When Kratom Doesn’t Work


For centuries, indigenous people from Southeastern Asian countries where kratom grows have used it as a natural analgesic, an energizer and to treat anxiety. Kratom has medical properties which make it an effective natural remedy for many different ailments, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatism, muscular soreness, general discomfort, anxiety or depression. It is also used in the process of opiates withdrawal as well as for recreational uses. Due to all this, kratom has gained popularity in the Western countries and the number of consumers is growing very fast. Kratom consumers often report how well it is working for them and it is very easy to find reviews online on the benefits of kratom. However, there is a small number of kratom users who claim that kratom doesn’t work for them, that they cannot feel any or very few kratom’s effects.


Why Kratom Doesn’t Work For You?


Kratom active elements include alkaloids such as mitragynine, 7-OHM or mitraphylline, which act by blocking the so-called opioid receptors in the brain. As a result, kratom users feel the effects of the plant: analgesic, sedative, relaxing, euphoric…

There are some consumers whose body produce certain enzymes which are not capable of metabolizing kratom properly. Because of this, kratom cannot achieve its final desired effects. However, the amount of kratom users who have this problem is very small. Therefore, this is not the explanation for most of the cases where kratom effects are insufficient.


Kratom Dosage


The dosage of kratom that you take will impact on the effects that you get. For legal reasons, kratom vendors usually avoid including indications on the dosage. Therefore, kratom users need to look for information about kratom dosages elsewhere, like other kratom users or the internet. However, there are so many sources of information that sometimes it is difficult to know which of them are accurate. And knowing the right dose is essential to obtain the sought effects.

The minimum raw kratom dose to feel its effects is 3 grams. The average dose is 5 – 7 grams. If you are taking a kratom dosage higher than 10 grams and you are not getting any or very few effects, then you should look further to find the source of the problem. You may be experiencing issues due to any of the reasons explained below in this post. Also, taking kratom after eating will reduce its effects, while taking it before eating will increase them.


Low-Quality Kratom


Low-quality kratom


Kratom quality plays a major role in experiencing kratom’s effects. It is imperative to buy your kratom from trusted vendors. Unfortunately, there are some vendors that do not sell good quality kratom. And, in some cases, the product they are selling is not even kratom. So, prior to buying kratom, especially if you are a first-time buyer, make a research on the internet to make sure you are acquiring your kratom from a reliable seller. A reliable seller will provide you with a good quality product. And you won’t be wasting your money in a low-quality kratom. You will easily find many groups of kratom fans and users online, like this group on reddit. Also, if you want to try a brand new kratom vendor, it is wise to order a small amount to try the product. You can even share it with another kratom consumer to exchange impressions.


Kratom Tolerance


If you have been consuming kratom for a long period of time, especially in high doses of extracts or enhanced products, it is quite likely that your body has developed kratom tolerance. If this is your case, you should stop taking kratom for a while. By doing that your body will reset. And you’ll feel kratom’s effects again.

The regular intake of opiates and pain relievers can create a tolerance to kratom. That can happen even in individuals who have never taken kratom before. This kind of tolerance is known as cross-tolerance.


Kratom Storage Conditions




Kratom beneficial properties come mostly from the mitragynine alkaloid. With time, mitragynine components are eventually transformed into mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, which lacks most of the mitragynine properties. To preserve the mitragynine properties as long as possible, you need to store kratom in the right conditions. You must keep kratom in a dry place, protected from sunlight, oxygen and moisture. Many users keep a small amount of kratom, enough for a day or two, in a vacuum seal bag. Then, they place this bag in a dark container and keep it in the fridge. Thus, kratom is stored in an environment that will guarantee its freshness when taken.


Kratom and Alcohol


The use of alcoholic beverages can strongly influence the effects of kratom in our body. Some users report that a low, moderate dose of alcohol can enhance and boost the effects of kratom. That said, high doses of alcohol can cause unpleasant side effects. Also, kratom effects can be overshadowed by alcohol effects.


Kratom and General Health


Our health and general state can also affect how our body and system react to kratom. Lack of sleep, fever or minor conditions can cause the body not to process kratom properly, leading to milder effects.


Other Factors: Enzymes and Metabolizers


Have you checked all these factors and kratom is still not working for you? Then you might have a deficiency of the enzymes and metabolizers that your body needs to process kratom.

If kratom is still not working, check out our articles about kratom alternatives.



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