What Is Horned Kratom?


What is horned kratom? Horned kratom is a rare kratom variety favored by many users. In this post, we will explore the properties of this peculiar kratom variety. But you will also discover how to choose the best kratom vendor to buy this elusive strain. Keep reading to learn it all about horned kratom!


What Is Kratom?


Native to Southeast Asia, kratom is an evergreen tree in the coffee family. Its botanical name is Mitragyna speciosa and it grows in Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia or Malaysia.

For many, many years the native population of the areas where Mitragyna speciosa grows chewed or brewed its leaves to increase their energy or to combat pain.

Today, kratom has also become popular in the Western world thanks to its effects. The leaves of kratom contain alkaloids and other elements that have analgesic, energizing, euphoric, and relaxing effects. Hence, millions of people use kratom to fight pain, relieve depression and anxiety, get a boost of energy, relax or fight insomnia.


Kratom Types and Kratom Strains


Ground spices simulating the different kratom strains


The different effects of kratom depend mostly on the dosage. At low doses, kratom is more stimulating and euphoric. On the other hand, kratom at high doses is more relaxing. Nevertheless, kratom effects are also the result of the kratom type you are using. The stem and vein of the kratom leaves can come at three different colors, which give a name to the main kratom types. And each of these kratom types has a different set of effects:

  • White kratom: If you’re looking for an energizing kratom type, white kratom is your choice. White kratom strains are usually the most energizing ones. Users also praise them for their euphoric properties.
  • Red kratom: Generally speaking, red kratom strains are the most relaxing varieties. Also, kratom consumers usually agree that red kratom’s analgesic properties are more potent than those of white and green kratom. However, all kratom strains have strong analgesic effects.
  • Green kratom: Green kratom is a sort of Jack of all trades (in a positive way). Green strains comprise the whole spectrum of kratom effects, but they are milder than the white and red kratom types. Nonetheless, they are still a great choice, especially for kratom newbies.

But other than the three main kratom types, you can also find a great number of kratom strains. Kratom strains are kratom sub-types that depend on the region where kratom comes from or other factors. For instance, you can find red Bali kratom, white Indo kratom, Bentuangie kratom, white Maeng Da kratom or red horn kratom. The strain you choose will also make a difference in the effects.


What Is Horned Kratom?


Horned kratom gets this name because of the peculiar shape of its leaves. The Mitragyna speciosa leaves used to make this variety have pointed edges, mimicking little horns. Finding these peculiar shapes is very hard, therefore, the kratom farmers always look for them very thoroughly. Given that horned kratom is so elusive, it is only natural that it is expensive.

Red and white kratom are the most common horned varieties. You can also find green horn kratom, but this strain is even harder to find than the other two. Let us explore the properties of each of these kratom varieties:

  • Red horn kratom: This kratom variety is praised for its long-lasting effects. Thanks to its sedative properties, it is also a favorite among users looking to fight insomnia. It can also bring calm and relaxation and has strong anxiolytic effects. However, its effects can be a bit unpredictable and can bring undesirable side effects if you are not cautious with the dosage. Red horn kratom is not recommendable for kratom newbies.
  • White horn kratom: White horn kratom is a very stimulating strain. If you need an energy boost, this kratom strain will definitely provide you with it. It is also favored for its euphoric and uplifting effects that will boost your mood. White horn kratom is also said to improve cognitive functions, such as focus and concentration. Due to its energetic effects, you should avoid this horned variety before going to sleep.
  • Green horn kratom: While less common than white and red horn kratom, many users choose this strain for its uplifting and energizing properties. However, it can have sedating effects at high doses.


Where Can I Buy Horned Kratom?


Now that you know what horned kratom is you may be wondering where you can buy it. There are many vendors that sell horned kratom. Nonetheless, you should always look for reliable vendors that sell high-quality products. Sadly, it is not that uncommon to find individuals who market kratom or horn kratom but are actually selling you something else. Therefore, you need to make sure that your source is legit. In order to find a good kratom vendor, you should look for reviews online, but also check the vendor’s site. Does it have a real physical address? Does it have a customer service that you can reach? If you find a vendor that offers very cheap kratom and doesn’t even have a website, maybe you should avoid them.


What Are Kratom Side Effects?


A man sitting on a sofa suffering from a headache


Kratom can bring unpleasant side effects, especially when not used properly. That’s why you should always be very careful with your dosage. Arguably, a moderate approach is the best way to avoid kratom side effects.

What are the most common side effects of kratom?

  • Stomach upset and nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Constipation
  • Eye wobbles
  • Dehydration

By avoiding high doses not only will you prevent most of these side effects. You will also avoid or delay kratom tolerance. Large doses and regular (frequent) use of kratom can lead to tolerance. As a result, your body will need higher amounts of kratom to notice its effects.

If you are a horn kratom user, we’d love to know your experience. You can share your story in the comments box below!