Why You Should Try Different Kratom Strains

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using different kratom strains. Why do kratom experts and long-time users recommend rotating your kratom strains? Rotating kratom strains can help you prevent kratom tolerance and some side effects of kratom. Keep reading this post to learn more!


How does Kratom Work in Your Body?


Kratom is the common name given to the tree Mitragyna speciosa. This evergreen tree in the coffee family grows naturally in the humid forests and jungles of Southeastern Asia. Thus, you can find kratom trees along the riverbanks in Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia.

Local farmers pick up the leaves from the trees and dry them. Once the leaves are dry, they are ground into a fine powder. Finally, this powder is exported worldwide, so that you can buy your favorite kratom strain.

These kratom strains contain over 20 alkaloids that are the active compounds of the tree. The most potent kratom alkaloids are mitragynine (which is the most abundant alkaloid) and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Despite not being one of kratom’s most abundant alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine is arguably the strongest kratom alkaloid. This alkaloid is the main responsible for the analgesic effects of kratom.

Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and the other alkaloids activate the so-called opioid receptors in your body. But don’t panic! Despite their name, opioid receptors (which are common to all humans and mammals) are activated not only by opioids but by many other substances, including dairy products or kratom. So, fear not: kratom is not an opioid.

By activating the opioid receptors, kratom may cause different effects:

  • Analgesia (pain relief)
  • Anxiolytic effects
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Energy boost

It is thanks to these effects, that millions of people now use kratom to relieve different issues and conditions, such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or insomnia. It has also become a popular ally to cope with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Moreover, kratom may also be beneficial for people suffering from Crohn’s disease or Tourette’s Syndrome.


Kratom Types and Kratom Strains: Not All Kratom Is the Same


If you are a new kratom user, you will find that there are just so many kratom types that it is overwhelming. Where do I begin? How do I choose the best kratom strain for me? Let’s start by talking about the three main kratom types: red kratom, white kratom, and green kratom.

  • Red kratom: Are you looking for deep relaxation? Would you like to fight insomnia and alleviate severe pain? Then red kratom may be your choice. Red strains are praised for their strong relaxing and analgesic properties.
  • White kratom: White kratom is the best option if you are looking for an energy boost or to improve your mood. But the analgesic properties of white kratom strains will also help you relieve pain. White strains are also an excellent choice if you want to alleviate pain.
  • Green strains: Green kratom strains are arguably the most balanced kratom strains. They can be relaxing, energizing, analgesic, and euphoric. Yet, they are not as potent as the white and red strains. That said, green kratom strains are still very effective and have become a must-have for many kratom users thanks to their versatility.

But other than white, red, and green kratom you will also find different kratom strains. A kratom strain is a sub-type of the main kratom types, usually named after the place of origin of that kratom stain (such as Indo kratom or Bali kratom). But there may be other cases, such as Maeng Da kratom, which have nothing to do with where that kratom comes from. Also, the fact that a kratom strain has a “geographical” name does not necessarily mean that it comes from that place. For example, Thai kratom is a popular kratom strain. But despite its name, Thai kratom does not from Thailand. Actually, like most kratom strains, Thai kratom usually comes from Indonesia.

Each kratom strain has a different set of alkaloids. Hence, kratom users often find that the effects of kratom may be quite different depending on the strain they are using.


A group of people looking at the sunset happy after trying different kratom strains


How to Prevent Kratom Tolerance Using Different Kratom Strains


If you visit Reddit’s kratom forum or other similar forums, you will notice that there are many threads about kratom tolerance. Kratom tolerance is a common concern for kratom users. But how and why does it occur?

When you have been using kratom for a while, it is not uncommon that the opioid receptors become less sensitive to the alkaloids. What happens next? That you start noticing that the effects of kratom are less potent and you need to take larger doses to feel them. In many cases, kratom eventually becomes completely ineffective.

Kratom tolerance is the result of large doses and frequent intakes. The more kratom you take, the less sensitive to its alkaloids you become. When you take kratom every day and use high doses, chances are that the sooner or later you will experience kratom tolerance. What can you do to prevent kratom tolerance?

  • Make a kratom break
  • Use lower doses
  • Do not take kratom daily
  • Try different kratom strains

By using different kratom strains, your body will get different sets of alkaloids with each strain. Thus, your opioid receptors will not be getting the same alkaloids every time that you consume kratom. But rotating your kratom strains may not be enough to prevent tolerance. Using low doses and consuming kratom only three to four times a week is key to avoid kratom tolerance.


Other Benefits of Rotating Your Kratom Strains


Using different kratom strains can bring other benefits. First, rotating kratom strains will help you choose the best strain (or strains for you). That is why it is advisable you write down the effects (and side effects) you notice with each strain.

Another benefit of rotating kratom strains is that it may allow you to use lower doses of kratom since your body will not build up tolerance.

If you are a kratom newbie, you will likely think that buying more than one kratom strain is expensive. Especially if you don’t know yet whether kratom will work for you or not. And you are right. Fortunately, many vendors offer kratom sample packs that will allow you to try different kratom strains at a more affordable price.

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