How to Make Kratom Vinegar Tincture

A bottle of vinegar tincture surrounded by flowers

Kratom tinctures are a very convenient way to consume this herb. And that is why so many kratom fans love this type of extract. As you probably know, kratom tinctures are usually made using alcohol. However, did you know that you do not need alcohol to prepare tinctures? In this article, we will show you to make tinctures using vinegar. So, keep reading to find out how to make kratom vinegar tincture!


Why You Should Make Kratom Vinegar Tincture


Usually, people make herbal tinctures using alcohol. An alcohol tincture is a potent extract that is also very convenient. You just need to use a few drops to enjoy all the benefits of a plant. Nevertheless, alcohol tinctures are not for everybody. There are many people who cannot consume alcohol for personal reasons. And while kratom alcoholic tinctures are very popular, you can also make your own kratom vinegar tincture.

Vinegar tinctures are great for those people who cannot or will not take alcohol. In order to make your own vinegar tincture, you will need dried herbs, that can be in powder. So, if you do not have kratom leaves —either crushed or whole leaves, but powder, you still will be able to make this kratom tincture.

A vinegar tincture will allow you to extract the active principles of kratom and keep them for a long time. In fact, vinegar tinctures may last between six months and one year.


How to Make Kratom Vinegar Tincture


To make this kratom vinegar tincture, we will use apple cider vinegar. While you can use any vinegar of your choice, it is strongly recommendable you opt for apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains plenty of healthy bacteria that will protect your gut. This product also has antioxidant properties. It may also help in lowering blood sugar levels and keeping cholesterol under control. Moreover, apple cider vinegar may also be beneficial for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. You can learn more about this vinegar in this article. In order to guarantee you are getting all these benefits, we recommend you use organic apple vinegar.

Regarding the proportions for this kratom vinegar tincture, we will use one part of kratom to four parts of vinegar.

Ingredients and tools


  • 4 parts of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 part kratom powder
  • A glass jar with a lid
  • A cheesecloth
  • Glass dropper bottles
  • Small labels and a pen




  1. If you are using kratom leaves, crush them before starting the tincture recipe. If you are using regular powder or crushed leaves, you can skip this step
  2. Put the kratom in the jar
  3. Pour the apple cider vinegar
  4. Close the jar
  5. Store in a dark, dry place, protected from light and humidity
  6. Shake every day
  7. Wait for two weeks
  8. Strain the kratom from the vinegar. You can use the cheesecloth, a strainer, or any other tool. Your tincture is now ready
  9. Pour the tincture into the glass dropper bottles
  10. Label the bottles with the date you prepared your tincture, the amount of kratom, and the strain that you use


Tips and Recommendations for Making and Using Your Kratom Vinegar Tincture


An amber glass dropper


Now that you have made your kratom vinegar tincture, it is time to learn some tips to use it safely. And why do we say “safely”? Because, as you know, kratom also has side effects that can be very unpleasant. So, you should bear in mind that you need to be cautious when using this tincture. Do not forget that this kratom vinegar tincture is an extract, so it is going to be potent. Moreover, apple cider vinegar acts as a kratom potentiator. Hence, the effects may be even more potent. But let us take a look at other tips to use this kratom tincture:

  • Do not use kratom extracts: Since you are already making a kratom extract, you should avoid using kratom extracts to prepare this tincture. Instead, use regular kratom powder or leaves, in case you find them.
  • Mix several kratom strains: Mixing different kratom strains can help you boost the effects and get the most of your kratom. Therefore, you can use your favorite combination to prepare this kratom vinegar tincture.
  • Use black or amber glass droppers: A dark glass will help you protect your tincture from the light. Thus, your tincture will keep its properties for longer.
  • Use it within six months: Vinegar tinctures do not last as long as alcohol tinctures. Therefore, it is advisable that you use it within six months of its preparation. That is why you need to add a label with the preparation date. Bear this in mind also when thinking of the amount that you want to make!

If you would like to learn more about kratom and its effects, remember that you can find a lot of information in this blog.