Kratom Reliable Information: Where to find it?


No matter if you are new to kratom or an experienced kratom user, you’ve probably faced a problem when looking for information about the plant online: finding a reliable source. The web is full of sites with questionable claims and news about kratom. Today, we live in the world of “fake news”, and kratom is still unknown to many people. These and other reasons make it very hard for consumers to tell the difference between true and false claims. In this article, we will give you some tips that you can follow to find kratom reliable information online.


What Is Kratom?


If you are looking for kratom reliable information, you should know what kratom is first. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably have a good understanding of the plant already. But if you are a total newbie, there are some things that you should know about the plant.

Kratom comes from South East Asia and is in the coffee family. As such, it holds similar properties to its cousin, such as energizing and stimulating. And these are, in fact, the main reasons why kratom was used in its regions of origin. But kratom has many other properties, i.e.: analgesic and anxiolytic.

To experience its effects, people would ingest the leaves of the plant, which can be found in the market in many forms, including crushed leaves, powder, capsules and tinctures. Additionally, you’ll notice that there is a huge variety of kratom types out there, all of them with their own particular onset of effects. So, before buying kratom it is very recommended to do a thorough search to determine which one is the right for you. And here is when you should be careful and trust only reliable sources.


What Is Kratom Reliable Information?


Although kratom’s popularity has risen in recent years, the plant remains relatively unknown to a vast majority of the public. This lack of knowledge makes it easy for people with shady intentions to spread rumors, fake news, and false claims about the plant. That’s why it’s crucial to be able to tell the difference between truthful and false information before making any purchase decision.

Kratom reliable information refers to any piece of information that comes from an unbiased reliable source. But for some individuals, finding it is sometimes harder than it seems. If this is your case, keep reading below to find some tips to find kratom reliable information.


Where Can You Find Kratom Reliable Information?


There are many great sources where you can find kratom reliable information, but you must pay attention to some details to avoid being deceived. Let’s see some below:

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Blogs and Websites


  1. AKA website and forum. The American Kratom Association website is probably the best kratom reliable information source. In their website, you will not only find the latest news about the plant, but you’ll be able to participate in their forum to share and get information from other kratom users and connoisseurs. On the other hand, the AKA holds periodic webinars that will help you keep on top of any news around the plant.
  2. Independent blogs. Blogs like this one compile lots of information about kratom’s properties, types, how to use it and what to avoid. But beware, you’ll also find blogs and sites with false claims about the plant. So, stick to sites with regular publications, and which not only tells you the good things about kratom, but also the dangers and side effects of not using it right. Some examples are and, but there are many more out there. Simply use your common sense and don’t trust sites that are poorly designed or that tells you things that seem unreal.
  3. Vendors blogs. Most kratom vendors have their own blogs with dozens of articles that you can refer to find kratom reliable information. Visit your favorite vendor’s blog regularly to find what’s new. Also, visit other vendors’ blogs to see what they have to offer.
  4. Unbiased news sites. Although this might seem easy, avoiding unbiased sites is not as simple as it seems. Today, kratom is in the spotlight due to misinformation that has been spread by institutions and other sources. On the opposite side, there are pro-kratom sites that could be delivering false claims to oppose what they consider their enemy. So, telling biased from unbiased sites apart has become a hard task. So, what is biased information? All the information that always pick the same side and doesn’t seem to have been contrasted, could be biased.


Other Sources:


  1. Reddit forums and subforums. There’s no doubt that Reddit is a great source of information today. There, you can find hundreds of topics about anything you can imagine. And obviously, kratom is also in Reddit. But beware, not everything that you see in there is true. To be able to tell the good and bad information apart, you should always pay attention to the subject and don’t trust subjects that seem too sensationalist, confrontational, or that focus on shady topics.
  2. Social media influencers. Following kratom advocates on Twitter will not only help you to stay on top of news but will also help you identify unreliable information sources. Many times, kratom social media influencers report shady sites and information. Additionally, follow hashtags such as #keepkratomlegal or #kratomsaveslives to see what people have to say about the plant.
  3. “A Leaf of Faith” documentary. Did you know that there is a popular documentary on kratom? A leaf of faith explains a lot about the plant and will give you a great general overview of kratom.

Finally, there are some sources that you should avoid at all costs when searching for kratom reliable information, including biased websites and forums and sites which focus on shady topics, such as the so-called “legal highs”.