How To Use Kratom For Energy?


The Mitragyna Speciosa tree grows in the rainforest areas of South East Asia. In these areas, the leaves of the plant were harvested by the local population who used them for many purposes. But, probably, the main use of kratom leaves in their areas of origin was to achieve energy and stimulation. In fact, manual laborers of these regions chewed the leaves of the plant to help them get through long and tiresome working hours.

Many people use kratom today in the US for many reasons, including, relieve pain, get off opioids, ease anxiety and, of course, achieve energy and stimulation. In this article, we’ll focus on the latter so, keep reading below to discover how to use kratom for energy.


Kratom: A Cousin of Coffee


Kratom is a tall evergreen tree of the Rubiaceae family. Although this name might not sound familiar to you, a very popular substance that most of us use every day is part of this family, namely, coffee.

As you know, coffee holds stimulant and energizing properties that help you stay awake, focused and motivated, and so does kratom. In fact, many kratom users take it in the mornings for the same reason others drink a cup of coffee: to get the stamina and extra energy to perform their daily tasks. But not all kratom types and doses are equally effective to achieve energy, so let’s explore which are the best (and worst) varieties and how to use kratom for energy below.


Best Kratom Types for Energy


Typically, the white varieties are the most energizing and stimulating, however, this is not always the case. So, let’s see the most popular types for this purpose:

  1. Thai kratom is one of the most energizing kratom strains, in fact, this was the type that laborers in Thailand used to get extra energy to work. Although the best varieties for energy are the white and green types, red Thai also holds energizing effects.
  2. Maeng Da kratom is also very popular among those looking to achieve energy and stimulation. Like Thai, the red Maeng Da strains can give you energy. However, the best Maeng Da types to achieve energy are white varieties.
  3. Green Malay is another one of the preferred kratom types to achieve energy and stimulation. One of its peculiarities is that its effects take longer to kick in (up to an hour), but they last longer than other strains.


Kratom for Energy: Types to Avoid


As you know, depending on the dosage and the type, kratom may have a very different effect. In fact, if you use the wrong dose or the wrong type, you might end up feeling the opposite effect that you were looking for. For this reason, it is not only recommended to know the best varieties for the specific purpose, but also the ones to avoid. As we said, the red vein types are typically more calming and relaxing, so you should stay away from them if you are seeking energy. But what are the types to avoid for energy? Let’s see below:

  1. Red Bali is praised for its relaxing and calming effects and it’s typically used to relieve anxiety and pain. Its calming effects are very strong, so it should not be used for energy.
  2. Red Borneo holds similar properties to Red Bali. So you shouldn’t use it just for the purpose of energy and stimulation.
  3. Indo varieties can also be quite calming and relaxing so if you are only using kratom to achieve energy, they won’t be a good choice.

Nevertheless, the white varieties of the above strains may have some energizing and painkilling effects so, if you want to achieve energy and relieve pain at the same time, you shouldn’t rule them out completely.

how to use kratom for energy


How to Use Kratom for Energy? Dosage


Since kratom hasn’t been researched enough there is no general rule as what the best dosage of kratom for energy is. However, evidence shows that kratom is more calming and relaxing at higher doses and more energizing and stimulating in lower ones. So, generally speaking, it is better to start on a low dose to achieve energy.

Typically, a very low dose will range between 1-2 grams. And a low dose will be of around 2-3 grams. However, if you are new to kratom (or to the specific strain) you should start on a very low dose. Then, build up until you find the effect that you are looking for. But remember, that no matter which strain you are using, kratom tends to be more relaxing and even sedating at larger doses. So, if you don’t feel the stimulation and energy that you are looking for, it is better to change the type rather than increasing the dosage. This will also help you prevent developing tolerance.


How to Use Kratom for Energy? Consumption Method


There’s no best method of consumption to use kratom for energy. However, mind that the best way to take kratom for any purpose is by ingesting it. So, if you are planning to use kratom in the morning to achieve energy, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Kratom tea: simply boil some water and add your kratom powder dose to it until is mostly dissolved and drink it.
  • Toss and wash: scoop your kratom powder dose into your mouth and swallow it with a gulp of water.
  • Take capsules: although this is a very convenient method to take kratom on the go, we recommend that you make your own capsules to make sure that you are taking the appropriate dose.

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