my sleep. My only fear now is that it will be banned in my city/state. But for now its still legal and has been such a blessing to my quality of life. Wish i had found it sooner.

  2. I have suffered from severe RLS for the last 10 years. Started to lose my shit…. Couldn’t even watch a movie In the middle of the day. My girlfriend would fall asleep and I would toss and turn alllllllll night. Hell on earth literally. Finally I remembered hearing about Kratom helping people get off opiates by allowing people to sleep when they were kicking.. So I bought some and I slept sooooo good the first night.. 7 months later, taking it every night… Changed my life. I’ve abused heroin, oxycontin, fentynal for 10 years… Been sober since 2010… I’ve been through the worst withdrawals… But you know. RLS was the absolute worst part…. Yes you can have withdrawl symptoms mildly similar to opiates but I don’t care because I never have to deal with RLS again as long as I have kratom. Yes my thoughts are all over the place but my main point is I wouldn’t wish RLS on my worst enemy. Kratom has solved my problem

  3. I’ve dealt with RLS since I can remember back to 4 years old. Im 38 now and still suffer from it. I’ve abused fentayl and roxicodone for years. I feel the pain of withdrawal constantly. The fentanyl was the worst. Im new to kratom. Just took my first dose. Hopefully it really does relieve my symptoms.

  4. I so totally agree with Matt. I wouldn’t wish RLS on my own worst enemy is absolute pure torture. Ive abused opiates for years. Same thing mainly roxicodone and most recently fentanyl. Fet withdrawal is by far the worst for RLS that I’ve ever experienced. I took kratom for withdrawals when only using roxicodone and it was a life saver. Hoping kratom will save my life once again. Kratom helps all other withdrawal symptoms as well. Being that fentanyl is so powerful I’m thinking I’ll need a higher dose of kratom. But so far 3 grams in and already feeling a little better. Just took 2 more grams. Hoping I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

  5. Im only on day two, but after relying on ropinerole (Requip) for relief every night for over a year, I did not even THINK to take it the last two nights after taking a small dose of kratom that afternoon!
    This is crazy. I researched and bought some kratom for chronic (OA) pain, not even thinking of my increasingly bad RLS, but lo and behold, I had ZERO symptoms the two nights after I took kratom that day. Could this be the silver bullet to RLS? Sure looks that way at the moment for me, but will have to be careful not to over-use, skipping days and doing some trial and error. But for now I am incredibly hopeful, as I have not had a full “good day” in ages without the horrible symptoms until now.
    Crazier still, I used a small (1 gram) dose of Green Maeng Da (a more stimulating strain). Took a little while to fall sleep bc I took some in the afternoon (kratom lasts a long time!), but waiting COMFORTABLY for sleep was actually a pleasure I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Hoping this was not an anomaly, and after reading this article I am more hopeful than ever! Looking forward to bedtime tonight with fingers crossed it will be another good one. (I got a sampler pack and this time will try the more sedating kratom).

  6. I am 70 and have suffered terribly with Restless Leg since I was 40. When it began, there was nothing known to take to relieve this horror. Every night was a horrible experience, walking the floors half the night because that was all I could do for relief. The only way I can describe the sensation is that it feels like millions of ants crawling inside my legs. Nothing could possibly be any worse. I finally found a doctor who prescribed different meds for it over the years. They usually worked for awhile then stopped working. I finally found out somehow that KRATOM helps a lot of us. That was about 10 years ago and I finally have found complete relief with KRATOM. Nothing else has ever worked as good as this. I found a trustworthy online vendor and I have been taking 4 capsules of red strained KRATOM every night about 4 hours before bedtime. I have never needed to change this dosage except on the very rare nights when I need to take another dose. But this only happens about 3 times a year. KRATOM has saved my sanity.

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