How to Buy Kratom for the First Time


If you have decided to buy kratom for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that you’ll find. But before attempting to buy kratom for the first time, you need to take into account a series of factors to make sure you are acquiring the right kratom strain for you. And, of course, at the best quality.


Kratom Strains


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree original from Southeastern Asia that grows in countries like Thailand and Indonesia. The alkaloids contained in kratom (such as mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine), give kratom its therapeutic properties. Thanks to these alkaloids (which work on the opioid receptors of our brain the same way opiates do, BUT without the side effects and addiction that opiates and opioids do), kratom is effective in treating pain in different conditions (such as musculoskeletal diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia…), anxiety, depression or the symptoms provoked by opiates withdrawal. It can also enhance the mood and create a feeling of euphoria.

However, not all kratom strains (or varieties) have the same effects. Therefore, it is very important to learn which kratom strain is best for the effect you desire to achieve. When buying kratom for the first time, it is imperative that you know which kratom strains are best for the effect you are seeking. Do not forget that the effects of kratom will vary highly from one strain to another.


Kratom Potency, Extracts, and Enhanced Kratom


Regardless the kratom variety you want to purchase, check the milligrams per gram, as this will determine the potency of the kratom product.

Kratom can be sold as “regular kratom” or as kratom extract. You will distinguish extracts from regular raw kratom because extracts have a number plus an «x» indicating their concentration level. For instance, a 25x extract is 25 times more concentrated than regular kratom. However, keep in mind that this number does not mean that the kratom extract is 25 stronger than regular kratom, it refers to the concentration by volume. For instance, a 25x extract refers to an original amount of 25 grams of kratom leaves that were reduced to 1 gram.

You can also find enhanced or ultra-enhanced kratom products. In this case, kratom extract is added to kratom raw product to enhance its potency and effects. The most popular (and potent) enhanced kratom is Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom (UEI kratom). Mind that for both kratom extract and enhanced or ultra-enhanced kratom you will need smaller dosages than for raw kratom.


Choosing a Kratom Vendor


You can find kratom online and in some smoking and head shops. If you are buying kratom for the first time and do not know which vendor to choose, it is highly advisable that you search for reviews to make sure you are buying kratom from a reputable vendor. You can find many consumers reviews in this reddit thread. In this reddit group, you will also find tips for starting using kratom and information about the product.


Woman buying kratom online


You should also compare prices between vendors so you can find kratom at the best price. Nonetheless, keep in mind that very cheap kratom can sometimes be a bad quality product. So make sure you also look for reviews of the shop. Remember that it is usually better to buy a slightly more expensive kratom from a reputable shop than a cheaper kratom from a vendor without good reviews. Also, reputable vendors tend to move more product, so you will get a fresher kratom (kratom loses its properties with time).

If you want to go for cheap kratom, we advise you to buy a small amount. Thus you’ll be able to try it and assess its effects. Once you have found the kratom product you like best, you can buy larger amounts to save money.

Make sure you avoid poor quality kratom. Poor quality kratom will not have the qualities and properties of a high-quality kratom. Not only that, it can even cause unpredictable, unpleasant effects. There are also vendors who will scam you by selling you fake kratom, so it is very important you buy kratom from a reliable vendor.

So, if you are first-time kratom buyer, we recommend you to follow these tips before placing your first kratom order.



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