How to Start Using Kratom


“How to start using kratom?” Given the popularity of kratom, it is only logical that many people want to give it try. But how should you start to use kratom? Should you take any precautions? Where can you buy kratom? What kratom variety should you use? In this post, we will try to reply to all the questions.


How to Start Using Kratom?


Before you start to use kratom, there are certain factors that you should consider:

  • What do you want to achieve with kratom?
  • Is kratom legal in the place you live?
  • Where do you plan to buy your kratom?
  • What kratom variety is best for you?

In the sections below, you will find answers to these and other questions on how to start to use kratom.


What Is Kratom? Where does It Come From?


Kratom is both a tree and a greenish powder that results from drying and grinding the leaves of that tree. Let’s talk a bit about the kratom tree. Kratom is one of the names commonly given to Mitragyna speciosa, a tree in the Rubiaceae family, which is the same family as coffee or gardenia.

Kratom grows in the humid jungles of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines. For hundreds, it was common for the native population to chew the leaves of kratom to fight pain and fatigue.

Most of the kratom that you can buy comes from Indonesia, where local farmers harvest the leaves of the trees that grow along riverbanks. Then, they dry the leaves and grind them into a fine green powder that is finally exported to many foreign countries.


An Indonesian landscape


How does Kratom Work?


The leaves of kratom contain a large number of alkaloids and other phytochemicals that act on the opioid receptors in your body. Yes, we have opioid receptors and even opioids (endogenous opioids) that our own body produces. They are all part of the opioid system, which manages pain, mood, energy, rewards, and addiction.

Kratom’s alkaloids (especially mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) activate and bind to the opioid receptors. Your body responds to this activation by different reactions related to pain, lack of energy, mood or even addictive patterns.


What Are the Effects of Kratom? What Can I Use Kratom for?


Kratom has many different effects, including:

  • Analgesia (or pain relief)
  • Mood improvement
  • Euphoria
  • Stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Sedation

As a result, you can use kratom powder for many health issues and conditions, such as:

  • Combat pain (either chronic or acute pain)
  • Fight the symptoms of depression
  • Relieve different types of anxiety (GAD, social phobia, panic disorder…)
  • Fight fatigue or get an energy boost
  • Fight stress
  • Combat insomnia

But kratom is also a great natural ally to fight the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. And many kratom users report that kratom also helps them improve focus and even be more productive. Moreover, kratom is also praised for the sense of well-being that it brings.


How Many Types of Kratom Are There?


There are three main kratom types, depending on the color of the leaf’s midrib: white kratom, red kratom, and green kratom. They all share common properties and effects, like pain relief or the sense of well-being. However, they also have their own particular features:

  • White kratom: In general, white kratom strains are more energizing and euphoric.
  • Red kratom: They are usually the most relaxing strains (sometimes they can also have sedative effects). Many users think that some red strains are the best for relieving pain.
  • Green kratom: These strains comprise the full spectrum of kratom effects. Nonetheless, they are usually milder than the white and red strains. That said, they are still a great product and, furthermore, an excellent choice for kratom beginners.

But other than red, white, and green kratom, you can also find a wide variety of kratom strains (or sub-varieties). For example, green Malay kratom, white Maeng Da, or Red Indo kratom. These names often refer to the place of origin of that kratom strain, the leaf shape, the effects… Each kratom strain also has a particular set of effects. Some of them can be very potent, way too potent for kratom newbies.


What Is the Best Kratom for Beginners?


If you are a kratom newbie, you should choose your strain carefully. But what are the best strains for beginners?

In general, we can say that green strains are a great choice if you are new to kratom. Green Malay kratom, for instance, is an incredibly versatile variety that many users favor. You can also go for Hulu or Maeng Da kratom. In any case, we recommend you avoid sedative strains like red Bali or red Borneo.

If you don’t know where to start, you can try kratom sample packs that many vendors offer. These packs include several kratom varieties so you can check which one works best for you.


Tea drink and tea leaves


Where Can I Buy Kratom?


You can find kratom in headshops and online. We recommend you buy your kratom online, as you will be able to find more choices and better prices.

But how can you choose the right kratom vendor? Look for reviews (you can find reviews for kratom vendors in Trustpilot, for instance), make sure the website looks reliable and has real contact data (such a real physical address, phone number, email…). If you have any queries about a kratom vendor you want to try, contact them directly.

It is recommendable you start with small orders. If kratom is not what you were expecting or you’re not happy with the product, then you’ll have not spent too much.


How do I Take Kratom?


You can take kratom in many different ways. The most common way of taking kratom is by brewing it in a tea. The problem with kratom tea? Kratom tastes bad. For many users, kratom does taste really bad. That’s one of the reasons why many users look for other ways of consuming kratom.

Another usual way of consumption is the toss and wash method. This method allows for a quick onset, but it can be a bit difficult for new users. Read our post on the toss and wash method to learn some tips for this consumption method.

Many kratom users opt for using kratom capsules. But while they are very convenient, they are more expensive than kratom vendors and not so easy to find. Furthermore, the onset is usually longer, as your body needs to digest the capsule first.

Adding kratom to yogurt, applesauce or fruit juices is also very common. Additionally, you can also use kratom as an ingredient in smoothies, soup, cakes…


What Are the Main Kratom Formats?


The most common kratom format is kratom powder. But you can also find kratom extracts that come in different formats:

  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Resin
  • Oil

Moreover, you can also find Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (UEI), which combines kratom extracts and potent kratom powder in order to bring about very potent effects.

Kratom extracts or UEI are not recommendable for kratom newbies. You should only try them after you have acquired certain expertise in kratom.


Kratom powder


What Is the Right Kratom Dosage?


If you are new to kratom, we recommend you start with doses between 2 and 3 grams. If after 40 minutes you don’t notice any effects (or they are too mild) you can take 0.5 grams extra.

  • Low dosage: From 2 to 4 grams
  • Medium dosage: From 4 to 5 grams
  • High dosage: From 5 to 8 grams

You should avoid high dosages unless you are a kratom expert. High kratom doses can cause side effects and eventually result in kratom tolerance. Tolerance occurs when your body is so used to kratom’s alkaloids that you won’t notice any effects unless you increase your doses. Hence, keeping low to medium dosages (and avoiding taking kratom every day) is crucial to avoid kratom tolerance.


Is Kratom Legal?


Unfortunately, kratom is not legal everywhere. There are countries, states, and even cities that ban the use and possession of kratom. Even in the places of origin of Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is not always legal. For instance, Thailand has recently approved the use of kratom for medicinal uses, while Indonesia wants to ban the growth and export of kratom.

In the U.S., kratom is not legal in some states and cities. At the same time, there are other states that have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, that regulates the use of kratom in order to protect its customers. Before buying kratom, make sure it is legal in the place where you live.


Is Kratom Dangerous?


This is a common question around people who are considering kratom. The answer is no, kratom is not dangerous when used properly. However, you should take certain precautions when using kratom to avoid side effects or other consequences. For instance, you should not drive or operate machinery after consuming kratom.


What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?


When kratom is not used properly (that is, you take doses that are too high) kratom can cause effects, such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Dehydration
  • Eye wobbles
  • Libido loss

Again, be cautious with your dosage, avoid using kratom every day, drink plenty of water, and do not take kratom on an empty stomach if you suffer from stomach upset or nausea when taking kratom.


Where Can I Learn More About Kratom?


There are many blogs that talk about kratom (like Kratom Times, the blog you are reading right now). And you can also find information on Reddit or the American Kratom Association.

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