Benefits of Kratom for Your Social Life


Many kratom users have found that kratom is also helping them improve their social life. But can kratom help you socialize? What are the benefits of using kratom for your social life? Keep reading this article to find out.


Effects and Uses of Kratom


Kratom is the name commonly given to Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, people in Indonesia or Thailand chewed the leaves of the kratom tree to get an energy boost or to fight pain, although kratom was banned in Thailand back in 1948. However, when you buy kratom today, it is difficult to find fresh leaves. Instead, you will get kratom powder, obtained from dried leaves.

The leaves of kratom contain a set of alkaloids and other active compounds that act on the mu and delta receptors in your brain, spinal cord, and even intestinal tract.  When binding to these receptors, kratom alkaloids produce a series of effects that go from analgesia to relaxation or even stimulation. Thanks to these multiple effects, people use kratom to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Get an energy boost and fight fatigue
  • Relax
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Cope with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal

Generally speaking, we can say that kratom is more energizing at low doses and more sedating at high doses. Also, white strains are usually the most stimulating, while the effects of red strains are more relaxing (even sedating). Green kratom strains comprise all the effects of kratom, but in general, these effects are milder than white and red types.


Benefits of Kratom for Your Social Life


Millions of people use kratom to treat different conditions. And arguably, most of them take kratom to cope with other issues rather than for being more sociable. Nevertheless, many of these users also find that kratom also makes their social life better. Therefore, we could say that the benefits of kratom for your social life are a “bonus” of using kratom, so to speak.


A group of friends enjoying the benefits of kratom for your social life


Kratom and Social Anxiety


We said that most kratom users consume this herb to cope with other issues rather than for improving their social life. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many people suffering from social anxiety disorder (or social phobia) have found that kratom helps them relieve the symptoms and be much more sociable. Also, kratom boosts their confidence, which makes them more willing to socialize. Kratom users report that white and green strains (such as Green Malay) are the best choice to cope with social anxiety. If you want to try kratom for social phobia, you should use low to moderate doses (2-4 grams) and avoid taking kratom daily.


Kratom and Energy


Fatigue and lack of energy can also affect our social life. When we are tired, we are more reluctant to engage in social activities. But kratom is an amazing natural source of energy. At low doses, kratom has energizing properties that will provide you with the energy you need to perform your everyday tasks and to improve your social life. White strains, especially white Maeng Da, are the favorite choices among kratom users looking for an energy boost. Green Malay is also a good stimulating strain. Furthermore, kratom consumers report that they don’t experience the jitters typically associated with caffeine or energy drinks. If you want to boost your energy with kratom, make sure you take low doses, as high doses can have sedating effects.


Kratom and Motivation


Many kratom users report that the use of kratom increases their motivation. Thus, they feel more motivated to perform new tasks or to develop new activities. And of course, this motivation also includes their social life. By being more motivated, kratom users are more willing to build stronger relationships with their friends and family. But what are the best kratom strains for motivation? Most users agree that Green Malay is the best strain to improve motivation. However, people do not consume kratom for motivation, but for other purposes. So, they usually find that they feel more motivated when taking kratom, even if they are using it for other reasons. This increase in motivation also occurs thanks to other benefits and effects of kratom. For example, if you are using kratom for pain or depression, it is only natural that you feel more motivated if your symptoms have improved.


Other Ways to Improve Your Social Life


There are many things that you can do to build a better social life:

  • Keep in contact with your friends
  • Organize plans that involve your friends and family and don’t expect others to do it
  • Have different groups of friends
  • Be available

And remember that using kratom for your social life can be helpful, but in the end building and improving your social relationships depends on you.


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