Real Kratom Story #2


In recent times, many Americans have turned to kratom, a natural herb from South East Asia, to ease a great number of conditions. According to kratom users, this plant can be helpful when dealing with problems such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression or to deal with opiate withdrawal symptoms, to name a few. Nevertheless, kratom remains controversial: Whilst kratom advocates fight for their right to keep their access to the herb in America, the FDA is trying to ban the plant. But who is right in this controversy? To answer this question, it is important to give voice to those who use kratom regularly, so they can give you first-hand experience on how this plant works. For this reason, we are starting a series of articles where people like you will share their real kratom stories. In this post, D.W. from Ohio tells us how kratom has helped improve her life. Read our first real kratom story below.


Real Kratom Stories: D.W. from Ohio


D.W. from Ohio has accepted to share her story with us. So, see what she wants to tell us in her own words below.

“It’s hard to imagine how much pain I’ve endured. Double-digit surgeries and scar tissue galore. Each month refilling my chemical prescriptions, while just living life waiting for my next doctor visit.

Married for 21 years, is my husband getting tired of my whining for a cure? Supportive and helpful, he must secretly be wishing that he’d chosen differently.

At this point, my friends don’t even bother. They’re free of disease and living life to the fullest. I always cancel or get sick. So, they’ll just send pics of their fun weekend.

Researching and researching, tear after tear, pleading and pleading and wishing for a cure. Kratom??!!- no freaking way this will do! I’ve tried everything under this sun and moon.

When the package came, I laughed at the green powder. I fell for it again, got hopeful and ordered. An hour went by and I felt like a teen. This must surely be just placebo indeed.

I’m moving around without wincing and I am more than impressed. My husband comes home, and I am actually dressed.

Tears of joy and not of pain, for the first time in decades. Kratom gave me life and I know I am not alive just to feel pain.”


D.W. Kratom Experience


D.W. also accepted to answer some questions that we sent to her. We hope that her experience can be of help to you. See what she told us below.


How did you discover kratom?


A cousin of my mine started work as a cashier in a store that sold products made from hemp. She was on light duty, recuperating from spine surgery and struggling with much pain herself. She told me about a plant powder that customers were stopping by to purchase called Kratom. After hearing many stories of how the plant had benefitted them, she decided to try it for herself. She called me within hours that day and told me how much relief she felt and that she hoped I would investigate kratom as well. I’ll never forget that phone call because I laughed at her suggestion and nearly discarded the advice. Today, I am forever grateful for her suggestion, as it has changed my life.


What do you use kratom for?


Endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hidradenitis suppurativa, osteoporosis, with the token depression and anxiety that followed after suffering from the age of 13 to my early 20’s without a diagnosis. It also helps me with severe nerve pain/numbness caused by many abdominal surgeries and the scar tissue that follows.


What’s your kratom routine?


My routine varies depending on my pain level and whether I’m having a flare up of any of my autoimmune conditions. Normally, I wake, have a light breakfast and do whatever stretches I can. I then have a cup of kratom tea that is usually followed by coffee. Every day is different for me, so I may have one cup or several throughout the day and night if it’s an especially bad flare.


What are your preferred kratom types/strains?


I started taking only green veins as they gave me the energy to get through my day. Whites tend to make me anxious as I’m limited in the type of exercises I can do to expend the extra energy. Because of this, I’ve only tried white once; though I’m certain there is a type that would work for me. Currently, I like to mix a bit of red and green together. It seems to provide me with the best pain relief while still giving me an alert focused feeling. I do rotate and maintain a variety of strains, but my favorites are green Malay and red Bali.


Did you try other treatments before kratom?


If it was in a nutritional healing book, I’ve tried it. I can’t list the number of herbal concoctions, essential oils, and supplements I’ve tried. Medical massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Not to mention, many necessary surgeries and options from the doctors; Lyrica, Cymbalta, Tramadol, Vicodin, and steroid shots galore.


How has kratom improved your condition?


The ability to walk, move and bend without having to hold tears of pain back. The normalcy of being able to vacuum, clean and dust again without feeling punished by my body for doing so. And the biggest improvement ever; HOPE.


Is there anything else you want to add?


It’s only been a year and a half since kratom has been in my life. I did so much research that I can’t believe how long it took for me to find this plant. And I am glad that word is getting out about what I call “my hope” and that information is more readily available for it. I do fear and worry about it becoming illegal and that thought alone, angers me so very much. However, I try to enjoy my time with it, while remaining vigilant and up to date on any legislation that might endanger my access to it. So now that I feel relief, I’m fighting a new battle – to keep this botanical available for all. I’d like to encourage all to support the American Kratom Association. They continue to fight for kratom, with science and facts, helping to keep the hope alive for thousands of people who depend on kratom for quality of life.


We are constantly looking for real kratom stories like yours. If you want to share your story and educate others on kratom, let us know in the comment section below!

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