Kratom in the Workplace


Using kratom in the workplace can bring you many benefits. Kratom relieves pain, helps you cope with stress, and even increase motivation. But how can you use kratom in the workplace? In this post, you will find some tips on how to use kratom at work.


How does Kratom Work?


Kratom is a tree in the Rubiaceae family that grows in Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain plenty of alkaloids and other chemical compounds that activate the receptors that manage pain, mood, or stress. Hence, kratom users consume this herb for:

  • Relieving pain
  • Managing anxiety
  • Alleviating the symptoms of depression
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Managing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal
  • Improving mood

The effects of kratom depend mainly on two factors: the kratom type that you use and the dosage. In general, we can say that kratom is more energizing at low doses and more sedative at high doses. But the kratom type that you choose will also impact the effects that you will notice. White kratom is usually the most energizing type, whereas red kratom groups the most sedative strains. On the other hand, green strains are milder, but they usually cover the full spectrum of kratom effects.


How to Use Kratom in the Workplace


For millions of people, kratom is a life savior that allows them to live a pain-free life or to get an addiction under control. Therefore, for many of them using kratom in the workplace is a real need. Thanks to kratom, they can perform tasks that would be otherwise just too hard. Kratom also allows them to engage in and build stronger social relationships. Furthermore, kratom can also help you fight stress at work and even increase your motivation.

Nevertheless, using kratom in the workplace is not always easy. Unfortunately, a lot of media and public institutions have built a lot of controversy around kratom. That’s why you should take some precautions when using kratom in the workplace.

  • Be discreet: Even though kratom users and associations try to educate people about kratom, most people are still unaware of the reality of this herb. For many people, kratom is a menace, even a poison. Therefore, you should be discreet when using kratom in the workplace. Unless you work in a kratom-friendly environment, you should be discreet. For instance, you can use kratom capsules. Or even taking kratom before actually going to work.
  • Educate people on kratom: This tip may seem a bit contradictory with regards to our former point. However, if you think that your colleagues can understand kratom and its benefits, it may be okay to talk to them about it. Be careful who you choose, though: kratom can be a polemic, controversial topic.
  • Avoid side effects: There are some effects of kratom –such as nausea, drowsiness, and, most of all, eye wobbles­­­– that can be very unpleasant if occurring in the workplace. Hence, you should always try to avoid them.
  • Avoid potent sedative strains: Some strains (especially the red ones) can produce very sedative effects. Hence, it is better to avoid those strains and go for milder ones. Remember that most kratom strains can have calming and relaxing effects.


When You Should Not Use Kratom in the Workplace


In some cases, using kratom in the workplace is not recommendable. Helpful as kratom can be, it can also have some negative impact on your workplace. These are situations when you should not use kratom in the workplace:

  • Operating machinery or driving a vehicle: Kratom can cause drowsiness and bring sedative effects. That is why, you should avoid using kratom if you are going to operate machinery or drive a vehicle. You should be especially carefully if you use large doses or red strains.
  • You need to pass a drug test: Although traditional drug tests will not show kratom’s alkaloids, some laboratories have developed new drug tests that might track kratom. It is difficult to establish how long mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine will remain in your system. However, a urine test may find kratom in your urine even a week after you took it.
  • Being a kratom new user: If you are a new user, you should not use kratom in the workplace until you test how it works in your system. Kratom does not affect everybody equally. Hence, you should get used to kratom before using it at work. Make sure you have found the right dosage and the right strain for you. Do not use high doses. It is also recommendable that you write down your kratom experiences. How does kratom make you feel? What side effects do you feel? Are you capable of working and acting properly after taking kratom?


How to Take Kratom


Whether you want to use kratom in the workplace or in your personal life, you should find the most appropriate way of using it. You can make a kratom tea, use kratom capsules, toss and wash kratom or even make a kratom smoothie or mix it with yogurt. However, not all these methods are recommendable if you want to use kratom in the workplace. Brewing a kratom tea o using the toss and wash method may not be the best way of using kratom at work. You may want to carry your tea in a coffee thermos. But again, be discreet if your colleagues are not aware of your using kratom.

Kratom capsules, on the other hand, are very a convenient way of taking kratom in the workplace. However, they also have their negative side. Kratom capsules are more expensive than kratom powder (fortunately, you can make them yourself, as we explain in this article). Also, the onset may take longer, as the capsules must be absorbed by your stomach first.

In any case, if you want to use kratom in the workplace make sure you avoid high doses. That is the best way of preventing kratom side effects, which include constipation, dizziness, nausea or eye wobbles.