Kratom Variety Packs


Kratom variety packs (or kratom sample packs) are a great choice for kratom newbies and for more expert users. Thanks to these packs, you can try and enjoy different kratom strains. This will allow you to choose the best kratom strain for you. But also, to fight kratom tolerance. In this article, you will learn all the benefits of buying kratom sample packs.


What Is Kratom? How Does Kratom Work?


Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asian rainforest. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa and it is in the Rubiaceae family (which is the same as coffee). The leaves of kratom contain a high number of alkaloids and other active compounds (such as mitragynine) that act on the mu and delta receptors in your brain, producing different effects that go from pain relief to relaxation or euphoria. That’s why millions of people across the world use kratom for many ailments and conditions:

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

Moreover, kratom has also become an ally for people fighting an opiate addiction. And that happens because kratom is also very useful in relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the leaves of kratom, dried and ground into a powder, have become such a popular product.


Different Kratom Types: White, Red, and Green


Kratom has indeed a great variety of effects. In fact, some of these effects can also be very different, such as energizing and sedative. But why does this occur? Why can kratom have so different effects? Because the alkaloids of kratom are very peculiar. At low doses, they produce more stimulating effects. But at high doses, the effects are more sedative.

However, the kratom type you consume will also have a different set of effects. In general, we can say that white kratom varieties are more energizing and euphoric, while red kratom varieties are the most sedative and relaxing. Green varieties can have the whole range of effects of kratom, but these effects are usually milder than the white and red varieties.

But the three main kratom types (white, red, and green) also have a great number of varieties or strains. And each of this strain has its own set of alkaloids. While mitragynine is by far the most abundant kratom alkaloid, there are other alkaloids that can also alter the effects of kratom. That’s why many kratom users report noticing different effects when switching to other kratom strains.


What Is Kratom Tolerance?


When you have been consuming kratom for a while (especially at high doses), your body becomes less sensitive to the action of kratom and its alkaloids. There are mainly two processes that cause kratom tolerance: upregulation and downregulation.


Human cells


Downregulation is the decrease of a cellular component. When this occurs, the receptors to certain substances or molecules decrease. The cells become then less sensitive to that substance. As a result, your body needs higher amounts of that substance to notice its effects.

Upregulation implies that your body becomes over-sensitized to a substance and produces more cellular material in order to fight that substance. For instance, in the case of kratom, the liver produces more P450 enzymes that break down kratom’s alkaloids faster. Again, this means that you will need higher doses of kratom if you want to feel its effects.

In order to avoid kratom tolerance, it is recommendable you do not consume kratom every day. You should also be cautious with your kratom dosage and avoid high doses.

This is a recommendable dosage guide that you can follow:

  • 2 – 3 g: Starting dose. Recommendable for kratom new users
  • 2 – 4 g: Low dose
  • 4 – 5 g: Moderate dose
  • 5 – 8: High dose. The effects can be very sedative

Remember to measure your kratom dosage correctly. That is, using a scale and not with spoons.

If you are already experiencing kratom tolerance, you might want to take a break from kratom until your body responds to it properly again.

But another way of avoiding kratom tolerance is by changing your kratom strain frequently. And that is why kratom variety packs are such a great choice.


Benefits of Kratom Variety Packs


Each kratom strain has a different set of alkaloids. By using kratom sample packs, you can try different kratom strains, you will feel their different effects. And that will allow you to see which one works better for you.

For kratom newbies, variety packs can be a great ally, as they will allow them to try different strains at a relatively low cost. Thus, they will not have to invest a great amount of money in buying different strains without knowing which one will be better for them.

But switching to different kratom strains can also help you avoid kratom tolerance. And that happens because you are not consuming the exact same alkaloids every time you take kratom. Therefore, downregulation and upregulation can be delayed.

Kratom variety packs will also allow you to try different kratom combinations. By mixing different kratom strains, you can more easily achieve the results you are looking for.


Where Can I Buy Kratom Variety Packs?


Many kratom vendors sell kratom sample packs. You will find there are different types of packs. For instance, you can find a pack that includes samples of green, white, and red strains. Other variety packs may include only white, green, or red strains. And there are others that include samples of one single variety or region.

In any case, make sure you buy your kratom pack from a trusted vendor. You should always look for reliable kratom vendors that offer high-quality products.