Kratom Benefits: How Can Kratom Help?


There’s no doubt that kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, has been subjecting of controversy, news, and rumors. In fact, a lot of misinformation has been spread recently about the plant. However, contrary to its intention, the negative news hasn’t stopped kratom use. Lately, many individuals have raised their voice to defend kratom and to try and protect their access to the plant. The reason for this is that kratom has helped people in many ways. Many of them report that the use of the plant has helped them recover a life that they considered lost for many years, due to the suffering of many illnesses and conditions. But is kratom really that effective? What are kratom benefits and how can kratom help? Keep reading below to understand how it works.


What Is Kratom?


Although kratom’s popularity has raised noticeably in recent years, there are still many individuals who haven’t heard about the plant. If you are one of them, keep reading to find out what kratom is about.

Mitragyna speciosa, which is kratom’s scientific name, is an evergreen tree that grows mainly in the rainforest of the South East Asia regions. People in those areas harvest the leaves of the plant and then dry them and process them into a fine powder, which is what finally is ingested to feel its effects.

The leaves of the plant contain a number of alkaloids and other compounds which, together, give kratom its unique properties. By ingesting the leaf powder, people who use the plant will be able to feel benefits such as pain relief, increased energy, anxiety relief, etc.


Who Uses Kratom?


Although many people compare kratom to dangerous opioid drugs, most people who use the plant does so for totally different purposes. In its areas of origin, kratom was mainly used by laborers who wanted to get extra energy and stimulation. Additionally, the plant was used in social gatherings for its euphoric properties and in folk medicine to relieve a number of symptoms.

In the Western civilizations, kratom has only been discovered recently. In the US, kratom is used amongst people who seek natural alternatives to synthetic opioids to relieve chronic pain. Also, many individuals use kratom to relieve anxiety and fatigue. Others have turned to kratom to get off dangerous opioids. Many kratom users report that the plant has helped them recover from longtime opioid use, allowing them to be active members of society again.


How Can Kratom Help?


But, how can kratom help? The plant is used to relieve symptoms of chronic conditions and also to provide energy and stimulation. Below, we’ll see some of the main kratom uses and how the plant works.

how can kratom help


Kratom for Pain


Kratom has been largely praised for its analgesic properties. People who have been suffering from chronic pain conditions, such as back pain after an injury, fibromyalgia or arthritis, report that the plant has helped them ease the problem.

As we already mentioned, the leaves of the plant contain a number of alkaloids, including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which interact with the opioid receptors of the brain, allowing it to reduce the pain sensation. But, although many people think that this means that kratom is an opioid, this is not the case. In fact, kratom doesn’t have one of the main characteristics of opioids: respiratory depression, a very dangerous opioid side effect.


Kratom for Anxiety


Another main kratom use is as an anxiety reliever. The plant can help you relieve anxiety in two ways: by calming your mind and by relaxing your muscles. Users report that kratom can efficiently help them relax body and mind.

However, consider that kratom can have contradictory effects depending on the variety and, especially, on the dosage taken. So, red kratom varieties can help more efficiently with anxiety than the white strains, which are typically more energizing. On the other hand, moderate to higher doses are considered to be more calming than lower doses.


Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal


One of kratom’s most popular uses is to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms and many people use it to totally come off opioids. This is probably what has granted the plant its bad reputation. However, many individuals who were hooked on dangerous opioids report that thanks to the plant they are on the right path again. In fact, many of them swear by the plant and say that it has allowed them to conduct a normal life, being able to work, socialize and recover their families.

Contrary to what some people think, kratom can help reducing or even stopping the intake of dangerous opioids. Additionally, the plant doesn’t cause the social problems of opioids. So, kratom can allow people to get off opioids and to be productive at the same time.


Kratom for Energy


As a member of the coffee tree family, kratom also has the energizing and stimulating effects of its cousin. As such, locals in South East Asia have traditionally used its leaves to get energy and stimulation for long working days.

But how can kratom help for energy? In America, many individuals use kratom in the mornings to help them get some extra energy and stamina to face their daily jobs. Additionally, it helps them focus on their tasks. The best kratom strains for stimulation and energy are the white varieties in lower doses.

Finally, consider that every person is different and, since there is not enough research on kratom’s use, it is not possible to give general recommendations on how to use the plant. For this reason, if you are considering using kratom, we recommend that you do a lot of research. And always start on the lower possible dose to avoid developing tolerance.


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  1. Hi I am a kratom user of many years. I believe 100% with everything that is beneficial with Kratom use. My question is: Do you think KRATOM is the answer to contain and fight off the COVID-19 virus? There is no current vaccine or way to contain this virus–Perhaps KRATOM is the blessing in disguise that politicians and DEA has tried to BAN.
    Could KRATOM contain and battle the COVID 19 virus?
    give me your best feedback

  2. Hi, we don’t think kratom is the answer to COVID-19. Kratom contains compounds that can be beneficial, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a cure or treatment for coronavirus. We have just published an article about this subject. Please see it here

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