How to Use Blue Lotus for Lucid Dreaming

Many people use blue lotus to achieve euphoria, relax, or to improve concentration. But did you know you can use blue lotus for lucid dreaming? In this post, we will explain to you how blue lotus can help you have lucid dreams. But we will also show you the main steps to have lucid dreams.

What Are Lucid Dreams?


In lucid dreams, the dreamer is aware of being in a dream and can control what is happening.

During lucid dreams, you can perform activities that are impossible in the real world. For instance, you can fly, breathe underwater, or walk through walls. But you can also build a universe of your own, which will seem as real as, well, the real world. Lucid dreaming will allow you to do all those things that are not possible when you are awake. But you can also use lucid dreams to improve your real life. You can rehearse for a job interview or a presentation, improve your social skills, enhance your creativity, find ways to solve real-life problems or overcome nightmares.

Sometimes, you can even be in a lucid dream without being aware of it. In many cases, these lucid dreams are actually lucid nightmares. A common example of this is the sleep paralysis: those moments during your sleep when you cannot move at all. You sense you are awake, but you cannot even open your eyes. During sleep paralysis, you can even experience hallucinations, which can be visual or auditory. Sleep paralysis can be a very terrifying experience that most people experience at least once in their lifetime. But some individuals suffer from sleep paralysis way too often. Mastering lucid dreams can help you fight these lucid nightmares. Why? Because in lucid dreams, you can control what happens in your dreams.


How to Use Blue Lotus for Lucid Dreaming


Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a water lily native to the Nile region in Egypt. Back in Ancient Egypt, people used blue lotus for ceremonial and spiritual purposes.

Blue lotus can help you relax, achieve euphoria, and improve your spirituality and focus. Because of this, taking blue lotus for lucid dreaming is very useful.

Make a blue lotus tea or add it to a glass of wine before going to bed. The ideal dosage is 5 – 10 grams if you are using regular blue lotus. For extracts, reduce the dose to 1 gram.

Read this post for more information about how to use blue lotus.


How to Lucid Dream


We have shown you that using blue lotus for lucid dreaming is a good idea, but that alone is not enough. Taking blue lotus will not guarantee you to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is not easy. There are many people who are just incapable of having lucid dreams. But why does this happen? Why are there people who can lucid dream every night, while others can never reach that state? Well, the answer may be because for lucid dreaming you need to perform certain tasks and steps. And not everybody is aware of these steps or is willing to perform them.

The steps you need to perform for lucid dreaming are not many. And in fact, most of them are quite simple. However, they require commitment and patience. A lot of patience.


Steps for Lucid Dreaming


These are the steps to have lucid dreams. By following these techniques, you will have more chances to dream lucidly. However, lucid dreaming is very difficult, so even following all these steps will not guarantee that you will be lucid dreaming tonight.

Think About Lucid Dreaming

During the day, you need to think about lucid dreaming. Remember that you want to have lucid dreams. Read about the topic, make some research… Keeping lucid dreams in your mind will help you achieve your goal. And when you are in bed at night, keep thinking of lucid dreams and repeat yourself “tonight I am going to have a lucid dream” before you sleep.

Keep a Dream Journal

Remembering your dreams is crucial for lucid dreaming. And the best way to do so, is by a keeping a dream journal. Keep a notebook by your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Alternatively, you can record your dreams in a voice recorder or you cell phone. In any case, do it as soon as you wake up and do not delay it, or the details of your dream will vanish. Also, try to be as detailed as possible. Keeping a journal of your dreams will allow you to have more vivid dreams and to identify the signals of your dreams. That is, you will be able to recognize common features of your dreams. Hence, you will also detect them during your dreams, which will help you realize you are dreaming.

Perform Reality Checks

Reality checks will allow you to realize you are awake. Right now, you may be thinking that this is a bit dumb. But when you are dreaming you also need to realize that you are not awake. And reality checks are the best for it.

Some common reality checks are:

  • Read a text. This is a very simple task: read a short text. Wait for a minute or two and read it again. If the text has not changed, you are awake. On the other hand, if the text is different, that means you are dreaming. During a dream, most of the times you read a text for a second time, the text will change. Also, if you are dreaming you may not be able to read the text at all. The letters or the paragraphs can move or vanish, the text can be just unreadable… Instead of reading a text, you can also check the time. Just take a look at your watch or at a clock and then look at it again at once. In dreams, the time will be different, and the numbers may even look blurry.
  • Look in the mirror. In dreams, mirrors will not reflect reality. So, just look in the mirror and see if the reflected image is an exact copy of reality.
  • Become aware of when and where you are. Look around you and become aware of where and when you are. Make sure everything is how it should be. Everything is normal. In dreams, settings can change suddenly, and sometimes we do not even notice. Also, there is a sense of unreality which is not easy to notice, unless you are used to it and can distinguish reality from the dream world. Therefore, awareness can help you realize if you are dreaming or awake.
  • Try the impossible. Try walk through a wall, push a finger through your or through a solid object, try to move something with your mind… Just think of anything impossible and try to make it happen. If it does not work, you are awake. Do not try any dangerous actions, such as jump off a balcony to see if you can fly or walk through fire.

Keep Regular Sleeping Habits

Irregular sleep habits can bring about insomnia. But also, keeping regular sleep habits and good sleep hygiene can help you have lucid dreams more easily. You can learn more about sleep hygiene and its benefits here.


Stress can cause insomnia, but it can also affect your dreams. When you are suffering from stress, you are more prone to have nightmares. Also, if you are stressed, you will not be able to focus on lucid dreaming. There are many relaxation exercises that can help you if you are under stress, but also natural products, such as blue lotus. Physical exercise and meditation will also help you to relax.


Meditation is very helpful if you want to have lucid dreams. If you meditate during 5 – 10 minutes before you go to sleep (you can make it in bed), lucid dreaming will be much easier for you. There are many meditation techniques, and thanks to the Internet, you can find many videos and audios for meditating. If you do not know how or where to start, you can try mindfulness. Mindfulness is an easy way of meditation with many benefits, and you can find hundreds of mindfulness videos and audios online for free. If you are using blue lotus for lucid dreaming, you will find meditation easier.

Turn Off All Screens

You need darkness to produce sleep hormones, such as melatonin. Melatonin “tells” the brain it is time to sleep. Then, your brain starts the pre-sleep process: your muscles relax, you start feeling a bit drowsy, your body temperature drops… But the artificial light that comes from nowadays screens (TV, cell phone, tablet…) suppresses the production of melatonin. The result is insomnia or bad quality sleep. And yes, it will also minimize your odds of having lucid dreams. Therefore, do not watch tv or look at your mobile or tablet for at least one hour before going to sleep.

Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)

The “wake-back-to-bed” technique is one of the most common methods for having lucid dreams. Set an alarm one or two hours before your usual waking time. When this new alarm rings, just stay in bed. You do not even need to open your eyes. But make sure your mind is awake. Then, just think of lucid dreaming and fall asleep again. For this task, it is important you use a soft ringtone. Also, disable the snooze function and, if possible, set the alarm so it stops ringing in just a few seconds. Thus, you will not need to turn it off, and it will not bother you or distract you. WBTD is not recommendable for everybody, people with sleep disorders or insomnia should avoid it. Also, you should not rely on this technique too often, as it disrupts your sleep and body cycles.


How to lucid dream - Tips for lucid dreaming - Infographic


What If I Cannot Have Lucid Dreams


Following these steps and taking blue lotus for lucid dreaming does not guarantee success. Many people try for a long time and do not seem able to achieve lucid dreaming.  On the other hand, there are some people who are natural lucid dreamers and can achieve this state since children. These people do not need to make great efforts to have lucid dreams, but for many others, it is very difficult. It is commonly thought that people who have a deep inner life can have lucid dreams more easily. But there are no rules on who can or cannot lucid dreams.

If you do not manage to have lucid dreams, make sure you are practicing and following the steps correctly. Perform more reality checks or tell yourself you are going to lucid dream more often. You can also use binaural beats (certain sounds that can induce a hypnotic state) to have lucid dreams, you can find many on YouTube. But do not get obsessed. Sometimes it is better to stop for a while and try again later, when you feel more prepared.