What Are The Risks Of Kratom?


Kratom is a natural herb and, like most herbs, it’s a safe plant to use when used properly. However, like many other natural remedies, it doesn’t come totally free of risks. For this reason, there are some questions that you must consider when using kratom to prevent any unwanted effects. So, what are the risks of kratom and what are the measures that you should take to avoid them? Keep reading below to find out.


Is Kratom Safe to Use?


As we said, kratom is a fair herb to use. Kratom is an ancient plant from South East Asia, where people have used it for hundreds of years without issues. There are no reports of deaths or serious illnesses caused by the plant in the area. Traditionally, manual laborers chewed kratom leaves to help them get energy for their working days. But contrary to what some people may think, this wasn’t an issue. In fact, kratom chewers were considered hard workers.

In recent years, kratom has been introduced in the American market. Although the plant has been banned in some places, kratom access continues to be legal in most states, where many individuals use it regularly for different reasons, i.e.: manage chronic pain, relieve anxiety or get off dangerous opioids. Most kratom users swear by its effectivity and haven’t experienced any serious side effects from its use.

So, if kratom doesn’t pose a serious risk to the population, you may wonder why the FDA has published reports stating the opposite? Although it is true that these reports exist, there are also publications that have contradicted them. One of the most popular would be this article that shows that all kratom alleged deaths were caused by other reasons, including a shot to the chest.


What Are the Risks of Kratom?


Although kratom is a natural herb, it doesn’t come without risks. For this reason, no matter if you are new to kratom or experienced kratom users, it is recommended that you know the risks of kratom to be able to prevent them. So, what are the risks of kratom? Let’s find out below.

risks of kratom

Side Effects


Like any other herbs or natural remedies, kratom may provoke some side effects. Some of them are:

  • Nausea
  • Nystagmus (or eye wobbles)
  • Stomach upset
  • Headache
  • Constipation

In most cases, kratom’s side effects are caused by improper or heavy use. Nevertheless, most times these side effects will disappear after discontinuing the use. So, if you feel any of the above issues, it is advisable to reduce your doses or to stop using kratom completely until they disappear.

On the other hand, using kratom regularly can lead you to develop tolerance. That’s why many users recommend switching strains, so your system doesn’t get used to it so easily. Nevertheless, the best way to prevent tolerance is to keep your dosage to the minimum necessary and don’t overdo it.


Food Poisoning


If you are a regular kratom user or know about the plant, you probably remember the salmonella breakout that was attributed to kratom back in 2018. But is this possible? Is food poisoning one of the risks of kratom? Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes.

As we already said, kratom is a natural substance, an herb that only grows in some parts of South East Asia, where it is harvested, processed and packed to be shipped to the US and other parts of the world.

Since kratom is an herb, it is subject to bacteria and other contaminants that can cause food poisoning if not handled well. For this reason, it is highly recommended to only buy your kratom powder from reliable vendors and reputable sources. Most online vendors perform regular tests to prevent contamination.

Additionally, brewing your kratom powder can help you get rid of contaminants that may be present on the leaves.


Unreliable Vendors


Buying kratom only from reputable sources will help you prevent getting bad quality kratom that can be contaminated or even adulterated with other dangerous substances. Although this might seem obvious, many people buy their batches from places like eBay or shady places that offer very cheap prices. Well, unfortunately, kratom is not a cheap herb. The reason for this is that the plant can’t be grown in America. Hence, it has been imported from South East Asia. And, in many cases, shipments are blocked by the customs, so vendors must wait for a long time until they have access to them.

So, don’t trust kratom that seems too cheap. If this is the case, you’ll probably get a bad quality product.


Using the Wrong Type


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you most definitely know that different kratom types have different properties. In fact, different kratom types can have totally opposite effects. So, using the wrong kratom variety could lead you to experience the opposite of what you were looking for.

So, if you are using kratom for the energy you should avoid the most relaxing types (i.e.: the red varieties). And if you want to achieve relaxation, you should avoid the white types, which are typically more energizing.

That’s why it is highly recommended to do thorough research before choosing your kratom type, to prevent experiencing any unwanted effects.


How to Prevent the Risks of Kratom?


Considering the above, what can you do to avoid the risks of kratom? There are some measures that you can take:

  1. Use the right variety. As we said, it is important to research before choosing the right variety. This way you will make sure that you will get the effects that you are looking for.
  2. Look for a reliable vendor. Stay away from kratom that seems too cheap or from places that look shady or unprofessional. Looking for online reviews will help you determine which are the best kratom vendors.
  3. Always measure your dosage. Just get the minimum dose necessary for your purpose. This will help you prevent developing tolerance.
  4. Use the right consumption method. The best way to use kratom is by ingesting it, so stay away from other methods. Additionally, brewing your kratom powder will help you get rid of contaminants.
  5. Storage your kratom properly. This will also help you prevent contamination and also will prevent it to lose potency or get staled.

Finally, you should use your common sense and avoid doing anything that seems not right for you.