Most Common CBD Formats

When looking for a natural remedy it is frequent to find lots of products and supplements in shops or online. If you buy your products in a shop, you’ll probably get the information directly from the vendor. However, in today’s world more and more people decide to buy online, because it is both convenient and, in many cases, significantly cheaper. The problem when buying online is that it’s harder to find first-hand information about the products. One of the most common problems that people find when buying supplements online, is the different formats of many products. For instance, CBD comes in various formats, each one with its advantages and downsides. Choosing the right CBD format for you might seem overwhelming, however, in most cases, this is just a matter of personal preference. But, if you still don’t know which CBD format would work better for you, we’ll try to clarify it in this article. So, keep reading to find the most common CBD formats and how they work!




CBD oil is probably the most common CBD format, and it’s the preferred choice for many users. In many cases, CBD oil is made by mixing it with pure olive oil, but there are other methods to make it.

Typically, CBD oil comes in small bottles with a dropper. To use it, you simply must place a few drops under your tongue and wait for them to dissolve. However, you can also add a few drops to a food. Finally, consider that this format usually has a higher concentration of CBD, so you’ll need to use less amount of the product to feel the effects.


CBD Liquids


CBD liquids or e-liquids are becoming popular among people who like vaping. To use this CBD format, you’ll need to pour the liquid into your e-cigarette and vape normally. This way, the vapor will reach your lungs and the CBD will be absorbed into your bloodstream. So, this is a fast way to experience its effects.


CBD Capsules


CBD capsules can usually contain CBD paste or oil. Most vendors who offer this product indicate the amount of CBD included in each capsule. Moreover, this method of consumption is very convenient, as capsules can be taken on the go at any moment. Additionally, with this method of consumption, you’ll avoid CBD’s taste. However, the onset and effectivity of the capsules are not as high as other formats.


CBD Paste


This format has a very high concentration of CBD. The method of extraction to obtain CBD paste includes processes that use CO2. As this is a very concentrated type of CBD, it is typically more expensive than other formats, and very few vendors offer this format.

Many times, CBD paste comes with a syringe to help measure the dose. Finally, to experience its properties you’ll need to ingest the paste directly or simply add it to foods.


CBD Creams


In recent times, many cosmetic brands have started to incorporate CBD into their products. However, CBD creams have been used for many years. Like any other cream, to use this format, you just need to apply over your skin. Typically, it is used to alleviate inflammation and local pain. Additionally, it can help relieve joint pain and dermatitis. Probably, the main advantage of CBD cream is that it is very hard to exceed the dose, as it is used topically.


CBD Crystals


CBD crystals or crystallized CBD is a form of concentrated CBD, which looks similar to crystal powder. This is a very pure form of CBD, that can go up to 98%. Although this is not a very common format, there are vendors who offer it online.

There are various ways to consume CBD crystals: you can add it to your foods, drinks or even cosmetics.


CBD Mouth Spray


This format is similar to CBD oil, but, instead of a dropper, the bottle comes with a sprayer. They are typically not as dense as CBD oil, and it is a bit harder to dose, as this will depend on the pressure that you apply to the sprayer.


CBD Edibles


Lately, you can find CBD in different edible formats. Probably, one of the most popular is the CBD gummies. Although they have the advantage of the taste, they sometimes have added sugars, which make them unhealthier. Additionally, consider that edibles take much longer to be absorbed into the system, so you’ll feel the effects much later. In fact, sometimes you won’t experience any effects until a couple of hours after ingestion.

Finally, remember that the dosage of CBD will depend on your weight and your personal needs, so there’s no general recommendation.

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