How to Take Kratom Capsules


Undeniably, kratom capsules are very convenient. And you can even make your own kratom capsules at home. But sometimes it can be difficult to know the exact dosage you are taking and the right way to consume them. In this post, we will show you how to measure the kratom contained in the capsules. Then you’ll know the exact dosage you are taking. And the best way to consume them.


What Is Kratom?


Kratom is the name commonly given to the herb product obtained from the tree of the same name. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is a tree from the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It grows naturally in places like Indonesia, Thailand or Bali.

There are three different kratom strains, or types, depending on the color of the leaf’s vein and middle stems. These are white kratom, green kratom and red kratom. Each kratom strain has different sub-types depending on the place of origin (e.g., Red Thai or White Borneo).

Kratom active elements include more than 20 alkaloids (such as mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine). These alkaloids affect the opioid receptors in the brain in the same way opiates do, but without their risks and side effects (remember: kratom is not an opiate). Due to this, kratom possesses many beneficial effects and properties (analgesic, sedative, energizer, euphoric…), which have made it popular worldwide. Kratom can be a good alternative to opioid painkillers and it is also a great ally when coping with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Kratom is usually processed by drying its leaves and then grounding them into a fine powder. There are also kratom extracts, resin or enhanced kratom (a blend of raw kratom with an extract to obtain a more potent product). Kratom powder can be taken in different forms: it can be brewed into a tea, added to sauces or juices or it can also be inserted into capsules.


Establishing the Right Kratom Dosage


The right kratom dosage may vary among individuals, due to a series of factors.


The desired effect


Depending on the effect or effects you want to achieve, the dosage of kratom you need will vary.


The kratom strain


Each kratom strain or variety owns different qualities. That means that some varieties are better for certain effects, while others are more recommendable for another set of effects. Because of this, if you don’t take the right strain for the effects you’re looking for, you’ll need a higher dose.


The kratom quality


The quality of kratom may vary depending on the manufacturer or the vendor. Therefore, it is very important to purchase kratom from a reliable seller who provides you a top-quality product.


The type of kratom product 


If you are taking kratom capsules filled with extracts or enhanced products you will need lower doses, as this type of product is more potent than regular raw kratom.


The tolerance level 


If you have developed kratom tolerance as a result of a regular intake, you will need higher doses to achieve the desired effects. The higher the tolerance level, the larger the doses.


Taking kratom on an empty or a full stomach 


When consuming kratom on an empty stomach, the onset will be faster and its effects more noticeable. However, if you are prone to nausea or have a “delicate” stomach you should avoid taking kratom with an empty stomach. It could cause you nausea or stomachache.

As you must have noticed, there are many factors involved in the kratom dosage for each individual. Due to this, it is wise to keep a journal where you record the different doses, strains and effects. By doing this, you will be able to see and learn which dosage and strains are best for you.


How Much Kratom is Contained in a Capsule?


When taking kratom in capsules, you can skip a lot of the guesswork as all of the capsules in the bottle contain the same amount of kratom. But still finding the right dosage for kratom capsules will require some trial and error. In fact, there are many users who wonder how many capsules they need for euphoria or relaxation, or the number of capsules they should take when taking Maeng Da kratom, for instance.

In order to know how many capsules you need to achieve certain effects or the recommended number of capsules for each strain, you will first need to know how many grams of kratom a capsule contains.


Kitchen scale


How to Measure Kratom Capsules


The first step to determine the right kratom dosage is to measure the amount of kratom contained in each capsule. In order to do that, open a capsule and empty its content on a kitchen scale and weight it. Capsules usually contain between 0.5 to 1 gram of kratom powder. But that is an approximate generalization. The exact may vary depending on the product or the capsule size. You can also try to determine the amount of kratom per capsule by placing the kratom powder on a teaspoon (one slightly teaspoon contains approximately between 2.5 to 3 grams of kratom), but this type of measurement per value may be imprecise and inaccurate, so we recommend using a kitchen scale instead.

Once you have established the amount of kratom contained in each capsule, you will be able to better determine your dosage.

Remember that the effects will vary depending on the factors mentioned above, such as kratom variety, quality… It is better to take a conservative approach to dosing. Thus you’ll avoid kratom side effects, such as dizziness, nausea or kratom eye wobbles.


How to Take Kratom Capsules


It is very important to take the capsules with, at least, one glass of water or another drink. Warm or hot drinks are more recommendable since they will dissolve the gelatin capsules faster, meaning a quicker onset. A cold drink, on the other hand, will slow the dissolution of the capsules.


Hot tea


Taking kratom capsules with an empty or a full stomach is a personal choice. An empty stomach will allow for a faster onset, so you will need the effects quicker. Bear in mind though that taking kratom with an empty stomach could cause nausea or stomachache.

You must take into account that kratom effects will vary depending on the strain. Some strains are more effective at producing certain effects. Furthermore, a low dosage will bring about energizing effects. On the other hand, a high dose is recommendable for pain relief or relaxation. Therefore, if you are looking for a boost of energy taking more capsules may not provoke that effect; on the contrary, an additional dosage could make you feel very relaxed or even sedated.

It usually takes about one hour to feel the full effects of kratom when consumed in capsules. If after one hour you are still not noticing the sought effects, you can usually take one extra dosage.



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  1. I’m finding the capsules a bit of a mouthful to take, first thing in the morning, especially if you have to take 10 to get up to 4 grams worth. I thought taking the capsules would make it more easier than the terrible tasting herbs!

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