Kratom for Losing Weight – Pros and Cons


Millions of people around the world rely on kratom for pain relief, fighting anxiety and depression, or coping with opiate withdrawal. Yes, kratom has many properties and can be very beneficial. But also, many users report they start losing weight after consuming kratom. But is that so? Can kratom help you lose weight? And is it safe? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of using kratom for losing weight.


What Is Kratom and How It Works


Kratom is an evergreen tree in the Rubiaceae family (the same as coffee) that grows in Southeast Asia. For many generations, people from Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia have used the leaves of kratom to alleviate pain, fight fatigue or even to fight opiates addiction.

The use of kratom in the Western world is still quite recent, but thanks to its properties, thousands of people are now taking kratom for many uses, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Energy boost
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Opiate withdrawal

But how does kratom work? Why is it so effective? The properties of kratom come from its alkaloids, especially mitragynine and 7-OH. These alkaloids act on the delta, kappa and mu opioid receptors in your brain. But unlike opioids, kratom does not have dangerous side effects and the risk of developing an addiction is minimal.


Kratom for Losing Weight: Does It Work?


Many kratom consumers report a weight loss after using kratom. Is it a coincidence? Unfortunately, there are very few scientific studies focused on kratom, let alone on its properties for losing weight. However, anecdotal evidence seems to support a relation between kratom and weight loss.

But is it safe to use kratom for losing weight? What is the best way of using kratom for weight loss? Below we will show you the pros and cons of kratom for weight loss and how to use kratom for losing weight.


Pros of Using Kratom for Losing Weight



As we have explained you above, kratom has many benefits, ranging from pain relief to relaxation. However, kratom is also a great energy booster. Taking kratom, especially in the morning, can help you be more productive and get the energy boost you need for the day. Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? Well, you can take a kratom tea instead.

Thanks to these energizing effects, kratom can also encourage you to exercise more and feel less tired when working out. Remember that physical activity and exercise are key to lose weight.

On the other hand, kratom also suppresses appetite. Therefore, kratom can make diets more bearable. And thanks to its anti-anxiety and relaxing properties, it will also help you cope with the cravings better.

But using kratom has other benefits. Kratom also provides you with a sense of well-being and has euphoric effects. Furthermore, kratom lifts your mood and can even improve your social skills.


Cons of Using Kratom for Losing Weight


We cannot deny that kratom can help you lose weight while bringing about other benefits at the same time. However, kratom can also produce unpleasant side effects.

Kratom common side effects include nausea, dizziness, upset stomach and even constipation.  In some cases, kratom can even cause eye wobbles.

So, if you want to use kratom for losing weight, you must be very cautious in order to avoid these kratom side effects.

Price is another factor to consider. Kratom is not cheap (especially when compared to more common natural products). If your only goal is losing weight, there are many other products that can help you and are much more affordable. Green or red tea, aloe vera and lemon juice are very useful for losing weight, and they are much cheaper than kratom.

On the other hand, the number of places where kratom is illegal is growing very quickly. Before buying kratom, make sure it is legal in the place you live. Otherwise, you could be facing serious legal charges.

Finally, make sure you buy kratom from a reliable vendor. Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of kratom has also brought the rise of dodgy vendors who sell bad quality products or even fake kratom.


How to Use Kratom for Losing Weight


If you want to use kratom for losing weight, you must take some precautions. Thus, you will avoid the risks of side effects and achieve your goal more easily.

First, you need to learn some basic facts about kratom. Kratom can bring about different effects; some of them (like relaxing and energizing) are completely opposite. The effects of kratom depend on the kratom type and the dosage.

kratom for losing weight


There are three main kratom types, depending on the color of the leaf stem and vein: white kratom, green kratom, and red kratom. White kratom provides energizing effects, while red kratom effects are more analgesic and relaxing (even sedative). Green kratom is a middle ground that can boost your energy, relieve pain and even produce euphoria. Also, each kratom type has different strains or varieties, depending mostly on their place of origin.

But the effects of kratom also depend on the dosage. Low kratom doses bring about stimulant and energizing effects. On the other hand, high kratom doses produce calming effects.

If you want to use kratom for weight loss, white or green strains are the most recommendable. White kratom strains are more energizing. But green strains have anti-anxiety properties that can help you cope with the cravings better.

Also, low doses of kratom are better for weight loss. A daily dose of 2 – 4 grams should be enough. Avoid taking kratom in the evening, as these low doses bring about stimulant effects that could produce insomnia if taken shortly before going to bed.

Kratom is usually brewed in a tea. However, kratom taste is far from nice, so many users opt for taking kratom capsules instead. Also, you can add kratom to smoothies.


Where Can I Buy Kratom?


If are new to kratom, you should follow some tips to make sure you are buying kratom from a trusted source. Kratom is mostly available online, although you can also find it in some local head-shops.

Before you make any purchase, search for vendors reviews on the internet and do not buy kratom from online markets like e-bay. Check the vendors’ sites thoroughly and make sure it is using SSL encryption (the URL begins by https rather than by http). This is a way of ensuring your data and financial information are safe. If you find the site dodgy, look for another vendor.

While most kratom vendors are honest, reliable people, there are also some individuals who are taking advantage of kratom’s popularity and people’s trust. Quite often, these dishonest sell kratom much cheaper than other sellers. Kratom is not cheap because its logistic and quality controls costs are high. Buying kratom from a reliable vendor is the best way to avoid contaminated products or even fake kratom.