How to Keep a Healthy Weight While Using Kratom


Although most kratom users don’t experience any changes in their weight, there are individuals who report weight loss or weight gain after using kratom for a period of time. Like any other substance, kratom has active principles that have an impact on the system. For this reason, the plant can cause side effects that can be different in every person. Keeping a healthy weight while using kratom will largely depend on your eating habits and on the exercise that you practice. So, if you have this problem, keep reading below to learn how to keep a healthy weight while using kratom.


Does Kratom Cause Weight Loss (or Gain)?


Before digging in our main subject of how to keep a healthy weight while using kratom, we must determine first if kratom really can affect your weight. Although most kratom users don’t have any issues with their weight, many individuals report certain weight loss after using the plant for a while. On the other hand, there are people who report just the opposite: weight gain.

So, does kratom cause weight loss or weight gain? Once again, there is not enough research (if any) on this subject to determine if kratom can cause any weight changes per se. So, as usual, we must rely on anecdotal evidence to be able to determine if the plant may provoke significant weight changes.

People who report weight loss attributed to kratom say that they usually feel nausea or stomach upset that kill their appetite. So, the reason why the loose weight after using kratom might be that they don’t eat enough.

On the other hand, there are individuals who use kratom with the specific purpose of losing weight. If you are considering using kratom for this purpose, you must know that this is not a good idea, since weight-loss would be a side effect of the plant and not one of its properties.

Other individuals report that they have gained weight after prolonged kratom use. This may be attributed to one of kratom’s most common side effects: constipation. Additionally, some users mix their kratom powder with sweeteners to mask its taste. This contributes to putting weight while using kratom.


How to Keep A Healthy Weight While Using Kratom?


There is no miracle solution to keep a healthy weight while using kratom. So, you should simply take some logical measures and do the same things you would do to keep a healthy weight overall. However, if you believe that your weight changes might be due to kratom, try following the below tips:

  1. Keep your dosage as low as possible and don’t overdo it. This seems a logical measure, but some individuals would use more than they need simply because they haven’t found their perfect dose.
  2. If kratom is giving you nausea or provoking appetite loss, try taking your dose after you eat and not before.
  3. If kratom is provoking constipation, drink plenty of water. This will help your stools to get softer and easier to pass.
  4. Don’t use sweeteners with kratom. If you are gaining weight, it might be due to the foods that you are mixing kratom with. Try mixing it with healthy yogurts with low sugar concentration instead.

how to keep a healthy weight while using kratom


What Is A Balanced Diet?


No matter if you are a kratom user or not, keeping a healthy weight largely depends on your diet. So, whatever your weight issues are, you will need to keep a balanced diet to maintain your weight healthy.

What is a balanced diet? A balanced diet will include foods that give us all the nutrients that we need to keep your system healthy. So, it must include vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, eggs, and carbohydrates. If you keep a vegan or vegetarian diet, you must make sure that you include foods or supplements to maintain healthy vitamin and protein levels.

To keep a balanced diet, simply consider the following advice:

  1. Keep a varied diet. To achieve this, you must include various food groups in each meal. So, a balanced meal should include proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, i.e.: lean meats, whole grain cereals, vegetables, etc.
  2. Avoid calorie-rich and nutrient-poor foods, such as French fries, candy or alcohol. On the other hand, avoid deep-fry and use healthy cooking techniques instead (roasting, boiling, etc.)
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables in every meal.
  4. Ask your doctor to determine your ideal calorie intake. Obviously, you will need to ingest fewer calories if you are trying to lose weight and a higher calorie intake if you want to put weight on.

Finally, to maintain a healthy weight while using kratom you must practice regular exercise. It doesn’t need to be high impact exercise or heavy-lifting, 30 minutes briskly walk can also help!