What Are Super Kratom Strains

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Super Indo kratom, super green Malay kratom, super Bali kratom… What is all the fuss with these super kratom strains? As you know, kratom comes in different names: Maeng Da, Malay, Sumatra, Indo… These names refer to the so-called origin of kratom, the specific features of that particular strain, etc. However, you can also find some strains with the adjective “super”. For example, it is quite common to find super Indo kratom or super green Malay kratom. But are these super kratom strains really more potent than other variants? Or is this just a marketing thing? Let’s keep reading to find out!


What are Super Kratom Strains?


You have probably noticed that there are some super kratom strains available out there. These super strains often promise a better experience, more potency, or enhanced effects. And often too, they are more expensive than other strains. Well, that is only natural if we consider all the positive things that they promise. But are these super strains really better? Are they worth their price?

Some of these super kratom strains claim to have higher levels of alkaloids, namely mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine. As you know, these two alkaloids are responsible for most kratom effects: pain relief, relaxation, euphoria, stimulation… Other super strains just promise more potent effects. But do these strains deliver or are they just a marketing product?

According to some sources, some of these super kratom varieties come from older leaves that contain higher amounts of mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine. Others are made by removing the stem and vein of the leaves before grinding them. In these cases, the result would be a finer powder containing fewer “useless” (so to speak) compounds, so the effects can kick in quicker and stronger.


Are Super Kratom Strains Legit?


It is not easy to figure out whether these claims are legit, or they are just marketing tactics. What can you do to know if a super kratom strain delivers on its promises?

  1. Start by looking for reviews of that vendor and that product on the internet. You can look for information on Reddit or review sites. Or you can even ask yourself in a kratom forum. Reliable vendors often have positive reviews outside their own websites.
  2. Ask for lab tests. If you want to know if a so-called super kratom strain is as potent as it claims, you can ask for lab test results. Many vendors offer these documents by request. Hence, you can check whether they have higher levels of alkaloids or not. If possible, compare these results to other non-super strains and see the differences. You can even compare test results from different vendors. If the vendor is not willing to provide you with the test results, be skeptical.
  3. Read the product description carefully. Sometimes a product description may give you a good insight into that kratom strain. If you pay attention, you will notice that some of these super kratom strains do not even promise anything special. So, in those cases, the “super” is just in the name.
  4. Try it for yourself. If there is a super kratom strain so tempting that just want to try it badly, go ahead. You can ask the vendor for a sample. In many cases, though, you will need to place an order to get a free sample. Or you may order the smallest bag of that strain that you want to try.


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The Most Potent Kratom: Kratom Extracts and Enhanced Kratom


If you are looking for the most potent kratom varieties, kratom extracts and enhanced kratom will meet your expectations. And, by the way, they are different types of products. Though for some people kratom extracts and enhanced kratom are the same things, actually they are far from being the same product.

On the one hand, kratom extracts are concentrated forms of kratom powder that contain higher levels of alkaloids. On the other hand, enhanced kratom is made by adding an extra touch of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to regular kratom powder. Both kratom extracts and enhanced kratom are much more potent than plain kratom powder.

It is easy to figure out the pros of kratom extracts and enhanced kratom:

  • You will need less amount of powder to feel the effects of kratom.
  • They are more potent than your regular kratom powder.
  • Extracts and enhanced kratom products usually kick in quicker.
  • Effects will be more noticeable and longer-lasting.

Nevertheless, enhanced kratom and extracts also have their negative side:

  • Enhanced kratom and extracts are not a good product for kratom beginners.
  • They are much more expensive than regular kratom.
  • Tolerance will build up much quicker.
  • The risk of suffering from kratom side effects is higher.

So, if you want to use extracts or enhanced kratom looking for super kratom strains effects, you should consider their pros and cons first.


More Alternatives to Super Kratom Strains


If you want to feel the benefits of super kratom strains, you can also follow some tips to enhance your experience with kratom:

  • Potentiate your kratom with stem and vein: The stem and vein of the kratom leaves are often discarded. However, kratom stem and vein is also a kratom-derived product that you can use to improve the properties of your favorite strains. Just add some stem and vein to your kratom powder and you will notice how the effects are enhanced.
  • Combine different kratom strains: Mixing different kratom strains will also help you achieve a better kratom experience. Some combinations promote certain effects, while others will bring a more balanced experience.
  • Use other herbs: Some herbs may improve the effects and properties of kratom naturally. For example, valerian root will increase the relaxing properties of kratom, while by mixing kratom and matcha you will get an extra boost of energy.
  • Try different strains: If you notice that kratom is no longer working for you, you have probably developed kratom tolerance. A good way to avoid tolerance is by using different strains and avoiding sticking to one single variety.

And finally, remember that if you still want to try a super kratom variety, the only way to know if it works as it promises is by trying it yourself.