Is All Kratom the Same?


Kratom, an herb from South East Asia, has become very popular in recent times thanks to its many uses and effects. The plant was unknown in Western countries just a few years ago, but nowadays it can be easily found in online shops and headshops everywhere. In fact, the market now offers a huge variety of kratom products, making it complicated for the customer to choose the right type. If you are new to kratom you’ve probably sat down in front of your computer before making a purchase wondering: what should I buy? Is all kratom the same? In this article, we’ll try to clarify these questions in hopes to make it easier for you to decide which kratom type is right for you.


What Is Kratom Used For?


Many times, people who wonder if all kratom is the same, do so because they are looking for the right type to alleviate a condition from which they (or their loved ones) suffer. So, for new users, it may seem overwhelming to choose from the many products available in the market. But, before we explain what each kratom type is good for, we must understand the main kratom uses and properties.

In its area of origin, kratom was traditionally used by locals to get an energy boost to endure long working days. Also, to enjoy it’s stimulating, euphoric and relaxing properties. However, in Western countries, people typically use it to achieve the following effects:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Energy and stimulation
  • Opiate withdrawal symptoms relief

Regarding opiate withdrawal, many users take kratom as a way to come off of opioids. In fact, many users report that kratom has helped them get off both legal and illegal opioids, helping them become active and productive members of society again.


Is All Kratom the Same?


Now comes the big question: Is all kratom the same? The answer is yes and no. The reason for this is that, although there is only one Mitragyna Speciosa species, the different environmental conditions, harvesting and drying processes, and other factors, will result in three different colors: white, red and green. And these colors are the main indicators of the characteristics of each kratom product.

But, before we dig into the peculiarities of the different kratom colors, we must understand what the different kratom strains or varieties mean. For instance, if you are a kratom consumer you’ve probably come across products with local names, such as Bali kratom, Thai kratom, Indo kratom, Borneo kratom or Sumatra kratom. As you may have guessed, these names simply refer to the region where the strain comes from (except for Thai kratom, which typically comes from Indonesia, as the sales of kratom are prohibited in Thailand).

Other names, such as horned kratom, refers to the special shape of the leaves of this particular variety.

And, finally, Maeng Da kratom, which is one of the most popular kratom types, is just the name of a strong Thai kratom variety.


Kratom Colors and Properties


As we mentioned above, the kratom color is the main indicator of what you can expect from the product. So, it is crucial to learn what each variety’s characteristics are before buying kratom. Below we’ll give you an overview of each color and their main properties and effects.

Is all kratom the same? The different kratom colors


White Vein Kratom


White vein kratom is the most euphoric and stimulant of the three main kratom colors. Typically, people will use this variety to achieve the following effects:

  • Stimulation
  • Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Mood elevation
  • Alertness
  • Concentration

This is, in fact, the most popular variety among those seeking to get some stamina before a long working day. So, if you are looking


Red Vein Kratom


Contrary to the white vein, red vein kratom is the variety of choice for those looking for kratom’s antianxiety and pain-relieving properties. Typically, people use red vein kratom for the following purposes:

  • Relieve pain
  • Calm and relax
  • Achieve better sleep
  • Relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms

Red vein is the most popular variety and it is, in fact, the best-selling type of all three.


Green Vein Kratom


Green vein kratom is the most balanced of the three main kratom types. It is considered a sort of a middle ground between the red and the green varieties. In fact, some users mix green vein with one of the other two to balance the effects. Although users report that this type is not as strong as the other two, it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Focus and alertness
  • Pain relief
  • Social anxiety relief

Additionally, remember that kratom effects will be very different depending on the dosage. So, for energy and stimulation, you’ll need a small dose. On the other hand, to experience its relaxing and analgesic properties you’ll need moderate to higher doses.

Finally, consider that the above is just a general rule of thumb of what to expect from each of the different kratom types. So, it is advisable to dig deeper into each variety to finally find the strain that is right for you.

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