Kratom Dizziness


One of the most common kratom side effects is kratom dizziness, especially among less experienced users. Kratom newbies usually complain that kratom makes them dizzy. Good news is that you can easily avoid kratom dizziness by following some simple tips. This will also provide you with a better knowledge of kratom.

For hundreds of generations, southeastern Asian countries have been using kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) as a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, pain or lack of energy. It is only recently that it has gained popularity in other areas of the world thanks to its medicinal properties.

While the effects of kratom can be very beneficial (it can be, for instance, a good ally in coping with opiate withdrawal or a natural alternative to traditional opioid analgesics, among other things), kratom can also cause some undesired side effects, such as nausea, eye wobbles or dizziness.


Causes of Kratom Dizziness


Why can kratom cause dizziness? Before explaining this, it is important to understand how kratom work in our body.

Kratom active elements include more than 20 alkaloids and other compounds that act on the opioid receptors in our brain. These so-called opioid receptors are neurotransmitters that are affected by opiates (from heroin to prescription painkillers). Kratom can affect these receptors in a similar way opiates do. But there is a great difference: kratom is not an opiate.

During the time alkaloids and other active elements of kratom are blocking the opioid receptors, the effects of kratom are felt: analgesic, relaxing, sedative, euphoric… But also, its side effects, such as a headache, nausea or dizziness. Furthermore, kratom can also impact balance, perception or vision, which would provoke kratom dizziness.

High doses can cause kratom dizziness. There are also some kratom types (Borneo, Indo, and Bali) that can cause dizziness and eye wobbles.


Kratom Dosage and Dizziness


The dosage of kratom is one of the major factors when talking about kratom dizziness. A dose too high can provoke dizziness, lightheadedness and even a sensation of a foggy brain. If you are using large doses of kratom and feeling dizzy or lightheaded afterward, the general recommendation is to try more moderate or conservative doses.


Kratom Dizziness and Low Blood Sugar


Dizziness or a foggy brain can also arise as the result of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). In many cases, low blood sugar may be a consequence of a lack of food in the stomach.

When taking kratom, many users may not even notice they are hungry. This is due to the alteration of perception kratom can provoke. Also, because of the nausea that kratom dizziness can cause, you may not feel like eating.

The effects of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar in your body can be unpleasant. If you are suffering from dizziness or brain fog due to low blood sugar, sit down for a while and eat something high in sugar. If you are also feeling nauseous, a spoonful of maple syrup or honey can be very helpful. This way you will get a sugar boost that will not upset your stomach.

In case you are prone to experience kratom dizziness or nausea try to avoid ingesting kratom with an empty stomach.


Kratom Eye Wobbles and Dizziness


Kratom eye wobbles (or eye wiggles) is the common name given to a condition called nystagmus. When someone experiences eye wobbles after taking kratom, his or her eyes move involuntarily from one side to another making it almost impossible to focus. Kratom eye wobbles are very related to dizziness, as they can create a false sensation of movement. This will also lead our inner ear into believing that our body is moving differently from what the eyes are showing. The inner ear would send the brain a “message” indicating that our body is stationary. But at the same time, the eyes would send a completely different signal (i.e., that our body is moving because the images may seem to be moving). As a result of these contradictory sensory inputs, we can feel dizziness, nausea or even vertigo.

This is exactly what happens when you get carsick: your eyes send the signal to the brain that you are actually moving (you see the images moving from the car), but at the same time your inner ear feels that the body is not moving. Or vice versa: if you are reading in a moving car, your eyes will send the brain the idea of being stationary (as the book does not move), but the inner ear will notice the movement of the car and will provide the opposite input (that is why you may feel dizzy when reading in a car).


woman showing her eyes


How to Avoid Kratom Dizziness


The easiest, simplest way to avoid kratom dizziness is to reduce the dosage of kratom. Since each kratom variety has different effects (some varieties have more sedative or analgesic properties, while others can bring up more euphoric or energizing effects), it is wise to switch to those strains that are considered more appropriate for the effect you are searching. This will allow you to achieve the effects which you desire at a lower dosage. Lower kratom doses are undoubtedly the best way to reduce your chances of experiencing kratom dizziness.

There are users who opt for trying a different kratom strain. Avoid Borneo, Indo and Bali strains, traditionally more associated with dizziness (and kratom eye wobbles) than other varieties.

Recording your kratom experience (including dosage, strain, onset, effects…) will also help you find the best kratom strain and dosage for you and to avoid dizziness.

Trying a different method of taking kratom can also help avoid kratom dizziness since the preparation method can even alter the effects produced by kratom. Kratom has more than 20 alkaloids and the way it is prepared and consumed will affect which alkaloids are released. For instance, brewing kratom into a tea will release certain alkaloids. On the other hand, adding it to applesauce would release a different ratio of these alkaloids. Due to this difference of alkaloids, the effects will slightly vary.



17 Replies to “Kratom Dizziness

  1. Very informative and in layman’s terms. Thank you.
    I am a kratom enthusiast, but I do suffer from vertigo, unfortunately, so monitoring my kratom intake is incredibly important.

  2. I am an avid kratom user and every once in a while I will get a batch that just wrecks my depth perception and gives my eyes the shakes so that it’s hard to focus on something in the distance. I really wish I knew what was causing this to happen. I am very consistent on my dosage and this is the first time that I have ever heard that hypoglycemia could have to do with this. I wish I could find more information on this.

  3. I just tried Bali and got dizzy for the first time after using it for a month or so but always other strains. I wish I would have known this I would have avoided Bali. This was very helpful! Thank you!

  4. I’ve been using a pretty consistent dose of kratom for an entire year. Suddenly about a month ago i started experiencing eye wobbles. I haven’t raised my dosage over the year so im confused as to why this is happening. Even if i take very minimal dose of 2 grams i get them. In fact it’s happening right now. WHY??

  5. Pleased to get so much information. I have been on RX pain reliever for years for my back. Control of RX has been getting down to the very last pill. I’ll try Krathom to extend the benefit of the narcotic pain reliever. Dizziness may be a problem.

  6. Hey guys, this information is not scientific and I believe it is false. The hypothesis that mold is the culprit for these dizzy spells has much more credibility.
    For; many of us have used kratom for years at very high doses, and just about every strain, with absolutely no dizziness.

    I got lucky myself, only had one time then I got some kratom from Otie’s and while they had some good white Hulu, their white Kali made me super dizzy at only 1 teaspoon. I pray that our God will help us get rid of this problem and to understand it as well. This is really unfortunate that people are wasting their money and people are having terrible experiences with kratom because of contaminants. Kratom is wholesome and for me it is not toxic to have 1-3 teaspoons but when there is a suspected contaminant present, even one teaspoon can bring on anout 2-3 hours of mild to serious dizziness. Thanks for your time.

  7. I find that ingesting CBD in any form wether its smoked vaped or eaten seems to get rid of theese eye wobbles we know all to well. It makes even more sense to me that blood sugar plays a roll in this since CBD is known to bring your entire body into homeostasis including regulating your blood sugar, thanks for the insight.

  8. Hey Marty that sounds more like it .
    I’ve been taking the same brand and strain for a year now and it’s been fine till about a month ago
    Then started getting serious Vertigo . I switched brand and It’s good now

  9. Everyone just put the dizzy blends in a coffee pot or boil the alkaloids out that cause that side effect. It works every time!!!

  10. Even at way under half a gram I get REALLY dizzy. I don’t understand why I don’t get the opiate like effects others talk about. For me, Kratom just make me dizzy and stupid, regardless of the strain or color. There’s no elevation of mood, contentedness, or pain relief. I’ve tried it three times now, tonight being the third. I’ve mixed strains, tried different colors, etc., and I know the vendor is reputable. I’m really disappointed because I was hoping to use it to come off methadone. There’s no way I could work on Kratom though. I can barely walk a straight line on it. Others talk about getting that opiate “itch,” but all I get is dizzy as hell.

  11. I have used kratom for 5 yrs and never had a dizzy spell until this morning at the eye Dr while using the phoropter and almost passed out. I had an empty stomach but it was still weird, so this article makes sense

  12. I have been on kratom for 6 years and it hasn’t given me the wobbles and dizziness up until this last batch I got directly from Indonesia from a new Indonesian source.

    Honestly I am petrified because this dizziness has stayed in effect for the past two days and I am now sitting in the hospital “hoping” it’s not permanent

    I got hard wobbles from this and didn’t feel good like normal on it

    Maybe my biology is changing but I know I have to withdraw hard right now because I’ve been using long time

  13. I am extremely scared right now. I feel like I am going crazy. The dizziness, my brain feeling like it is sloshing around, the eye wobble thing, plus I keep letting the sweats, feeling like I want to cry for no reason and also some weird inner noise in my brain like a couple ticks every few minutes. What should I do? Is it because I am taking to much? I know I am addicted because I tried to stop cold turkey and that wasn’t pretty. I am terrified and have never felt like this.

  14. Hi Connie,
    If you are having those issues, maybe kratom is not the right choice for you and you should stop using it. It may be doing you more harm than good.

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