Kratom And Milk: A Perfect Combination


Kratom is a tree from South East Asia with great potential to alleviate conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and to help individuals who want to come off dangerous opioids. Typically, the plant is sold in powder form that can be consumed in different ways: some like to swallow the powder directly, accompanied with water or juice, others prefer brewing it like a tea, and others prefer to take kratom capsules. But whatever method is used to ingest kratom, some people still suffer side effects, like nausea or stomach upset while others just simply can’t cope with kratom’s taste. So, is there any way to overcome these issues? The answer is yes: combining kratom and milk.

Although mixing kratom and milk is no magical solution, it can help mitigate some of the above-mentioned issues. So, if kratom causes you stomach problems, or you are just looking for ways to cover its taste, keep reading below to discover why kratom and milk can be a perfect combination for you.


Does Milk Affect Kratom Effects?


First of all, we should clarify that when we mention milk, we are referring to cow’s milk only. So, taking this into consideration, does cow milk affect kratom effects? A lot has been said about this and there are some rumors that milk could diminish the effects of kratom alkaloids. But is this true?

As we always say, since kratom is relatively new in Western countries, there is still not enough research on the plant. For this reason, we lack information about kratom and foods interactions. However, some studies show that, although milk may interact with antibiotics and anti-tumoral medications, it is safe to mix with most drugs. But mind that, in some cases, milk may delay the onset of the effects.

On the other hand, mixing kratom and milk is a very popular way to use the plant among kratom users, so there is enough anecdotal evidence about this combination. In this regard, most users report that they haven’t experienced any decrease in kratom’s effects. However, mind that there are also a few users who report that the combination of milk and kratom hasn’t worked for them at all. Nevertheless, mixing both products together doesn’t seem to have any harmful effects, so you can try it for yourself and see if it works for you.


Kratom And Milk: Stomach Protection


As you may know, common knowledge says that milk is a stomach protector. But, is this true? Could milk protect you from stomach upset caused by kratom? Again, there is not enough research on this subject. However, there are studies that show that milk can be a good option to prepare and protect your stomach against drugs and medications that cause stomach irritation. And this could also work with kratom.

However, recent studies have shown that milk can increase acid secretion in people who suffer from duodenal ulcer. So, if this is your case, mixing milk and kratom won’t be a good idea.

kratom and milk: a perfect combination

Milk to Mask Kratom’s Taste


Probably, the main reason why people mix kratom and milk is to mask kratom’s taste. If you are a frequent user (or you have tried kratom before) you most definitely know about kratom’s potent flavor. The taste of kratom is not the easiest to cope with, in fact, many people say that it tastes like dirt. Although many users get used to it after a while, there are people who never overcome its flavor. For this reason, people are always trying to come up with ways to cover it.

There are many ways to cover kratom’s flavor, but milk seems to be one of the most popular. Many individuals have found that mixing kratom powder and flavored milk (especially chocolate milk) is a very effective way to cover its taste.

On the other hand, to cover kratom’s taste you can use any type of milk, including dairy, almond, oats or whichever you prefer.


How to Mix Kratom And Milk?


Although this question should be fairly easy to answer, there are some things that you should consider before mixing kratom and milk. Do you want to protect your stomach? Or do you want to get rid of kratom’s flavor?

To answer the first question, in order to prevent nausea, you should drink milk just before or just after you take your kratom dosage. This should work, not only if you are using the toss n’ wash method, but also if you are drinking kratom tea or taking kratom capsules. However, if you like to toss n’ wash kratom powder, we recommend that you don’t do so with milk. Since milk is thicker than water, the toss and wash method would be much harder to perform. So, simply drink your milk after you’ve swallowed your kratom powder.

If your intention is to mask kratom’s taste, you will obviously need to mix your kratom powder and milk together. Some people mix kratom powder with plain cow or vegetable milk, and others mix it their favorite flavored milk. Others go one step further and prepare tasty kratom milkshakes.


Is Yogurt Equally Effective?


Since yogurt is a dairy product, it is as effective as milk to prevent you from kratom nausea and to cover kratom’s taste. But the advantage of yogurt is that it can mask kratom’s texture more effectively than milk. Hence, many users choose yogurt over milk to cover kratom’s flavor for this reason.

Like milk, you can use any type of yogurt to mask kratom’s taste, including dairy, soy or any other type that you like, or even prepare your own kratom smoothies. On the other hand, the huge amount of yogurt flavors will make it easier to find one that works for you!