Real Kratom Story: Andy from Nevada


If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably know our kratom real stories series. If not, we encourage you to visit the kratom real stories section. By reading people’s real stories, you will understand how kratom has helped people like you. Today, we bring you Andy’s kratom real story. And we would like to thank him for sharing his experience with all of us.

So, read Andy’s kratom real story in his own words below.

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How was your life before kratom?


My life was nothing but doctor’s appointments and stressing about if my next prescription was going to be filled. This wasn’t due to anything I did but the Pharmacy’s and Insurance. With Kratom, I can use it as a direct replacement for opioids most of the time.


How did you discover kratom?


I had heard about Kratom for a couple of years but thought it was nothing more than another legal way to get high, boy was I wrong. I finally went into a Smoke Shop and explained that I was trying to get off of these pain killers and they explained what Kratom really was and how it worked so I decided to try some. One of the best decisions I have ever made.


What do you take kratom for?


I take Kratom for a variety of reasons, to keep the withdrawals at bay while I finish getting off the prescriptions, I use it for pain management and to keep my psyche in check when I have a rough day. Kratom is one of the few substances that enable you to use it without becoming dependent on it.


What’s your kratom routine?


My routine is simple, I take about a 1/2tsp of Kratom every 3-6 hours depending on how I am feeling. I take the Kratom with equal parts Chia Seed and Pickle juice to help keep myself from being dehydrated.


What are your preferred kratom types/strains?


Currently, the strain I use most is called “Red Dragon”, it’s one of the most potent strains that I have found locally and works well. If that is not available “Mang Da” is a close second.


Did you try other treatments before kratom?


Is this a loaded question? I have tried so many other treatments without any kind of success. I have been to physical therapy, pain management, and specialists that only threw more medications at me. And I don’t think there is much that I have not tried and Kratom has proven the only regiment that works without severe side effects.

kratom real story: Andy


How has kratom improved your condition?


Kratom has improved my condition and my life in ways I thought never possible. When I was trying to get help from the Doctors, they only threw more medications at me, at one point I was on Fentanyl, Percocet, Morphine, Baclofen, and many others, 12 in total. Doctor’s appointments and prescriptions were basically my life, now I am almost free of them all.


How would a kratom ban affect your life?


A Kratom ban would be flat out detrimental to my life, Kratom has given me the freedom from Doctors and Prescriptions. If I was not able to get Kratom I would have to turn back to the Doctors and Big Pharma, just like they want. But I have planned for this scenario by obtaining Kratom seed. Now that I have found Kratom there is no way that I am giving it up, I will grow it illegally if I need to. Kratom has none of the detrimental side effects not to mention the physical dependency that medications have.


Is there anything else you want to add?


Kratom is seen as an adversary to the Government and Big Pharma if you don’t believe that just think about this. The Government and Big Pharma have relied on people being addicted to these pain killers, there isn’t any “Opioid Crisis”, it’s the fact that they have been caught depending on people becoming addicted to these simply to generate income and profits. In any business, the main goal is to make money and the best way to do that is repeat business.

The only reason we are in this so-called opioid crisis is because the Pharmaceutical companies are losing so much income because people are not taking their drugs any longer. They are spending so much money trying to make Kratom and Marijuana against the law because they are both direct replacements for pain killers without the dependency, it is taking away their precious profits, SO WHAT? Stand up and stick up for others that have become victims of the Government and Big Pharma, don’t let them get their hands into it, keep it free!


Again, thank you, Andy, for sharing your kratom real story with us. We wish you all the best!

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  1. Kratom is an amazing plant and it got me off hard opiates. However it can cause dependence and withdrawal. Especially if you take it everyday for seven straight years. It is perfectly safe though but if I were to run out I’d get bad withdrawal. As long as it stays legal that isnt a problem however. Kratom has also helped with depression, anxiety and lethargy. Never get it from a smokeshop though.

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