Pros and Cons of Kratom Capsules

Powder, resins, tinctures, oils… Kratom can be found and consumed in different formats and many users wonder if they can switch to kratom capsules without losing its effects or benefits. Kratom capsules are indeed a very convenient way of consuming kratom, but they also have certain disadvantages when compared to other formats or intake methods. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of kratom capsules and you’ll be able to decide whether they are what you are looking for.


Pros of Capsules


You will not need to deal with kratom’s taste

Many users abhor kratom bitter taste and by ingesting it in cons of kratom capsulescapsules you will not have to endure it anymore.

Kratom capsules are very convenient

You will be able to take your capsules with you everywhere and even to consume them in public.

Kratom capsules can help keep kratom fresh 

Gelatin capsules can slow oxidization while hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsules possess very high protection properties. You can even find opaque capsules that will protect kratom from UV radiation and light.

The average shell breakdown is 4 minutes 

That is relatively fast.

You can make your own capsules at home 

Making your own capsules is not a very difficult process.


Cons of Kratom Capsules


They are not that easy to find 

If you want to buy kratom capsules from a seller you will find that they are not available in all vendors.

Kratom capsules are expensive 

Buying this format is much more expensive than buying powdered kratom due to the manufacturing, storing and packaging of the capsules. A good alternative is to buy empty capsules and make your own kratom capsules at home, but…

Making your own capsules shows important disadvantages 

When making your own kratom capsules you will lose kratom in the process. Also, it is impossible to know the exact amount contained in each capsule. You can buy a capsule filling machine to help you with the process, but if you are using more than one size of capsules you will need one machine per capsule size. Furthermore, you could still lose some product during the preparation.


kratom capsules


They are not so convenient for larger doses 

If you want to take high doses of kratom you may need to take several capsules or large capsules which might turn out hard to swallow.

Gelatin capsules are not suitable for vegetarians 

If you are a vegetarian you will need to make sure that the capsules you are taking are not made of gelatin, as this product is of animal origin. On the other hand, if your religion prevents you from eating pork you must consider that gelatin capsules can be derived from pork.

You cannot check the freshness of kratom 

Although capsules can preserve kratom for longer, they are not air-tight and eventually, kratom will lose its properties. When kratom is inside a capsule you cannot check its freshness.

Some capsules may allow the transfer of moisture 

Despite the preservative properties of capsules, some gelatin capsules can provoke that moisture reaches the kratom contained in the pill.

There have been cases when the capsule shell has interacted with the content

The shell can mix with the kratom, and interact with it.

The onset is longer 

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of kratom capsules. It will take you longer to feel the effects of kratom. This happens because our body needs to digest the capsule so the kratom alkaloids reach our system. This does not happen when consuming kratom tea.

You are making your liver and kidneys work harder 

Because the active elements of kratom contained in the capsule need to be expelled and ingested, you are forcing your kidneys and liver to perform an «extra» work which would not be necessary if you were ingesting kratom in a different form, like tea. Some individuals who are suffering from a liver or kidney condition cannot even tolerate gelatin or other types of capsules.

Allergy to gelatin 

There are some people who are allergic to gelatin capsules. Therefore, they need to guarantee the capsules they are taking do not contain this substance.

Capsules may contain unwanted additives 

Regardless of whether they are gelatin or vegetable, capsules may contain additives (such as plasticizers or preservatives like cetylpyridinium chloride or aluminum acetate). These additives may turn out dangerous for our bodies in the long term.

Kratom in capsules might be less potent 

Some users claim that kratom in capsules is less potent than in other forms. The explanation for this is that some kratom gets stuck inside the capsule and is never released into our bloodstream.

Kratom capsules cannot be boiled 

It is very, very recommended to sterilize kratom by giving it a boil before using it. Sterilization guarantees that we get rid of all the contaminants kratom may contain before consuming it (remember that kratom comes straight from the jungle!). However, you cannot boil capsules, as they would melt or break.

Now that you know the pros and cons of kratom capsules you can decide if they are the best choice for you.



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