Yellow Strain Kratom


Most kratom fans are familiar with the three main types: white vein kratom, red vein kratom, and green vein kratom. But there is a relatively new variety: yellow strain kratom. Yellow kratom can come in a number of sub-types, from yellow Indonesian kratom and yellow Malaysian kratom to yellow vein Maeng da kratom. The effects of yellow strain kratom are fairly unique. However, this kratom strain is still quite difficult to find in the Western world.


What is Yellow Strain Kratom?


Since this type of kratom is relatively new, information is somewhat limited. But according to some Southeast Asian-based sources, yellow vein kratom does not actually grow with a yellow vein and stem. Instead, the yellow color may be due to two different factors: fermentation or immature leaves.


yellow strain kratom

In the case of fermentation, the leaf is harvested, processed and dried using a very specific technique. Notably, yellow vein kratom can be made from white vein, green vein or red vein kratom leaves. As a result, this particular variety can deliver a vast array of effects to the user.

Furthermore, the effects are generally more potent than its non-fermented counterpart.

In other cases, yellow vein kratom can refer to the immature leaves of a variety of white vein kratom, usually Maeng Da. According to anecdotal evidence from users who have tried yellow vein Maeng Da kratom, its stimulant effects are much more intense than a typical white vein.


Yellow Strain Kratom Vs. Yellow Kratom Powder


When discussing kratom strains and varieties, it is important to differentiate between yellow strain kratom and yellow kratom powder. They are not the same thing!

Kratom leaf powder comes in many different colors, and the color of the powder is often different from the vein color. Colors can range from reddish and brown tones to yellow-brown, yellow-green, bright green and deep green.

Hence, a yellow kratom powder may not necessarily be yellow strain kratom. So, if you want to buy yellow strain kratom, make sure the product’s name is “yellow Indonesian kratom” or “yellow Maeng Da kratom,” for instance. Do not assume that a yellow kratom powder is yellow vein kratom.


Kratom Strains and Color


To fully understand yellow strain kratom (or yellow vein kratom), it is important to understand the classification of kratom.

A member of the coffee tree family, kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) has many strains and varieties, each of which with its own unique effects. Kratom’s effects can range from sedative and relaxing, to energy-boosting and euphoric. Many varieties also offer pain relief, help with insomnia and promote mental clarity. The dosage and kratom strain have a major impact on the effects you experience.


yellow strain kratom


This variation in effects is, in large part, due to the location where kratom originates. Southeast Asia comprises many islands, spread over a large geographic region. When an organism grows in an isolated ecosystem, it can evolve in a unique manner. While the same plant growing in another location, with different conditions and climate, can evolve in a different manner. Southeast Asia has many microclimates and each island has different environmental conditions. Due to these factors, there are three kratom vein types (white, green and red), depending on the color of the vein and stem of the leaf. But also, there are many additional kratom strains, which are usually named after the location where the strain originated or traded.

There main four locations from which kratom come from are Bali/Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Each location is usually associated with certain qualities and effects.


Yellow Strain Kratom: Classification


Since yellow strain kratom can be made from red, green or white vein kratom, its effects will vary significantly depending upon the variety you have chosen. Due to the production process, yellow kratom tends to be more potent than other varieties.

There are three ways of classifying the different kratom strains:

  • Fast kratom strain: These kratom strains are very stimulant. They promote energy, euphoria, mental clarity and improve your social skills. White vein kratom usually falls into the “fast” category. Thai kratom strains are usually fast.
  • Slow kratom strain: They have analgesic and sedative effects. Hence, slow kratom is very effective in treating pain, insomnia or anxiety. Red vein kratom usually falls into the “slow” category. Borneo/Bali and Indonesian kratom strains usually fall in this category
  • Moderate kratom strain: This kratom strain falls somewhere between fast and slow. Generally, moderate kratom strains offer a balanced range of effects, that can go from euphoric and energetic at lower dosages, to sedative and relaxing at higher doses. Green vein kratom usually falls into the “moderate” range. Typical moderate strains: Indonesian and Malaysian.

Yellow strain kratom usually falls into the “moderate” or “fast” category, but this may vary depending on the kratom strain. The effects of Yellow Maeng Da kratom may be intensely fast, while yellow Malaysian kratom may be much more moderate. Yellow Indonesian kratom may be a bit slower than the Malaysian variety.


Effects of Yellow Strain Kratom


Since yellow kratom is quite rare, it is not easy to find an “official guide”, so to speak, about its effects. However, according to anecdotal evidence and user reviews, it is possible to establish the following effects per strain:

  • Yellow Vein Maeng Da Kratom: Its effects are very stimulant and energizing. It is also excellent for achieving euphoria and promoting mental clarity.
  • Borneo Yellow Vein Kratom: According to anecdotal evidence, the effects of Borneo yellow vein kratom fall between moderate and slow. While its effects are sedative like those of red kratom, they are also long-lasting, as it happens with green kratom strains.
  • Yellow Indonesian Kratom: Also known as Yellow Indo Kratom, this variety is known for its long-lasting effects, which offers a unique blend of focus, energy, relaxation and anxiety relief. It is a very moderate type of kratom.
  • Yellow Malaysian Kratom: Users describe this variety as relaxing and euphoric at the same time.


Side Effects of Yellow Kratom Strain


When you consume yellow kratom, you must take the same precautions as with any other kratom type. Yellow kratom strains can produce the same side effects as kratom. That is, dizziness, eye wobbles, constipation or nausea. In many cases, these unpleasant side effects are a result of high doses or a prolonged use. Therefore, you must be cautious when consuming yellow kratom.

Because yellow kratom strains are more potent than regular kratom strains, you should lower your doses to avoid experiencing kratom side effects. Its effects are also longer-lasting. This is something you should consider before taking yellow kratom, as it could affect your perception or your mood. Do not drive if you have consumed yellow kratom (or any other type of kratom at all) and avoid taking important decisions.


Where Can I Buy Yellow Kratom?


Yellow kratom strain is difficult to find, and surely many kratom users would like to give it a try. If you want to buy yellow kratom, make sure you buy it from a reliable vendor. That is the only way to guarantee you are getting a high-quality product. Unfortunately, there are dishonest individuals out there who are selling bad-quality kratom or even fake kratom that can be ineffective or, in the worst of cases, turn out damaging to your health.

And you, have you ever tried yellow kratom strain? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section!